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you mean like this? just post a link to the topic, that’s all. :slight_smile:


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that’s because you made the text a link

if you just copy and paste the url, then you get the summary

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All pinned topics change themselves to unpinned for me… Does anyone know a fix for this?

Yeah, it’s affecting other people too. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.


Thank you SOOO MUCH! I have known how to do some of these things, I have not known how to blur text though so, Big help.


Odd, had to look for this topic. Why isn’t it pinned again?

Regardless, I need a bit of help with linking files- that is, in general. I don’t know how exactly to link lxf.'s; do I use the hyperlink? A thanks to whomever can assist me with this.

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Unfortunately, you can’t quote posts from closed topics unless you have mod powers.

…Or can you?

You can, but it requires a bit more effort than highlighting the text and hitting “quote reply”.

Let’s say you want to quote a post in the “BIONICLE memes” topic on the 2017 discussion topic, for example. First, you start by opening a reply on the 2017 topic and typing enough text that you can post. Then, with your reply box still open, you go to the BIONICLE memes topic and then hit reply. A box will come up asking if you want to reply here or on he 2017 topic; choose to reply on the memes topic. Unless the boards glitch out, it won’t let you – a pop-up will appear explaining that something has gone wrong. HOWEVER, your post is now considered to be a reply to the memes topic and not the 2017 topic, so, by clicking on the speech bubble in the top left corner, you will have a quote of the first post in the memes topic. You will have to change “full:true” to “full:false”. If you want to quote something besides the first post, you’ll have to change the username and post number (Or just the post number, if you’re lazy). Then you go back to the 2017 topic and post.


The only solution I could find was to use a picture hosting site like brickshelf. But I don’t know much about file linking, so I’m afraid I really can’t say more than that.



Please never quote that topic ever again.


how do i start a topic?

There should be a blue plus or a thing that says new topic. Click on it

Big thanks for the attempt to help, Willess. However, I think I’d ask @Ranaki_Pakewa (if he’s willing, which he likely isn’t), or @Political_Slime about this. Nevertheless, it still helped to some degree.

Use dropbox to host the file and then share it from there


What kind of file is an .lxf?

And yeah like Ranaki Said, Dropbox or another file hosting website is probably your best bet.

Oh, an LDD file.

Also, thanks to Ranaki if that like wasn’t enough.

(Not actually trying to be rude, TBH)

So all the spoiler tags are well and good… but is there any way of collapsing an area of the post? For example to do an image dump without making a massive post?

Not quite sure what you mean. If you’re asking if you can say something like

click here for more pics lol

and have more pictures come up, I don’t believe there is a way. However, for images you can always link to an external gallery hosted on imgur or flickr without displaying all images.


polls and drop-down menus

On the post menu, there’s a little gear button at the top right. It allows you to do a few cool things, including “hide details” which can allow you to create a drop-down text box; “blur spoiler”, which allows you to create the blurred text (note that it creates the less useful spoiler tags); and “build poll” which allows you to create a poll.

I believe the “hide details” does exactly what you’re looking for @Doremarpool. Hope it helps!