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That arc made me appreciate Jar Jar and accept him as a character


Agreed, Mace as well. On a different topic, one thing that always bugged me about the show was the voice of the battle droids; it's annoying in my opinion. The droid voices in TPM-ROTS were ok I thought, but this voice is just grating to me. Maybe I just imagine the droids as cooler than they actually are because of battlefront, but I think they could've been better. Just my opinion though.


The same voice from Sith is the one used in TCW.

I never thought that Matt Wood voiced the droids in AoTC. The voices clearly have different effects applied. Their voices seemed to have gotten progressively less robotic and more nasally through the years:

Meh, I don't really like the portrayal of the droids in BFII. I've spent dozens upon dozens of hours fighting them in the game and have gotten to know most of the AI's quirks.

Super Battle Droids don't act like the awesome, lumbering hulks they were in the Republic Commando game or even in The Clone Wars. There aren't really any traditional "canon fodder"-type battle droid classes (heavies are too armoured and engineers are too deadly at close range). Above all, Magna Guards are really derpy because they never seem to want to use their weapons in enclosed spaces (they're very fond of their little recon droids though).

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I'm pretty sure he was the Battle Droids in TPM (the AoTC lines were just reused from TPM) and is just uncredited for the voices.

Yeah, I guess Matt Wood just wanted to give the droids more personality, and Lucas let him do so in RotS. From there I guess Wood just refined the voice more for his work on TCW, because the two voices in RotS and TCW are basically the same. TCW is just more refined because he really got the voice down working on it for years. And now we have R0-GR.


They are pretty similar hearing sith again (which I haven't seen in a while) I guess the droid voices just got progressively worse as the years went on IMO. TPM has the best droid voice of the movies, but the sith one still was above TCW voice if you ask me. Maybe it's just the effects they used, but I'm not a huge fan. All just my opinion of course.

None of battlefront's AI are perfect, even though I still enjoy playing with them. I'm more referring to online matches wherein you'll get blown to bits by an assault droid rocket due to the fact there's real players as the droids, and playing as them myself. The CIS is actually my favorite faction, as I like playing as the droidekas and the magna guards, even if they don't get the staff, I like the gun they're equipped with. I dig the tri-shot the supers get, and I also like the droid vehicles and ships, but now I'm just rambling about this game.

If I can find it, sure. :slight_smile:

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Then you're in luck. We've got a dedicated topic for it. :slight_smile:

i wonder if we will see more unfinished episodes at any point. i really hope we do see more of what was planned.

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Afraid not. Filoni said at Celebration Anaheim in 2015 that after the Bad Batch arch, there wasn't anything close enough to completion to show. If I recall, the Ahsoka arch was a little closer, but still not quite close enough for their liking. At this point, it would be a better bet to see the unfinished story archs get a comic or novel made like Son of Dathomir or Dark Disciple.


I just finished this show… finally.

Good show, really makes me love Star Wars.

There isn’t enough salt in the world to compare to how I feel about Savage’s death…

Above all else, this show really makes me wish the Prequels didn’t suck.


How do you mean?


Because all of this super huge plot stuff (Anakin’s final fall to the dark side, Grevious’ death, Order 66, ETC) Is all in movies that really… really…suck. they’re entirely different characters in the movies, and they don’t do the Clone Wars characters the justice they deserve.


i get what you mean. it would have been good to see these key moments in eyes of it being not terrible. maybe it would make disney not dislike that era as much. but still. at least we know what it should have been from the clone wars. so it gives clone fans some actual good content to defend.

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I am exited for the 10th anniversary panel that is coming to San Diego comic con.


Imagine if they’re like “Hey guys, to celebrate the tenth anniversary, we decided to finish animating the Boba Fett vs Cad Bane duel!” Proceed to play clip, achieving thunderous applause.
I mean, a guy can dream. But aside from the complete implausibility of that happening, the fact that Boba Fett is getting a movie makes it even less likely.


I feel old now.
But yes, hype for it. The creators really did love that show, and giving us so much of the unfinished stuff is something I’ve been very thankful for.


imagine if they announced they where going to finish some episodes… that be great. more likely though we are going to get some unfinished story reels.