Station of Names (RP Topic)

“Okay then.” She comments heading towards the light as well.

Ghartix decides to investigate the light.

No.7 looks at the group.

The light shimmers and a blue box appears in front of the crowd.

A small being runs by attempting to drag away the box but is simply kicked away by a Nameless near the box

Runa gets close to the box and tries to pick it up.

No.7 walks towards the box.

The box holds a glowing scroll

Event 56: Double Shuffle
Each name taken is worth multiple names. When received, it is received as duplicates of the name.

A large scroll appears over Runa having the same message over it.

The Nameless take a second to read it.

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Runa’s eyes dart around him, making sure he was ready for anyone else who read it to attack, priming his boosters. “Interesting.” He said, feigning apathy.

No.7 looks at the scroll. He mutters,
“A mission of unforeseen circumstances and quite little reason to participate…huh…I’ll need to keep an eye on my back then.”
No.7 decides to head away from the glowing scroll, seeing as it was likely that it might become much more dangerous and he had no allied soldiers to fight with him. He has no biological matter to heal from, so he guesses he has around a month before his body deteriorates and dies. no.7 plots as he walks around this station. His first priority mission is to secure a suitable biosource, someone of similar genetic make-up as him. He thinks back to the day his brothers died from the lack of a biosource and rotted away. He was strong enough to survive and he became accustomed to two different biosources. Those biosources were Yahel’s cousins. Yahel Nale was his original biosource, thus allowing the cousins to have a similar enough genetic make-up for No.7 to survive, Securing a biosource is his first and most important mission at this current and pressing time.

A nameless waves at him “Should we give you a count to 10 or uh.”
Someone nudges him “You idiot. This is a chance for us to get out.”
“But it doesn’t feel fair.”
“Shut up you white knight.”
The person sighs.

The small creature from before scurries away attempting to not get caught by a couple nameless

“What, you’re going to…fight me?” He asks, his apathetic feign still held. Meanwhile, he searches the area for an ‘out’ in case the need for one arose.

The only possibly reliable out was the glowing light from the hole. The creature scurries by and slides inside.

A nameless shrugs and pulls out a handgun. “Uh. Yeah. Thats kinda the norm. Either that or we like leave you be.”

Getting more names for taking them? Might as well find some named people then. Ghartix thinks.

Runa put his hands up, angled slightly inwards, revealing that he had no external weapons. “Ah, I see you’re armed.” He says. Suddenly, two green lasers shoot from his palms, both aimed at the Nameless’ head. “But still, outclassed.” He quickly turns and runs towards the beam of light.

The nameless’s head evaporates as another one catches him.
“Lets go grab a medic.”

A couple nameless chase after Runa

He uses one of the 8 charges in his boosters to dash forwards a short ways, shooting back another laser shot from his palm, this one not aimed anywhere in particular.

Booster Charges: 7

One nameless is struck in the shoulder.

The light glows brightly emitting a warm heat around it.

Ehlek watches the chase, sitting on the ground. Does he need help? Does he want help?

A nameless gets prepped to attack him.

“You really gonna make me do this?” asks Ehlek, standing up and reloading his webshooters.