Tea Dragon [WIP]

The Finished MOC you can find here!

This is a WIP that I’m bringing to Brickfair VA.

Still needs a lot of polish to make it more presentable but this is more or less what it’ll look like.

This and another fairly large MOC are two big projects that I’ll hopefully get done in time for Brickfair VA. Fingers crossed I can get them across the pacific without too much hassle.


Well if you ask me outside of the stand it is looking fantastic


Yeah that stand is going to get abandoned pretty quickly.

Unsure what I would suggest for displaying this moc, but it’s too beautiful to withstand on Brickfair.

The held posing of the pot tray looks nice and the wings works pretty well.

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I’m almost certainly going to use a stand, just not the jank one I have right now.

You have no idea how much i adore this


Is there a Brickfair KAL too, then? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Anyway, it’s looking pretty great, and I like how calm and relaxed it looks. Many dragon MOCs tend to be the opposite, so I appreciate the originality.

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Wow, this is really awesome. I love how the parts flow so well with eachother. Also, the ol’ Gresh-mask-for-a-nose technique is a 10/10 in my book!

As for the stand, maybe something like this would work if you made the base sturdy enough

This is one of the best mocs I ever saw.

The parts usage is absolutely brilliant. I admire every part of this MOC.

Welp. My lower jaw is gone. As to where I don’t know. I’ll be ■■■■■■ if this isn’t prize worthy.

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This is amazing, and the shaping is great. Good job!

Awesome design! :smiley: I think some clear pieces for the frame would work nicely

pls MOC spotlight . . .


This looks amazing! I love every aspect about this moc

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I think the wings are the best part of this whole thing based on charm alone. The whole thing is shaped very well.

Not what I expected, but very cool!

Cant wait to meet you there! looks great.

This is an absolutely beautiful looking MOC; Gresh’s helmet and weapons lend themselves perfectly to the head design. I also love how well the colors are coordinated. There may not be any pink or brown on a majority of the dragon, but it’s placement is still very effective.

My biggest issue is some of the textures looking out of place, but this is otherwise phenomenal.

This is one of, if not THE most amazing moc I have ever seen. The attention to detail, the interesting concept, the shaping, the colors, and the complexity of this moc all make this so wonderful. I especially love the tea set. While it probably took the least effort, it adds an enormous amount of character, and personifies this dragon in a way that I think until now has never been done. I know this moc has inspired me an inordinate amount, and it deserves the admiration of everyone in the lego community.