The BIONICLE 2016 Bohrok Leaks Discussion Topic

Let’s explain why the 2016 Bohrok Leaks are fake.
Here’s the leaks to explain:


When set leaks, especially bionicle, don’t use new pieces raises red flags immediately.


Lego wouldn’t use the weak joints, like the ones on the feet.


1: no way those things on the water Bohrok could attach.
2: random wheel.
3: no new pieces on the red one, and only one on the blue one.
4: obvious green Evo Mask
5: Obvious Mask of Shadows.


Lego’s standards have changed quite a bit from 5 years ago…

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those are old feet

there is a random wheel on top of the water bohrok

that “glass” around the krana, which is just a shrunken kraahkan, is horribly photoshopped

everything said in the bionicle 2015 discussion topic


@AidanBionicle1 and @StSc let’s discuss in here.
Not there.

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It could be for some sort of rolling function :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll admit that the fakes make decent MOC ideas tho.


That de-escalated quickly

So, can you please list off all your thought-out points as to why you think the red one is real? Please think about each point before typing it.

That way we can have a proper debate instead of straight-up arguing.


It seems like there was a miscommunication between me and the fellow Mods.

Sorry. We’ll work on the whole notification thing, I promise.

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kay, but if it happens again, I kill you (lol no)

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Oh hey, my first death threat as a Mod. How flattering. :blush:



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The biggest give-away is the Confidential label barely covering the set. It should be over top of the whole thing.


Nah, we’ve seen near identical stuff before.

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I know they’re fake, but they look pretty sweet. I want something similar please! I made a bohrok moc with snapping jaws, should probably post it sometime.


Was there ever really any doubt? :stuck_out_tongue:

I believe that the rumor on 4chan mentioned launcheable “ghost” faces, so we might get villains with some design aspects taken from the Bohrok.

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Last time I was doubtful when the new BIONICLE leaks came out, believeing they were photo shopped and fake. But they turned out to be real, so I’m not gonna dismis this leak as fake. However, if these ARE real, I do think it’s an odd re-design for the Bohrok.

@Willess12 I actually think that’s for a function. I don’t know what it would function for, but if these are real, I would believe they’d be some type of function.

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