The Artemis Fowl Series

So yeah, there was once this really cool author called Eoin Colfer, and he wrote a book called Artemis Fowl. He managed to combine Fantasy with Sci-fi and History, writing a book that was meant for children but could be enjoyed by adults. He then wrote 7 other books in the series.

When I say that Artemis Fowl was my childhood, I mean that literally. They were pretty much the only books I ever read as a kid, and I’d read them over and over and over again. Personally, I wasn’t the biggest fan of the books towards the end of the series, but they were still enjoyable.

I know there are several people on the Boards who love these books, so I’d thought I’d make a topic for it. So what y’all gotta say bout these books? Didju love em? Didju hate em? Post below and stuff.


I read the first three in 4th grade, and the others as they came out (though I think I didn’t get around to the 4th one until it had been out for awhile). I agree with you that it kinda went downhill towards the end, though the fifth one was possibly my favorite.

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I think I started reading them when the 5th one was new, because I purchased the 6th one when it came out. I liked The Lost Colony, but the Time Paradox did wonderful things to my young brain.

IMO, the reason that the last 2-3 books weren’t as good was that they lost the “heist” aspect of the first book. Twas just a lot of running around, and not a lot of Artemis’s amazing and specific plans.


I read it in 2011 I think. Lost colony was my fav.

At this point I only really have vague memories of it.


Yeah, that probably has something to do with it. I heard Colfer wrote the Atlantis Complex in about a week…which would explain a lot. And the last one was a generic apocalyptic finale, which really wasn’t necessary. Something more low-key, like “the ultimate heist,” would’ve suited the series better.

A thought that literally just came to me: a better plot for the last one might’ve involved the two Opals working together to build an impregnable fortress, and Artemis having to find a way to break in.


I love the Artemis Fowl series! I’ve always been a huge fan (although I really disliked the ending).

Also, The Lost Colony was definitely my favorite.


I read one of the graphic novels back in sixth grade. It being a fantasy series, I was never really hooked.

Oh god, Artemis Fowl…

It’s been…ages.

The only one I haven’t read is the last one, but they were all good in their own way.
Even Atlantis Complex, which was kind of fillery and didn’t make sense unless you’d read that one short story in the Artemis Fowl files.

These days, I read Discworld when I need to laugh, but I wouldn’t appreciate it half as much without Artemis Fowl introducing me to wry humour.

And Colfer did And Another Thing as well, which is actually a decent continuation of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.



that’d be sweet

The graphic novels aren’t quite the same as the books, they lack a certain…humor? that the books provide.


Ah I loved these books. Haven’t read any in the last few years though.


I heard they’re making a movie. Hopefully they get it right

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Anyone read the WARP series? That’s pretty good. So is the Supernaturalist.

But, my grob, Airman is amazing. It is simply fantastic.

(EDIT: Just realized this topic was just for Artemis Fowl, and not Eoin Colfer in general)


actually went and grabbed my copy of the first one after seeing this topic. I had forgotten just how good the books are



read them again

I heard they were making a movie 4 years ago. Seeing as how there has been little to no news about it, my guess is that it’s not happening. Whether that is a good thing or a bad thing, I don’t know…

(checks to make sure info is correct)

Huh, I guess they ARE making it a thing…

I read the first book, and it didn’t seem as good to me. IMO, it seemed like it was convoluted for the sake of being convoluted.

Indeed, though a sequel would be cool and stuff. :stuck_out_tongue:

I haven’t read it in a long time (like 6+ years), but from what I remember it was good.

Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup :stuck_out_tongue:


just finally finished the series. wow. that last book was incredible.

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Yissss (unfortunately D:)



I freaking LOVE this series. Especially The Lost Colony and The Time Paradox.

By the way, did you guys check out the hidden message of the last book? I found it pretty interesting. I definitely recomend decoding it or looking it up.

Also I am a bit dissapointed that there was only two graphic novels. I really liked those.

Also, for those just getting into Artemis Fowl: Check out The Supernaturalist. If you like what you see in Artemis Fowl, you will love The Supernaturalist.


I actually haven’t. In fact, I think I’ve only ever read the last book twice. (As opposed to 3-6 times for the rest of the books). What does it contain?


Please look it up or decode it. I don’t want to spoil any of it because it is really cool (or at least I find it really cool).

So I forgot to mention this

…yeah I finished the last book a while back.

I may or may not have almost cried ;o;