Star Wars: The Last Jedi

In the grand scheme of things it is

Due to distance I’d assume the resistance would arrive first

One small ship could sneak out but do more and you raise the risk of detection

They probably expected more time to prepare then what they had

It’s the major setup of the plot, I doubt it’s an afterthought, and it provided great tension in my opinion

Not really. That’s still over a day. Plenty of time to call in reinforcements, which the First Order definitely doesn’t want to happen.

Not if you consider that the Resistance transport ships are not as fast as the TIE Fighters.

The Resistance escape ships would have avoided detection if it wasn’t for DJ. Poe probably could have done the same. It’s possible that a mass exodus could have caused problems. But what about one per hour?

They had enough time to prepare a bomber/X-Wing raid, and besides, they knew that something would be coming through hyperspace as soon as Starkiller Base was destroyed.

Regardless, it’s still mundane, which is not what an action movie should aim for. The fact that it’s a major plot point just proves how flawed the writing was.

Tie fighters don’t carry at-ats

That may have worked, so I’ll give you that.

I’d assume they were already ready

After the battle of yavin the rebellion had time to escape, they probably assumed it’d be the case after starkiller

The set up doesn’t have to be over the top to be effective, if the action itself is good then it’s a good action movie

True, but TIE fighters have guns, so they’d be able to take down the ships when they entered orbit.

Why would the X-Wings stores on the cruiser have full fuel but the cruiser itself did not? That seems like poor strategy.

Then that’s a pretty reckless assumption, which further speaks to the incompetence of the Resistance.

It was still poor writing, particularly because it had no effect on any other ship in the movie, and even in the entire Star Wars franchise. The effectiveness of it is at the viewer’s discretion. I found it to be unimersive, bland, and a cheap plot device. I find it hard to believe that people found the firing of the First Order’s cannons on the Resistance’s shields over and over again to be particularly invigorating, but I’m willing to entertain the possibility. But the writing can not be excused simply because some have enjoyed it. Sharknado is a popular movie franchise, but it’s plot is utter garbage.

That brings us back around to;

Because they had just arrived back from starkiller

It’s not an organized military, it’s a young rag tag group

Because it’s not an issue for those ships, finn and Rose’s ship most likely took enough for a round trip, while the first order is close to fully stocked, or have enough to get the job done.

Vice versa could be said as well

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Okay, so they would wait next to these unarmed ships until they touched the ground, and then shoot the troops as they’re leaving, making sure to avoid the defector.

If they’ve just arrived from a massive battle, presumably through hyperspace, then I doubt they would be fuelled enough for another go-round.

Right, so they should’ve been easy fodder for the First Order, regardless of Hux’s arrogance.

Bad writing is bad writing. I’ve liked tons of bad movies in the past. That doesn’t change the fact that they’re bad movies with bad writing.

Why isn’t there an organized military going up against the First Order? What happened to the Republic? Were they just the planets that were destroyed in Force Awakens? Why didn’t the Republic fight back sooner? Why are the Resistance called Rebels in the second half of the movie?

That might work

I doubt they had much choice

That’s a valid point

It seems there currently isn’t one

Cut off the head and the body will die

This was mentioned in the force awakens, though I don’t remember the explanation off the top of my head

The Republic didn’t believe them a threat, as they worked mainly in the Unknown Regions


Throwing this here because Okay, I have to.

Snoke’s death mirrors the Emporers.

The Force/Psychic/Astral Projection plot isn’t exactly original either.

The Hero’s parents not being anyone special is actually really common. Case in point being Anakin, with the obvious exception of “miraculous conception” which doesn’t make his mom special, just him.

The Wise mentor being disillusioned is a freaking TROPE. I mean, come on, how many stories have the hero passing a test and impressing the mentor before they’ll teach him or her because “The last student I taught turned evil and abused my teachings, forcing me to run away and hide forever.”

Protagonists are ALWAYS breaking the rules and disobeying orders/mutinying against their superiors when they believe that their superior is leading them the wrong way. That’s also a trope.

Like, not to say TLJ was a terrible movie, but to say that any of its ideas were “pretty original” is like saying that The Room is a thinker’s movie.


I’m still surprised I’ve heard very little about the fact that the Emperor’s theme played during Snoke’s force usage on Rey. At least, very little on the boards.

I’m going to have to respectfully disagree on most of those.

I suppose thematically, that is correct, but the way it was presented with the mind reading deceit was pretty unique. At least in the movies I’ve seen. Also, while I’m sure killing the over-arching antagonist early on as a red herring has happened before, it’s not as common as if they played him straight. [quote=“Kini_Hawkeye, post:438, topic:20045”]
The Force/Psychic/Astral Projection plot isn’t exactly original either.
I’ve never seen anything like it. So maybe that has happened in another movie or plot, I don’t know. Seemed original to me.

I’d say it isn’t often common when a somewhat major plot point is finding out who someone’s parents are, like in this case. Especially given that this is a gigantic franchise with common bloodline revelations. The characters in the prequels weren’t trying to discover Anakin’s lineage. They happened upon him and his mother. It’s a different scenario.

But usually when this happens, the protagonists are right. I haven’t ever seen an instance where the horrible officer was actually correct. I’m sure it’s happened, but I don’t think it’s common.

I apologize if there are tons of movies I’m forgetting or haven’t seen that do these things, in which case my bad.

While I personally didn’t like some of the plot points in the movie, I still liked the story overall. But the big thing about this movie is that from the end of this movie, they can go ANYWHERE they want with the story, which makes me very excited.


Im going to be honest and say it’s been years since I properly watched movies so my case study examples are half remembered :stuck_out_tongue:

If anyone wants to back me up here please do.

I feel like I’ve seen the “I’ll kill the big bad with the help of the slightly less big bad who has some form of relationship/feelings for me, specifically by him tricking the big bad into lowering his guard.” before.

Astral Projection plots are a lot more common in Anime/less blockbuster-y films so I’ll grant you that It wasn’t original so much as it was original for star wars since we had never seen force projection before, but overall the idea is a bit trope-y.

I think the parents plot point is a weird one because they still have the opportunity to save it. It would be incredibly tropey to save it because “bad guy lies” is… well… yeah. but they could still save it.

Usually with the disobeying orders thing, the Commanding officer is either comically wrong, or simply misguided. In this case it was misguided, but I feel like a lot of more modern movies have stopped going the “comically wrong” route.

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Episode 8 was cool, but it copied so much plots from other episodes.

But not really, nice to look at, spits in the face of star wars characters. Ok movie, bad Star Wars movie.

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Maybe Luke (which is debatable), but otherwise who?

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Oh yeah, Luke in TLJ is literally the only version I actually like of Luke.

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Like, and Finn. He just joined the resistance, and then he’s just like, hey, “I running away!”

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To save his friend/crush, who was the only reason he joined the Resistance in the first place