The Brotherhood of Makuta - Krika, My Personal Favorite Makuta

I was chosen to make Krika, the Honorable Makuta, as I call him.

Name: Krika. Duh.
Assigned Region: Northern Northern Continent. Try saying that 100 times fast. :shudder:
Kanohi: Great Kanohi Crast, the Mask of Repulsion.
Status: Deder then ded. then R.I.P. Killed by Gorast.

Intimidating Front Shot!

Not-so-intimidating Obligatory Ngram Shot



Guitar Solo FTW.

The Intimid’s are off the charts!

His swords sheathed. DEAL WID IT!

Function video link
Weirdily ankle video link

Are you semi-good at MOCing?
Go to the topic in the above quote and sign yo’selves up!
Do us all a favor.

Also my firts time using dem tags. =P


Looks very messy and jumbled up. Try making it sleeker and not leave so many technic parts exposed


The color scheme works and the face looks like something I’d imagine Krika looking like, though it looks very jumbled as @Rockho said.

Thanks all who gave criticisms.

I don’t care if it looks jumbled. @PinkFluffyNyran helped work on it, and wanted to call back to the set, so I added some open red pins to the forearms.

I also actively tried to remove all blue. I obviously failed.

Not a fan of the three slizer beams on his chest and would have preferred the 08 Krast. Still, good effort.

Goo Jub, your MOCingness is good, you have gotten the eye of the “Cool Group” better check your mail box we will find you :neutral_face: /s

The moc seems a tad bit jumbled, but I can still envision it being Krika.

My largest complaint is how flat the torso is- That is, until you reach his… Crotch. That looks kind of awkward.


The white Takadox head from the terrain crawler would’ve worked too. I’m just not a fan of that face(or any brain attack heads for that matter).

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I personally feel, that the “mask” suits him very well.
However, I agree that the legs look a bit jumbled from the back and the forearms could use less armor on the outside and more on the inside. His feet could also be a bit bigger in my opininon. But he definately has a good scale to him and I can really see this MOC as Krika before he was mutated.

Perhaps the pics could be a bit more focused, though. (especially the front view)

Otherwise a nice MOC and it’s great that you participated in the Brotherhood Project!


this doesn’t fit krika at all,

it’s a jumbled mess of parts,
nothing works.


Y u do dis?


Yeah… one problem about the '08 Crast…
I don’t have the actual set nor any money to get the mask…

And about the crotch… Yeah, I probably could’ve avoided that…

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Hmm. Needs work. It could use better chest armor and the removal of many unnecessary parts. Plus he is pretty bulky, and his body is misshapen.

I honestly think it needs to be redone. Most of it isn’t bad, but it’s not Krika. The design would work for a robot though!

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The front looks out of place what with all the technic. The arm armor and the lower leg armor are both rather gappy.

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Dosen’t look like Krika.
At all.

Thanks for the criticism. It is greatly appreciated. Also, I started work on a V.2, so to speak. Expect him done by April 29.

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