Tales of Glory and Valour: the Seafarers Fantasy RP sign-up

Indeed there is

(You can also read the short stories posted with the “glory-and-valour” tag if you really want to)

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Ok, thanks
@Winterstorm345 does Water-type magic exist in this world?

Yes, but extremely Rare, for humans that is.

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Are there any other classifications outside of that one and the other four?

There’s also friendship :rainbow: :unicorn:

there’s also lives being ruined by Gorovs

what do you mean that’s not a type of magic


Earth and Air, but we’d need to talk more in depth about your character for that


Can I do water?

Shoot me a PM with your character idea and we can discuss it

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Alrighty then.

Could you give me a summary of what’s been happening in the game so far?
Also if my character is approved where will she come in in the rp?

I can (and forgot to)


  • Dolphus Gorov is born
  • Pyotr Gorov betrays Rook Andreas to the North Fleet
  • Rook Andreas loses his hands, acquires blade prosthetics, and escapes prison
  • Mako is banished from his village for the brutal murder of its leader
  • Gregor Gorov is assassinated and Dolphus Gorov loses his left arm
  • Nico Markl murders Pyotr Gorov and his entire crew


Dolphus Gorov, Rook Andreas, Nico Markl, Alexis, and Mako arrive at an old ruin of a tavern. Headed unofficially by Dolphus, the party had an unsettling interaction with the barkeep and a half-trusting, half-suspicious interview with head priest Tharwin, who remained obscured by a metal veil. Tharwin’s aide Helitha escorted the party down to the docks, where they met the ominous Mariner and his crew of ghosts, who transported them to their vessel, which Alexis dubbed The Caelin’s Hand.

As Of Right Now:

Mako is currently purchasing fishing equipment and is about to return to port, having interacted with Larry the Lobster buying a copious amount of chumbalaya.

The rest of the crew is on board The Caelin’s Hand in the following locations/circumstances:

  • Nico Markl and Dolphus Gorov are having a tense, private conversation in the stairwell of the bearthing deck
  • Rook Andreas and Alexis Gorov are on the main deck, Alexis contemplating her existence and Rook chatting it up with a familiar ghost

Any questions?


ok that seems to be a pretty good summary. Though where do you think my character would come in?

On a boat


I don’t know who your character is.


ok that is pretty important. I’m currently waiting for a response from winter

Person* he’s alive

Also yes, working on it

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for now

Was he always alive or is that a retcon?

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Always yeah. He just vibin with the Ghosts

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Name: Quan Zhu

Personality: Young and adventurous

Weapons: Bo staff

Armour: See photo

Job on a ship: whatever needs done

Backstory: just looking for adventure

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