The Antidermis pool (Gilahu's Brotherhood Project Makuta WIPs)

Keys from the Elves (I think?) line.



Do you wish to make the head more realistic? I’m really good at that kind of stuff. I can find some lime green part’s that might help


I did actually work a bit more on the head in the meantime and managed to fill out the cheeks at the cost of making the entire thing broader. Only wish some of these parts came in lime, but I think it’s ok. And I think the top is also taken care of with some readjustment of angles and a minimal addition that’s not visible from the front.

What I definitely plan to do is get two L2 liftarms to replace the ones currently in black next to the eyes. That way I should get a continuous lime “frame” that should get the job of making it remotely appear like a mask done.

Realistic how? But I’m definitely open to parts suggestions. I did screen pretty much everything that came in lime on bricklink like half a year or so ago and got a good amount of the relevant stuff to experiment with, but it’s well possible I forgot about something or there’s something new that’s interesting.


Lego VIP is free and they have a thing called pick a brick. And I’ve gotten most of my newer parts from there to upgrade my figures. You can pick out any brick in any color including Technic and other. I would use brick link otherwise they have been out of the Pacific parts I need.


Hm… pick a brick is actually something I completely forgot about… Though it is also only parts that actually exist and are presently used, so no new recolours and no old Bionicle parts.

But gonna keep that in mind in case certain basic parts prove too difficult/costly to obtain on bricklink.


Yeah. Brick link is still more of a pain to try to order parts from.


So, probably the last update for Clanik for a while since the next steps take time:

To do list:

  • get replacement parts for purple arm and head
  • figure out something to connect the front of the cape to the back so it is held together
  • decorate the cape a bit with embroidery so it doesn’t look as plain
  • maybe figure out a better launcher. This one’s kinda basic.

Of course I’m open for furher suggestions, too.

And on a not quite related note, since I like to look at the results of my work now and then - a picture of all my Makuta MOCs I currently have with me (the others are in storage at my parents’ house).
If I get around to taking pictures of Jarnat and then finish Clanik, that’ll actually be 25/100 done. Since… December 2016, so roughly 6 1/2 years. Only 19 to 20 more years to go

Looking not bad together, if I may say so.
I also come to realize that I am using a lot of cloth lately.


Are there any Makuta that you haven’t done yet that you’re particularly looking forward to revamping?


Not really at the moment.

The order in which I build them typically depends on what I’m currently interested in or just scrolling through the pictures of the originals until something catches my interest for one reason or another.

With Clanik, for example, it was simply a case of me deciding the colour scheme was interesting.

Sometimes I also consider what parts I have available, though. I’m kinda interested in building one of the yellow ones (Bitil/Uloki/Izimyd/Scairix), but yellow is a tough colour for Bionicle.

And of course the third criterion is how well the original still holds up. I think it’s no secret that some look better than others. So ones that have both interesting features and don’t look particularly great to me I suppose have a slightly higher chance to be picked.


Hm… actually, come to think of it, what I am kinda interested in doing is make some adjustments to already built Makuta.

  • give Jasax a custom head instead of the standard Pakari
  • improve Vulons legs, with maybe also coming up with a better attachment for the skirt since that’s kinda the same issue (to be secure, the skirt is attached rather far up on the torso, thus making it look odd if the legs aren’t mostly straight as the hip joints appear too low in relation to the skirt)
  • maybe come up with a better head design for Isthra
  • maybe come up with a better head design for Vyrdran and possibly also redo his cloak (I have more experience now of how to do what I did there without as much headache and all the stitching showing)


I do think Jasax’s head could do with being a bit bigger, especially with the cloak making his shoulders look even broader than they already are.


So, I got distracted from Clanik a little and still haven’t bought the parts I need to finish him…

The distraction in this case is a member of Sidorak’s species who’ll feature in an RP I’m GMing.

Why am I mentioning it here - I made said character a cloak. And despite being quite pleased with him, I don’t think I’ll keep him forever. So I’m wondering which Makuta this cloak could be suited for eventually.

Thinking of maybe Tridax or Kidrov, but not sure yet.

Some information, maybe - this guy is about a head taller than my average Makuta, so the cape should reach to at least the calfs on them. And the reason why you don’t see a head on this picture is because until the players meet him in the game, I’m not gonna show it. :wink: Gonna get his own topic when the time comes.

I am open for suggestions which Makuta you could imagine seeing this garment on.


Just in terms of fitting with the colour scheme, maybe Hesbrix or Quatza? Tridax is a good one as well.


Hesbrix is actually quite the idea… I have been wondering how to do a red cape for him - having come to the conclusion that with my present cloth this is difficult to do.

I’m not sure if the red cloth I used here would work by itself. I don’t have string that exactly matches the colour, either. Could only make it double-layered. But why why the effort if I already have this? Definitely worth keeping in mind.


Guess what: I got an update on Clanik, because I felt like doing some embroidery.

… but still didn’t get around to buying the replacement parts…


Nice! That goes well with the mismatched colors. The embroidery is really cool too!


For the launcher, would something like this work?
It’s similar to what you’ve already got, but the colour matches his right side and it also has a holder to stop the spinner falling off.


Thanks for the suggestion!

Seems like it would indeed work, though I have to admit that I’m personally not a big fan of “holders” on Rhotuka launchers. In-universe, the Rhotuka are energy projectiles generated by the user. So something that keeps them in place doesn’t really make that much sense. One could only possibly argue that it’s a kind of “locking mechanism” so the launcher can’t be fired accidentally. If that is even possible in-universe considering it probably requires some concentration…

And by now I’ve probably become too used to the current design of the launcher to change it, as well. :sweat_smile:


Way too cool of a moc for Spirah :laughing:
Jokes aside really awesome build