The best and the worst of G2 sets (personal opinions)

Warning: This post contains opinions that may disagree with yours. If you are easily offended by differing opinions, I would advise you do not read this post.

So all in all, I liked G2 and was sad to see it go, it offered some great sets with great builds, and here is my opinion on the best and worst sets. Again, THIS IS MY PERSONAL OPINION!

Uniter Toa:
-Best: tie between Lewa and Pohatu
-Worst: Gali all the way (because of the gappy build and the bad mask that made her look like a discount Nokama)

Master Toa:
-Best: Gali
-Worst: Tahu (because of the Hero factory chestplates used for the legs, I really would have added stickers to them (like on Kopaka and Onua's respective parts with stickers)

-Best: I'm going to get a lot of hate for this, but I think it's a tie between Uxar and Ketar
-Worst: Melum (I dislike the arm design and the action feature, after the novelty of Melum only being able to hug stuff wore off)

-Best: Even though he isn't a protector, he still has the protector mask, so I'm going to say Ekimu
-Worst: Protector of Water (his color scheme is to dark to compliment the Gali Master figure, and his legs look out of proportion to me)

Villains (meaning all villain sets ever released in both of G2's years):
-Best: Umarak the Hunter and Skull Warrior
-Worst: Tie between Skull Scorpio (I like the building experience for Scorpio, I just dislike the finished product) and Skull Grinder's Stock build. (the arm friction fix makes me like Skull Grinder just a bit more, but I still don't like it)

Favorite Set/Combo Model overall: Big-kimu (but with the blue Mask of Creation replaced with the golden Mask of Creation)

To be honest, I think that G2 had some pretty solid sets, and for most of these, it was hard for me to pick a favorite set, the "bad" sets were very few and far between in G2. Some people may not like it because it uses "Hero Factory" parts, but I think that it was one of the best years for bionicle's stock sets. They are some of the only sets that I did not disassemble for moc-making purposes.

Please post your own version of this list in the comments, and be sure to say why you disliked the sets you didn't like.


Explain yourself.

How dare you insult the most holy.




I think you'll find that title goes to Solek

Also, I like Ketar for the color scheme, also Ketar unintentionally has the ability to store the Unity Stone mask on his back, which I like for display purposes


Which one, he has like three of them.


To be honest I really don't care which one, I just kinda like Ketar as a set, it was fun to build. That's why he ranks on my list of "best sets". It's not really something I can explain. It's basically the G2 equivalent of liking Solek un-ironically.


Yeah, I pretty much agree with everything you said.

Well you see, some people have this thing called good taste, clearly you do not.


What how

Explain plz

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And some people can't tell the difference between dirt and prime rib...


I didn't know liking Ketar is seen as having good taste.


Well considering the ketar hate only really started after Eljay gave his opinion, it's basically nothing but a stale meme to hate ketar.


Hau dare u insult ma boi Kulta

Honestly, why? Just because his build is uncreative?
I love Kulta as a figure; he's got great poseability, a cool weapon (just remove that lonely hook blade), and generally looks really villainous and menacing, like he could just go out and stomp some Toa.

Also, this:


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Why does liking ketar cause such controversy? Opinions exist, and he guy clearly said it was his opinion. Anyway I agree with everything yoy said really.

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G2 Makuta, oh wait... not a set.


He didn't really explain it, and I don't think anyone has a problem with him liking Ketar, it's just asking him why.

Meh, I see Ketar more as a mix of different chocolates (hence the Brown). You get your sweet milk chocolate from the design and the bitter chocolate that represents the function. All for the price of $7.

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If lego gave us a third year to G2 and that had been the only set, I would have been super happy to have that on the list as best villain set


I did explain it. I like the way Ketar looks. I also like that you can store the unity mask on Ketar's back.
*see photo

If you all could post your own lists of best and worst sets, that would be great. That's kinda why I made this post. I wanted to see how everyone felts about the various G2 sets.


Your wish, is mah command!

Best: Vizuna for sure, his colorscheme is amazing and his weapon was very creative.

Worst: I agree with the fact that Kivoda is easily the worst, bad colorscheme and weapon.

Best: Ikir is the best in my opinion, he looks good and has a very nice function

Worst: Ketar, not going to go into this since everyone on the planet already has, though I don't think he's THAT bad

Best: Umarak the Hunter, again everyone had already explained this to death

Worst: Skull Slicer EASILY, he was barely a set with almost NO armor shells and the function moved 3 arms and once and 1 individually.... why?

Best: Tahu takes the cake, he's just a great set, gold helped the phenix look, and his construction was was very well done

Worst: Gali, the set is just bad, awkward proportions, weird mask and weopon

This is hard since all of them are really well done, just gonna say right out the bat that I love them all. So the worst isn't even a bad set in my book it's just the one I love the least
Best: Tahu, he's iconic, great colorscheme, amazing weapons, perfect mask, he's exactly what we needed for a NEW Bionicle.

Worst/least best: Dang, I think Lewa, but I love that set, so, I guess his neck and arms are a bit awkward.

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Just as Spartan_0185, I liked Gen2 and now opinion time.

Toa masters
Best, Pohatu: I love the burned orange, mask, arm posebility. but above all I love his weapons.
Worst, Gali: The gun metal grey does not go well with the azure and her gear function does not work well with her weapon. As well, her flippers/mermaid tail was the weakest transform function of the masters. I Still really enjoy the set, she is on par with my favourite uniters.

Toa uniters
Best, Kopaka: Cool mask, like the dark blue and love his sword. His studlauncher shield is meh, but you can (with little modification from in set parts) put it easily on his back and than you can have both his hands hold the sword.
Worst, Onua: I found him to be boring. I like how he looks, but i have difficulty getting him into poses and as somebody who displays his sets, that is dissapointing.

Best, Nilkuu (Stone): Burned orange is amazing. I love his weapon and great amount of poses I can get him in. Pohatu and Nilkuu add to each other so well. They look great together and makes me like them even more. It is an endless cycle of loving these sets.
Worst, Kivoda (Water): The weapon ruins an otherwise good set. There are so little posing options with this weapon, However I still like the set, because I adore the protector mask design.

Best, Ketar: Love his function, probably best posing potential of all of the creatures. He reminds me of playing with my old bionicle sets, having the function go way to fast.
Worst, Melum: Funny how my least favourite creature and favourite toa Uniter happen to come in the same package. Melum is in my opinion a weaker version of Terak and that he comes with Kopaka and therefore devalues the set for me, making him even worse.

Spooky scary skeleton+Loss:
Best, Basher: I love how he looks, his weapons are better versions of Lewa's (2015) axes and his function is fun. Tip, I placed a rubber band around his function so it isn't flopping around everywhere.
Worst, Loss: His function is not as fun as that of skull scorpio and I like the look of skull scorpio's mask. Scorpio has better posing as well. I simply have the options of 2 or 3 poses with Loss and that annoys me.

Beasts+Umarak twice
Best: Lava beast: I just love how he looks like this menacing devil. Unlike the other beasts he seems intelligent and his 'wings' look like some cool robe pieces to me. Moving hands also help in my appreciation of a set and he got those. His colour scheme is wonderful, mixing black with all kinds of different oranges.
Worst, Umarak the destroyer (of my hopes and dreams): He is just dissapointing, he has terrible articulation for a 25 euro/dollar set. He uses to much neon green, my least favourite translucant colour and his hands function doesn't do much. His hands as well don't pose well and this coming from our only gen2 titan set. I could have excused this set, if Makuta with Mask of ultimate "POWA!" (Tahu, 2015) was released. Even worse, in 2015 grievous was released, my favourite ccbs set ever. I had so much hype for a ccbs bionicle titan, as cool as Brutaka, my favourite gen1 set. But that didn't happen, so Umarak the destroyer deserves this place. (Glad I could get this rant off my heart)

Honourable mentions
If it was favourite sets, Kulta vs Ekimu would be favourite spooky scary skeleton set, Lewa uniter would have replaced Kopaka and Akida would have replaced Melum.

Post scriptum
These are my favourite or least favourite figures. If I had to make this list about what I considered the best sets, it would be a bit different. If anybody is interested I will post it. However at this point my reply gets to long and I don't want to strech any longer.


Protector: Protector of Stone
Master: Gali
Uniter: Tahu
Creature: Uxar/Ketar
Villain: Umarak the Destoyer

Protector: Protector of Ice
Master: Onua
Uniter: Onua
Creature: Melum
Villain: Skull Scorpio