Star Wars: The Last Jedi

He reluctantly joined in tfa, it’d make sense he’d run away at the imminent threat of death

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Yeah, after literally risking his life for someone who believed in the resistance.

@ToaNoah_Wafflemeister It always bugged me that he only cared about Rey, and not rescue, she was fine. Not to mention it was a cowardly and self centered move.

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People aren’t pure bastions of selflessness

Still not a move I approve of, not to mention it would have gotten him killed.


So would staying for all he knew.

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If it weren’t for her connection with Kylo, she wouldn’t have known they were being followed, and therefore would be dead as soon as she reached the Raddus, at least in Finn’s mind.

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And then the rose/Finn thing was executed somewhat porely.
But the worst part of the movie in my opinion is admiral holdo


@Ace Well, it looks like LegoDavid may have met someone more aggresive than he is. And pal, I think this thread is for unpopular opinions. The resistance was doomed any way you put it, Finn just chickened out instead of, oh I don’t know,sticking it out like the soldier he is?

I wouldn’t call myself aggressive.

You posted a rebuttal, I posted a counter rebuttal, tis’ how an argument works

Didn’t he desert after his first battle with the first order?

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He’s still a soldier. People have training. Obviously he’s a coward and now in hate Finn.
By the way, at the end of the movie he flips and decides to die for the resistance.

She annoyed me.

I didn’t like her.

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Self preservation over a cause he didn’t believe in, it’s a reasonable position

Oh really? that’s the point of his whole arc

Oh really? Coward>Goes to planet and learns the evils of capitalism>Hero? Thats nit how that works. Nobody did anything to make him believe in the resistance.

He’s not a coward, he has no attachment to the cause, and no reason to die for it.

He learns what the resistance is truly fighting for and the evils of capitalism

I was talking about constantly abandoning everyone. Which is what? No one ever shows him that, all rosendoes is whine about animal rights.

He left the first order and it’s okay? But not the resistance that he didn’t want to join in the first place? It’s not his war, he doesn’t want a part of it period.

and show him the corruption the resistance fights, slavery, runaway capitalism, etc

As if those things weren’t rampant throughout the galaxy already. Not to mention I haveent seen the resistance do anything other fight the first order.

it’s obvious this argument won’t go anywhere, so as such I bid thee adieu.

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I thought holdo was interesting, but definitely not great. Necessary tho


I’m going to post this, as it brings up a lot of good points for a favorable look on the last Jedi