Tahu Minifigure - Brickonicle Concept Art

Some thing that took me too many weeks to make.

So yeah, a Tahu Minifig I felt like drawing after listening to the Brickonicle discussions on the podcast.

I tried to keep budget in mind when making it, but went relatively overboard anyway. I haven’t found a minifig that has more than 5 ink colors on it, and this has 7. Also - dual molding on the arms. Oh well, I did my best. Had a lot of fun with it too.

So, using the HF minifigs as inspiration for his mask, I also gave him a head with printing to give him a lot more expression under it. A gold version of the mask next to the heads, and a fire sword built like a lightsaber. Different perspectives of the minifigure, and some building instructions for some reason. Then some “promo art” with Tahu in his classic pose.
So yeah, hope you enjoy.

*Someone else also made a custom Lewa minifig here on the boards that I kinda prefer over mine, if you want to see it.

Edit: Changed his torso from weird purple to blue… hopefully.


Great work here! I like how the mask has a place for the mouth so you can let his expression show through.


Awesome! This is really really really cool. I would love to own this. Thanks for the shoutout! I love your printing on this fig, and that mask is really great. :smiley:

Also, the thing with the eyes to extend the mask via printing? Genius! I love that style! This really captures that cartoon/comic style that I’d love from a system bonkle theme :smile:


Superb design! I would change the black on the torso, and I would put shiny silver instead of that weird purple, but everything else seems rather fitting

This is great. I’ve been trying to figure out a way to draw Brickonicle Toa, and by golly you’ve done it. Now I shall promptly shamelessy steal your mouth design. :slight_smile:

May I ask what program you drew this on?

nah in order for this thing to be acurate to lego standarts that sword needs to be atleast twice as long :stuck_out_tongue:


…I LOVE IT. This needs to be the minifigs for Brickonicle. Perfection. Complete and utter perfection. I love how the double sided face is visible beneath the masks.


@ReeseEH, @prentice1215 Thanks! I got the idea from the original bionicle trilogy.
@AIDY_the_BOOKLE Thank you, and I also saw you gave me a shoutout on your topic, so thanks for that too. I still kinda prefer your Lewa though.
@Altair CRAAAAAP. I THOUGHT IT WAS BLUE!!! Ill try update it now…
@JediTimeLord824 Dude, go ahead and use it. Considering it took me a couple of weeks to make, I feel too lazy to do the other toa :disappointed:. I’m interested in seeing what you do. Also, I used Adobe Illlustrator CC.
@Darknova3529 Ha! Yeah, I was wondering a little how I should’ve scaled it.


This… is…


For real though, this is phenomenal. If there were BIONICLE minifigures that looked that cool then I would be basically forced to collect them all.

Favorite part is how the mask allows his facial expressions to shine through.



I really, really like this concept. It brings out everything I would want in a Bionicle figure. I’m especially impressed with the head designs, the way you used them here is genius. I might rework the head design I had and see if I can’t work in your eyes in mouth.

The head was the hardest thing for me to grasp, and now I think we sincerely have a great idea as to how it would look. I like that I love both with the mask on and off.

I also seriously appreciate that you made a design sheet! It’s exactly what I was hoping for, and I hope to see more designs from you going forward.

Seriously great stuff! Can’t wait to talk about it more on the podcast.


This is impressive, I quite like how the printing was done for the head and the way you worked the mask around it. If these were individual collectible minifigs like the Minifig packs, I would buy some in a heartbeat.

Can I use this picture to print your design on a sticker sheet and put it on a real minifig ?

Aaaaah, I really don’t like the way the mouth works, that always bothered me in the BIONICLE Movies…
Anyway despite my petty complaints the rest of the minifigure still looks really good! A combination of your design and the other guy’s Lewa would work great!

Someone needs to 3D-print this.


Did you draw inspiration from the Miramax movies? The blue bits and the head remind me of them.

@Nexusnui Sure! It’d be great if you posted pictures, see if it looks good in real life. I do have to warn you though, the template I used for the minifig isn’t completely accurate, so you might have trouble on some of the proportions.
@BBricks If someone made a 3D print of this I’d feel obligated to buy it. Oh well.
@Leoxandar Yup! I also didn’t really notice until yesterday, but another subconcious inspiration was Lego Batman’s cowl. It’s basically the same concept, just applied to a Toa head and mask.

@Ragdoll here it is on a real minifigure:

I also had an idea for the head:
It could be a transparent one with print


This is absolutely amazing.

Wow, that actually looks pretty good.

As for the translucent head, I did think about it, but I couldn’t think of a way to implement it without getting rid of the alternate face on the back and having a hole on the back of his mask. Otherwise he’d have no light piping to give him glowy-eyes.
Maybe there is a way to do it that I havent though of though… idunnow.

Maybe a dual-molded mask ?