The Antidermis pool (Gilahu's Brotherhood Project Makuta WIPs)

Yeah, it definitely shows that it was 9 years old and the first custom head I ever built since I really started buidling MOCs. :stuck_out_tongue:

Feels good to have something proper for Jarnat at last.

(Fun fact: I found out the connectors making up the front of the old head are connected with grey L3 axles. I never use grey L3 axles unless it’s part of the colour scheme. So this indicates my pre-bricklink days where I ran out of black axles. :laughing: Hard to imagine nowadays.)


So, now that I have some different colours of yarn, I tackled the cape for Belgahn. Wanted to go for something a little more fancy.

Lessons learned:

  • I need more practice with embroidery (though that’s no surprise)
  • there is a reason why embroidery is usually done in an embroidery frame and I should figure out something in that regard for the future.

Still, currently unsure whether to stop here or add more…


The opaque red on the head is hard to sort from the trans-red eyes. What does it look like swapping those pieces with black?


Not sure exactly what pieces you mean?


Is Gorast still a WIP?


Yeah. I like the legs I have, but can’t really warm up to the torso, so moved on for the moment until I get some new inspiration.

Actually, also just finished the new arms for Jarnat. Compared to other MOCs I do nowadays he feels a little rough, though, and I’m not sure if I like it… Stems of course from the fact that I’m directly reusing some parts of the original.


I like the redesigned Jarnat! He looks quite impressive!


I am a big fan of dark red. This rules. I need me at least one of those swordds.


How does his red nose look in black, I mean?


I fear that lifeguard float thingie does not come in black, so that is no option.


So with Jarnat pretty much finished (just need to take pictures at some point), I went over the other Makuta and decided to probably do @Racie02 's Makuta Clanik next.

Makuta Clanik

Going to be interesting due to his asymmetry, though I’ll mainly only maintain that in terms of colour, not in the actual build. On the other hand, maybe I get some ideas when I get to the arms.

Purple is unfortunately quite a difficult colour to do much with since there are mostly only basic technic parts coming in that colour. I decided to go for the old purple instead of the new one, which the original uses, simply for the sake of availability of parts.
Based on the print on the lime shin part, I’m also thinking about adding some silver (as you can see).

I expect I’ll not be sticking too close to the original in terms of parts usage here since with both purple and lime I’ll kinda have to see what works.


Yeah, makes sense. The split colors are probably a more defining feature. Other than that there’s the launcher and shoulder spike things, those are the details that stuck in my memory

And most new purple is CCBS. I probably would have used old purple if I’d had more.

I find it funny, you probably have a better piece selection than I did when I made the original.


For the black shoulder spikes I plan to use Skrall blades (hopefully those are not too large), but for the purple ones I’m actually not sure. I kinda have a picture in my head of having spikes on one side and a cape with purple embroidery on the other. But I’ll have to see.


Maybe a couple of bent technic liftarms on both sides?


So, turned out Skrall blades were too large. I also need to organize more purple ballsockets for the right arm.
I think I’ll also go for the cape unless I can think of anything better for the right upper arm. With a cape covering it, it wouldn’t matter if it is a bit bare- bones like at present.

But otherwise I suppose it’s head and launcher time now.

For the launcher I’m thinking about making it a Rhotuka launcher. Kinda fits the power, too, if I remember correctly (absorption of sunlight - or in the MU probably rather lightstone light).


The classic colour combination :smiley: Looking very nice.


I believe that’s just how I said it was powered, so it would work years after he left the MU. Though in hindsight most weapons in Bionicle just kinda work, not needing to be recharged.

Come to think of it, I never really specified what it did, just kinda vague “elemental blaster”, so a Rhotuka that absorbs sunlight and uses it to have elemental light powers is a neat idea.

(Also I just realized this means he sorta has light powers, which is cool for a Makuta/former Makuta)


The color scheme is looking really nice so far.


And here’s the head. Though I feel like the cheeks and the top need some more filling. Unfortunately, the available space and connection points don’t make that easy… but maybe I can figure something out later on.

Though not planned, I think it’s actually an added bonus that there is a “mouth” gap visible


Kinda reminds me of Breeze’s helmet from HF. What are those green cheek things?