Taxon (OA character MOC)

No, I repeat, it is not a Takua rip-off.

So this is the MOC form of my character for Okotan Adventures: Spider Saga.

Main order of business to discuss is the mask: I wanted to paint it, but unfortunately I need that mask in that color for a different MOC, so you’ll just have to use your imagination. The color scheme I wanted was a darker blue (probably something like 3 parts dark blue 1 part bright red) with red highlights, but it was not to be. Just pretend it doesn’t look like an alt build for Takua.

Sucks that I don’t have a G2 protector mask in blue. Or any G2 masks at all, for that matter.

Anyways, here’s the MOC.

Didn’t actually realize how small the backpack is until I took this picture.

Unfortunately didn’t have 2 3x3 L-shaped liftarms in black, so I had to compromise on the torso a little bit.

This was really a foray into building constraction and system without excluding one another, and I’m … not really at all happy with the results. Could be worse, could be a whole lot better.

Again, doodoo camera quality but I did my best. I needed to take pictures of this ASAP so I can rip it apart and organize my pieces, cause I’m prepping to move my collection out of my basement to a different room and it’s a real mess right now.

Anyways uh, thanks for clicking.

Like and comment please because I really need the social interaction.

~Winn Garr


dont we all?

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I like how he combines system, g1 parts, and ccbs.

Kranuk says hi.



i think this guy suffers from being too complicated. it seems like there’s too much going on.


s y s t e m

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That’s two Solar mocs in a week is this even allowed???

Nice, I like it a lot.


hoo boy do I have news for you


you better have your moc for cordax’s community project ready.
or your self moc.

it’s your self moc isn’t it


oh good it isn’t your self moc
i mean i want to see that
but i want a happy cordax more

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FINALLY someone can revive that topic.

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