The Brotherhood of Makuta- Dredzek

NOTE: The following moc and story are the property of Chicken Bond.

Gender: Male

Species: Makuta

Kanohi: Salek

Tools: Claws, poisonous fangs

Warning: Text wall ahead
100,000 years ago, Dredzek was created from a greenish-black
substance called Antidermis by Mata Nui on an island in one of the
southern chains of the universe. Shortly after his creation, he joined
the Brotherhood of Makuta like all Makuta. As per his duties, Dredzek
was responsible for the creation of several Rahi breeds to populate the
Matoran Universe. He specialized in the creation of nocturnal Rahi, an
example of his work being the Muaka. During this time, Dredzek was
trained in the ways of combat by Makuta Verahk.

Following the Matoran Civil War on Metru Nui, Dredzek was assigned by Miserix to supervise the island of Versuva. During this time, he recruited the Onu-Matoran Corzakx as his personal aide and assistant.

When Teridax demanded a Convocation on Destral to reveal his plan
and claim leadership, Dredzek was one of the last to finally side with
him. Dredzek, like the other Makuta, evolved beyond the need of a
physical body, turning to a simpler form of Antidermis within armor.
Teridax ordered the Nynrah Ghosts to come to Destral to modify his armor
to accommodate for the new virus-like form of the Antidermis.

Shortly after the Raid on Artakha, Dredzek worked alongside
Makuta Kojol to develop three viruses, one of which would serve as the
prototype for the virus that would be used to cast Mata Nui into his
slumber. After the creation of these viruses, Kojol agreed to travel to
Xia to see them incorporated into weapons, which would unknowingly place
him in the position that would allow the Order of Mata Nui to kill him.
Before the Brotherhood was revealed to have betrayed the Great Spirit, Dredzek had a team of Toa Hagah assigned to him, with the members of his squad being hand-picked by Dredzek himself. Most these Toa were killed after Toa Norik and his team rebelled against the Brotherhood.

Unexpectedly, however, the leading member of his squad, a Toa of Water named Arrea, managed to survive the executions, and quickly escaped and went into
hiding. For the next several years, Arrea would succeed in disrupting a
number of the Brotherhood's activities, eventually prompting Dredzek to
set out to eliminate Arrea himself.

Surprisingly, he failed to do so, and in frustration, he hired a bounty hunter known as Skorr to kill Arrea. Meeting him on the shores of Destral, Dredzek convinced Skorr to take up the mission at a steep price. The Zeverek succeeded in executing Arrea, and returned to Dredzek with the Toa's Kanohi as proof of his success.

Several centuries later, Dredzek began losing faith in Teridax,
believing his position of power had made him weak and ill-suited to lead
the Brotherhood. As a result, he began plotting to usurp Teridax, and
assume command over the Brotherhood. However, after learning of Icarax's
failed attempt to rebel, Dredzek was forced to put set-backs on his
plot, deciding to wait until Teridax was at his weakest.

When the Brotherhood began hiring operatives of the mercenary guild the Shadow Syndicate to perform the mission that were either too risky or too mundane for
its members, Dredzek became the primary liaison between the Brotherhood
and the Syndicate. He also made Velnax his personal aide.
More recently, Dredzek was briefly considered to be part of
Antroz's strike team for the Invasion of Karda Nui. However, Dredzek was
unable to join the team due to being caught up in an investigation
trying to obtain information on the Order of Mata Nui, a mysterious
faction who had yet to reveal its existence to the Brotherhood.

At the same time, however, Teridax believed that Dredzek knew to some extent
what he was really planning, and as such, refused to send him to Karda
Nui out of a fear that if Dredzek had any foreknowledge of his true
plans he would try to sabotage Antroz's mission.

War with the Order
When the Order of Mata Nui openly came out of hiding, and declared
war on the Brotherhood, Dredzek was ordered by Makuta Tridax to conquer a
small chain of islands east of Metru Nui using an army of Exo-Toa and
Rahkshi. Though Dredzek managed to capture most of the islands, the
Order managed to prevent him from conquering the rest.

He was then sent to Zakaz to investigate a rumor about the Skakdi siding with the Order.

However, his departure from his position left his army leaderless, and
the Order managed to defeat Dredzek's forces, and capture the islands he
had conquered earlier.

Whilst on Zakaz, Dredzek was attacked by the Skakdi warlord known as Freztrak.
Despite Dredzek's skill in combat, Freztrak managed to disarm Dredzek,
and sever the Makuta's left arm. Before Freztrak could finish the him
off, two of Dredzek's Rahkshi distracted Freztrak long enough for the
Makuta to teleport away.

He was later sent to aid in the Brotherhood's defenses on Nynrah, during which he battled Mersery, though was later forced to retreat when the Order gained the upper
hand. He then returned to Destral, where he was seen trying to fight off
the Order's forces. Following Destral's fall, Dredzek traveled to Metru
Nui, where he aided the Brotherhood in it's final bid for universal

Shortly after Teridax assumed command of the Matoran Universe, Dredzek
was ordered to create a battalion of Rahkshi to be used in the
Teridax's large armies. Following this, Dredzek was then killed by Teridax, who did not want any Makuta left alive to challenge him.,


Another simple, but good looking MOC by Chicken Bond.

As with Scarla, the Species thing in his description can be cut. Also I think it would be nice to add "Mask of Dread" behind "Kanohi: Salek"

The story works mostly, but I have two pretty major issues with it:

As this MOC is supposed to be a part of the Brotherhood Project, which aims at creating all 100 Makuta, it isn't guaranteed, that there will be a Makuta Verahk. Please choose another species, or use the name of an already finished and accepted Makuta here.

I also have a big problem with that Millennium guy and this Shadow of Ages thing - if I'm not horribly mistaken, that isn't a canon thing, but it seems too big to be added out of the blue.
If I remember correctly, this should already be the overworked "main universe" story for Dredzek, but I would recommend you to cut all that Shadow of Ages stuff and instead go for that "thoughts of rebellion against Teridax" thing.

This is what comes of importing a character from someone else's storyline.

There are still over 70 spaces left, right? Surely we can make room for one of the most popular Makuta in the fandom.

Hey, the MU is huge, and complex. Plus this isn't my character. If you want, we'll give him a one sentence history of "He did nothing and died after making Rahshi for Teridax." It's one organization, and one other guy, it wouldn't be much of a stretch.

Well, if you get the authorization to post Verahk, or if you build a Makuta Verahk, or if anyone else decides to build a Makuta Verahk, it's fine with me, but up to then this is an issue.

As to the Shadow of Ages thing ...
I think that could be easily solved this way:

Cut this.

And this.

And I'll be fine with his story.

Looks pretty basic, but pulls of the makuta look. reminds me of something Kylernuva would build back in the day.

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I agree. It looks good, but just really generic....

Looks very nice! :smiley: