Star Wars: The Last Jedi


Does it half to?

I feel this is a glass half full vs empty scenario

Except it now has to undergo a regime change, which is typically never easy, it’s lost the supremacy and most of it’s fleet, and there’s other existing resistance cells if I recall correctly, that’s just leadership.

Except she’s an admiral that had the other high ranking staff knowing, she has no obligation to tell the lower ranking members in staff, especially one that just got demoted for being absolutely reckless, especially in public where he confronted her. With the first order tracking them with unkown means the potential of a spy is high so there’s another reason to keep it secret.

He wasn’t a serious villian to begin with, his speech in force awakens was delivered over the top. Though the scene was a bit much.

It was, but as a hero, not an actual leader.

Really, Many? He had Rose & Fin and about seven lower ranked personnel out of over at least thousand.

Yes, because it shows that the weakness is a valid hindrance to the hero. What’s the point of character weaknesses if they never come into play in any meaningful way?

Maybe, but he was at least competent in TFA

I’m saying that was a missed opportunity for the intended character growth.

The majority of the people in the hanger bay, and presumably more in a group that is, at most, a thousand.

In a movie where everyone fails it’d probably be unnecessary

Was he? All he did was talk we never saw any competency

Go rewatch the scene, he didn’t have the majority in the hangar bay

I’m sorry, but I don’t think most people would place blind trust into a person who they hardly know, and won’t tell them what’s going on. ‘I’m better than you so do what I say’ has never been a popular stance

Everyone, but her, fails.

The Majority was apathetic.

If a captain in the Navy started demanding answers from an admiral in full veiw of the bridge crew, because I doubt it’d be much different then Holdo’s response to Poe

I know, however the movie is not about failure itself, it’s about how failure is the best teacher, and she holds to this message, learning from both Luke’s and Kylo’s failures

The majority was busy fulfilling Holdo’s plan

The resistance is not a fully trained military organization and thus doesn’t have the disipline that one would have. Also to note, the Resistance is definitely not the United states military. Also to note,with the death of the competent leaders, Holdo showed up out of nowhere and demanded respect that hadn’t been earned.

Good to know that she has learned from other people’s failures and makes none of her own.

The majority were crowd fillers acting busy in the background.

Except it’s treated like one throughout the past two movies.

Do this with any military and you’ll get the same result.

In this movie the only mistakes of her’s are mostly comedic, though in tfa her headstrong nature got her captured and Han ultimately killed, she’s not perfect.

Then how can you claim they support your case? They look like they’re busy with Holdo’s plan not like they’re supporting a mutiny

he was though, he was to be kylo’s rival in the bad guy power struggles

Hux was never really an important character neither in TFA nor TLJ, so I don’t care whether he is consistent or not. He is just a high rank general. Don’t expect any major character development from him.

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Han got himself killed.

I’m saying neither of us get them.

It’s a bare bones milita of everyone they could find on short notice.

True, but he’d probably not be on star killer base in the first place if she hadn’t gotten caught

Very well

But it does have a strict and organized command structure

Still, if the point if the film is to learn from failures. What we learn from Poe’s failures is that we should blindly follow authority figures because they know better than we do. Since when has ,“blindly follow authority figures because they know better than we do” been a major theme of Star Wars?

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No, what we learn(or should at the very least) is trust others and not recklessly run forward

Why would anyone trust someone who’s answer to,“How are we not going to die,” is,“Trust me, I’m higher ranking than you.”


Counter, why would you trust someone who needlessly just got at least 14 important people killed that day?

Counter Counter
The 14+ Deaths weren’t needless.
Poe sacrificed those men to prevent more losses later on. If Poe had backed off like Leia had ordered, the first order would have just sent the fleet killer to wherever the resistance had jumped to. The confrontation was unavoidable. But then again the entire film was written against Poe, to try and make him some poor idiot in need of guidance.

Perhaps it would have followed, buy more likely due to it being essentially unarmed except for the main cannons the first order probably would have pulled it back

No, the movie for him was written to show sometimes you need leaders, not heroes

And they did so in a way that not only failed to make sense but also did so at the character’s expense.

Even this was just poorly designed for plot convenience

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It what way? I understand it perfectly

Weren’t you just complaining earlier that Rey made no mistakes to learn from? Poe makes mistakes and improves because of them, he shows growth from the careless flyboy to a leader.

Last I checked it’s common sense to pull back a damaged ship after a battle

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