The Brotherhood of Makuta - What About a Community MOC Project?

[All entries done - the public phase of the project thus is finished]

The Makuta, one of the most powerful species in the Matoran Universe.

They were creators of Rahi, enforcers of order, the protectors and the bane of the Great Spirit Mata Nui.

At the beginning, there were 100 of them. 85 male and 15 female ones. Yet just a handful of them are known …

(picture by @Scorpion_Strike)

And here’s my idea:
As I know of no list of all the Makuta, neither official nor inofficial, what about if we make one? All 100 Makuta, as a Brotherhood as it was at the beginnig, everyone of them with his or her own story. And of course accompanied by a MOC of the Makuta.

One person alone could’nt hope to achieve that in a reasonable amount of time, I guess, but as a community … There’s hope.

If you want to participate in this project, please take a look at the rules and if there are any Makuta left in the “to be assigned” category beforehand. You’ll find both below. If you then decide to build a MOC, please tell me and wait for an OK from me before you post anything in a seperate topic.

Please don’t upload pictures of your finished MOCs on this topic. There’s also no need to link your MOCs below, as I will do so on the list, when they’re finished.

If you haven’t got a reply from me or if your MOC didn’t show up on the list after two days, you’re welcome to remind me. :wink: After all, it can happen, that I overlook someone.

Here’s the current list:

:pencil2: = drawing done (100/100) - see here
:pen_ballpoint: = “Book of the Brotherhood” entry done (65/100)
:bust_in_silhouette: = revamp done (clicking on the symbol will take you to the topic) (17/100)

Both, the drawings and the “Book of the Brotherhood” entries will be posted once the project is complete. For more information see post 374 and 470.
A group “shot” of all entries you can find down here.
For more information about those revamps see post 849 as well as the Antidermis pool WIP topic.

Male Makuta, accepted - occupation - builder

  1. Teridax - second in command/leader - Payinku :pencil2:
  2. Icarax - warrior - Toa_Heatwave :pencil2: :pen_ballpoint:
  3. Krika - lieutenant? - TFM101A :pencil2: :pen_ballpoint: :bust_in_silhouette:
  4. Bitil - warrior - 21sselliW :pencil2: :pen_ballpoint:
  5. Spiriah - failed scientist - The_Wanderer :pencil2: :pen_ballpoint: :bust_in_silhouette:
  6. Mutran - Rahi scientist - Gilahu :pencil2: :pen_ballpoint:
  7. Miserix - leader - Toa_Heatwave :pencil2: :pen_ballpoint:
  8. Jsasax - chief financier of the Brotherhood - RedHuna101 :pencil2: :pen_ballpoint: :bust_in_silhouette:
  9. Jarnat - warrior - Gilahu :pencil2: :pen_ballpoint:
  10. Gantil - warrior - LurkingEhlek :pencil2: :pen_ballpoint:
  11. Troodax - warrior - Whovian41110 :pencil2:
  12. Xoth - Rahi ethologist_21sselliW_ :pencil2: :pen_ballpoint: :bust_in_silhouette:
  13. Nevantar - warrior - TBT_Emerald :pencil2: :pen_ballpoint:
  14. Tagah - diplomatic agent - Chronicler :pencil2: :pen_ballpoint:
  15. Hesbrix - Rahi scientist - P1gNinja :pencil2: :pen_ballpoint:
  16. Zurta - warrior - 21sselliW :pencil2:
  17. Uloki - Rahi scientist - Rac :pencil2:
  18. Zhun - warrior - Rac :pencil2: :pen_ballpoint: :bust_in_silhouette:
  19. Hormahk - jailor, headsman - pizzacheetah :pencil2: :pen_ballpoint:
  20. Furtaan - lieutenant - Chronicler :pencil2: :pen_ballpoint: :bust_in_silhouette:
  21. Karangu - warrior - Leoxandar :pencil2: :pen_ballpoint:
  22. Clanik - agent for dangerous Rahi incidents - Rac :pencil2: :pen_ballpoint:
  23. Dredzek - functionary for everything having to do with mercenaries - Chicken Bond, uploaded by Windfall :pencil2: :pen_ballpoint:
  24. Erevor - warrior - TBTEmerald_ :pencil2: :pen_ballpoint:
  25. Netrux - artificial life scientist - Hawkflight :pencil2: :pen_ballpoint:
  26. Anjan - ecosystem scientist - Gilahu :pencil2: :pen_ballpoint:
  27. Jorax - warrior/weapon smith - DG_Eddie :pencil2: :pen_ballpoint:
  28. Vekaron - Rahi scientist - Rac :pencil2:
  29. Xirok - general - Sushiyoda :pencil2:
  30. Antroz - lieutenant?/warrior?/general?/second in comand under Teridax - Lord_Tuma :pencil2: :pen_ballpoint:
  31. Tak - Rahi scientist - TheRed1s :pencil2:
  32. Manguopo - artificial life scientist - Darkbrick999 :pencil2: :pen_ballpoint:
  33. Jormuntrax - spymaster - Solaris :pencil2: :pen_ballpoint:
  34. Chisk - warrior? - Xing1870 :pencil2: :pen_ballpoint: :bust_in_silhouette:
  35. Repirax - warrior - Sciencegiraffe :pencil2: :pen_ballpoint: :bust_in_silhouette:
  36. Napak - Rahis scientist/Rahi ethologist? - Povak :pencil2: :pen_ballpoint:
  37. Tridax - scientist of many fields - Toa_Heatwave :pencil2:
  38. Cenred - general - Toa_Distraxx :pencil2: :pen_ballpoint:
  39. Ornek - general - Gilahu :pencil2: :pen_ballpoint: :bust_in_silhouette:
  40. Apaliska - Rahi scientist - MysteryMuffin :pencil2: :pen_ballpoint:
  41. Piraunga - warrior - The_Wanderer :pencil2:
  42. Marzek - shadow energy scientist - Timeline15 :pencil2: :pen_ballpoint:
  43. Sachel - librarian - Sammythekat :pencil2: :pen_ballpoint: :bust_in_silhouette:
  44. Erdorn - warrior - Timeline15 :pencil2: :pen_ballpoint: :bust_in_silhouette:
  45. Lomois - weapon smith - Leoxandar :pencil2: :pen_ballpoint:
  46. Irutra - Rahi scientist - ToaPanda :pencil2: :pen_ballpoint: :bust_in_silhouette:
  47. Moldavanka - Rahi ethologist - Irrie :pencil2: :pen_ballpoint:
  48. Ormen - Kraata scientist - Nogus1 :pencil2: :pen_ballpoint:
  49. Karthax - chief of Destral’s security - Povak :pencil2: :pen_ballpoint:
  50. Shornos - Rahi scientist - TBT_Emerald :pencil2:
  51. Wanitama - botanist - darkbrick999 :pencil2: :bust_in_silhouette:
  52. Vozatth - weather scientist - ToaPanda :pencil2: :pen_ballpoint: :bust_in_silhouette:
  53. Vyrdran - chamberlain of Destral - Maarlfox :pencil2: :pen_ballpoint: :bust_in_silhouette:
  54. Morathix - scientist of many fields? - MakutaTexxidos :pencil2: :pen_ballpoint:
  55. Wreigth - mask smith - MysteryMuffin :pencil2:
  56. Chasnon - recruiter - Sushiyoda :pencil2: :pen_ballpoint:
  57. Zirolius - architect - PotatoAlien :pencil2:
  58. Raximoras - artificer - Gringat :pencil2:
  59. Scairix - Rahi scientist SmeatyFlavor :pencil2:
  60. Kaihodian - Rahi ethologist/scientist - Kardax :pencil2: :pen_ballpoint:
  61. Falkin - spy - Silver_Falcon :pencil2: :pen_ballpoint:
  62. Orexus - scientist - Samtastictogo :pencil2:
  63. Kojol - Rahi creator/scientist - ToaTumult :pencil2: :pen_ballpoint:
  64. Fenerak - ? - AdamusTheFirst :pencil2: :pen_ballpoint: :bust_in_silhouette:
  65. Xiavlak - scientist - SteampunkTahu :pencil2:
  66. Quatza - Rahi ethologist - Kikoa :pencil2:
  67. Aveeccious - Rahi scientist, lawgiver - Styrofoam :pencil2: :pen_ballpoint:
  68. Sidoshi - special agent - Styrofoam :pencil2: :pen_ballpoint:
  69. Diadus - weapon mender - ToaNoah_Wafflemeister :pencil2: :pen_ballpoint:
  70. Kerona - scientist - Abyss_Lockstrider :pencil2: :pen_ballpoint:
  71. Varutahk - mathematician - Inertiic :pencil2:
  72. Urdunohk - physician - Mr.Monopoly :pencil2:
  73. Kidrov - Rahi creator - Toa_Radrix :pencil2: :pen_ballpoint:
  74. Vamprah - warrior - EvilLobsterKing :pencil2:
  75. Zyrek - engineer - Mr.Monopoly :pencil2:
  76. Chirox - Rahi creator - ReeseEH :pencil2: :pen_ballpoint:
  77. Thiren - engineer - Miraku :pencil2:
  78. Izimyd - Courier/Scout - Condraxis :pen_ballpoint: :pencil2:
  79. Radayi - Head Propagandist - Wolk :pencil2:
  80. Vamusahi - scientist - Holi :pencil2:
  81. Doraxus - Rahi Creator - Toa_Vladin :pencil2:
  82. Sadakon - Rahi scientist - LegoDavid :pencil2:
  83. Belgahn - economist? - Ahkmou :pencil2: :bust_in_silhouette:
  84. Hakuin - diplomat? - Styrofoam :pencil2:
  85. Barrion - politician? - StudentScissors :pencil2:

Female Makuta, accepted - occupation - builder
86) Gorast - warrior - Gringat :pencil2: :pen_ballpoint:
87) Kindrix - Rahi scientist - Gilahu :pencil2: :pen_ballpoint: :bust_in_silhouette:
88) Kraiden - warrior - Payinku :pencil2: :pen_ballpoint: :bust_in_silhouette:
89) Isthra - warrior - 21sselliW :pen_ballpoint: :pencil2: :bust_in_silhouette:
90) Vakada - biologist - Windfall :pencil2:
91) Scarla - warrior - Chicken Bond, Uploaded by Windfall :pencil2:
92) Thorkahn - warrior - JMP :pencil2:
93) Ahkaxx - Rahi scientist - MakutaTexxidos :pencil2: :pen_ballpoint:
94) Mazla - Rahi scientist - Povak :pencil2: :pen_ballpoint:
95) Akima - ~warrior - The_Wanderer :pencil2: :pen_ballpoint: :bust_in_silhouette:
96) Nebunie - Rahi scientist? - MysteryMuffin :pencil2: :pen_ballpoint: :bust_in_silhouette:
97) Rerekei - Rahi scientist? - Cyclopian :pencil2:
98) Yandra (Aegis in MOC topic) - poison expert - Aegyptiacus :pencil2: :pen_ballpoint:
99) Syrai - scribe/secretary - Maarlfox :pencil2:
100) Vulon - “problem solver” - AdamusTheFirst :pencil2: :pen_ballpoint: :bust_in_silhouette:

To be assigned

  • none


The five Makuta who sided with Miserix at the convocation are all done already.
The two Makuta who were kept by Teridax to create Kraata after he took over the Matoran Universe and were later killed are done already.
The Makuta who was killed by Toa Zaria is done already.

What about that update on your Krika MOC?

Here’s a new map, provided by RSG and edited by me. You are free to go into detail about your Makuta’s region in your MOC’s backstory, but I can’t promise that RSG will go along with that. Since currently they don’t have much information either, it might be possible that whatever you write will get accepted in RSG, too. If not, changes will be made, although I’ll always try to speak in your interest.

(rightclick and open map in new tab/window to be able to zoom in)

? behind the island name = to be assigned
grey = not to be assigned to a Makuta


If I got anything wrong, please tell me.


Click to expand


1) Makuta wear Kanohi
Your MOC should wear a mask or have a head that looks like a mask.

2) Good design
Your MOC should look like something you spent some time on. It needs a proper colour scheme and should also get the “Makuta look” across. Some other things I like to see when looking at a MOC:

  • good colour distribution
  • custom torso (custom limbs are also always well received)
  • proper arm and leg articulation - especially on hips/shoulders
  • few gaps
  • creative but not oversized weapon/tool designs

3) Colour Scheme
Makuta as beings of Shadow should not have a colour scheme associated with Light. You can use gold pieces (if you really have to) or white armor, but no white and gold
colour scheme.

4) Titan Size
Ideally your MOC should have the complexity of a Titan build, although I’m somewhat tollerant in that point. Have a look at my Makuta MOCs if you want to get an impression of what I deem perfect in that regard.

5) “Original” Form
The Makuta should be humanoid and not mutated. This means they should walk upright, have exactly two legs, one head and a minimum of two arms. You’re allowed to add more arms, wings, tail(s) etc.

6) Picture Quality
At least the main picture of your MOC shouldn’t be too dark/too bright/blurred and such. Everyone should be able to tell colours apart and see details.
I require at least one picture from the entire MOC from the front, posed or neutral. If posed the pose shouldn’t obscure too much of the MOC, though. Again, look at my MOCs and revamps in order to see what I’d deem ideal in that regard.

7) CCBS and Technic
This is a project that aims at creating G1 characters. It would make me extremely happy if you could use no CCBS parts for your MOC.
But since the era of the G1 building system is 5 years gone and some of you understandably don’t have any/very few G1 parts, CCBS MOCs of course will get accepted, too. But please at least consider using no CCBS if you can. Thanks.

8) Custom parts
Your MOC should only consist of official Lego parts. Exceptions are: Kanohi and everything you make out of cloth (wings, capes, etc.). Modified parts are allowed (but not encouraged).


1) Kanohi rule:
Your Makuta aren’t allowed to wear the following masks (again, just to be sure: Your MOC can wear any mask you like, you just have to say that it is a different mask in that case):

  • Avsa, Mask of Hunger
  • Mohtrek, Mask of Time Duplication
  • Shelek, Mask of Silence
  • Jutlin, Mask of Corruption
  • Turatatu, Mask of Fear
  • Pakari, Mask of Strength
  • Kiril, Mask of Regeneration
  • Matatu, Mask of Telekinesis
  • Kualsi, Mask of Quick Travel
  • Mautru, Mask of Mutation
  • Hau, Mask of Shielding
  • Akaku, Mask of X-Ray Vision
  • Maraui - Great Mask of Analysis
  • ???, Mask of Rage
  • ???, Mask of Elemental Shielding
  • Ignaku, Mask of Parabolic Vision
  • Isima, Mask of Possibilities
  • Efemutu, Mask of Prototransfiguration
  • Faxon, Mask of Kindred
  • Volitak, Mask of Stealth
  • ???, Mask of Memory
  • ???, Mask of Aggression
  • Tryna, Mask of Reanimation
  • ???, Mask of Convenience
  • Whethron, Mask of Seismic Sense
  • Koromau, Mask of Rahi Control
  • Aiykha, Mask of Scavenging
  • obviously not the Kraahkan, but also no mask that is “shaped like a Kraahkan”
  • no masks that just exist in very limited numbers (Olmak, Kanohi Nuva, etc.)

This doesn’t apply to already accepted MOCs. It doesn’t apply to canon Makuta with known masks either, of course, but it does apply to those whose masks aren’t given.
There might be Kanohi added to this list from time to time, so be sure to have a look before uploading your MOC.

2) Canon story rule:
Your Makuta has to die before the entrance to Karda Nui is discovered. That would be around the time Jaller and his friends set out to find the Toa Nuva.
(the “no longer Makuta” side paragraph doesn’t work anymore)

Again, this obviously excludes canon Makuta, whose fates we know.

3) Dark Hunter - Brotherhood of Makuta War Rule
No more Makuta are allowed to have found their end through the hands of the Dark Hunters after outbreak of the war (shortly after Mata Nui was put to sleep)

4) Makuta kill Makuta rule A
Your Makuta isn’t allowed to kill another Makuta except if you do another Makuta MOC which is killed by the first one in its backstory. If so, tell me and that first MOC will get accepted as soon as the second one gets accepted, too.

5) Toa kill Makuta rule
Toa aren’t allowed to be directly responsible for your Makuta’s death.

6) Death through the Order of Mata Nui rule:
No more Makuta are allowed to have died through the hands of the Order of Mata Nui. The exception are canon Makuta.

7) Makuta kill Makuta rule B:
If your Makuta is killed by another Makuta, I (Gilahu) might request you to change the killer’s name if I feel like this Makuta already killed enough others or doesn’t fit as killer. You’re allowed to use every Makuta accepted into this project as killer, as long as it makes sense (in my eyes).

8) Warrior rule:
Your Makuta isn’t allowed to be a full-time warrior or best known for his/her fighting abilities. Your Makuta is allowed to fight in the battle against the Barraki, but should not play a major role there.

9) Rahi creator rule:
Your Makuta isn’t allowed to specifically create only/mostly dangerous Rahi, very big Rahi or try to create anything other that is particularly big and/or dangerous. This includes weapons.

Other things

  1. Reserving Makuta

You can only reserve one Makuta at a time. As soon as that one is accepted you may claim another spot if one is available.

2) Creating an entry

As every one of these Makuta MOCs is a, well, MOC on its own, they should be posted seperately from this topic to have a better overview (their names are nonetheless listed here)
Preferably name your entry to this project The Brotherhood of Makuta - “Name of your MOC”.

3) Entry design

The first lines in your Makuta’s topic should ideally be a quick overview over the Makuta (for example):

Name: Jarnat
Assigned region: none
Kanohi: Efotaui, Great Mask of Fire
Status: Dead

If you want an example of what I would otherwise consider a perfect entry, have a look at my Makuta and Makuta revamps (linked above).

4) Deadline

You have three months to submit your entry. If you don’t manage to submit it in time you will be removed from the list. You might be allowed to join again after some time if you like so long as no one has claimed your spot in the meantime. The exception to this is if you can show me serious WIP progress on your MOC which might incline me to give you more time right away.

Backstory help

Click to expand

If you need help with a backstory, I’m always ready to help.

Here are some suggestions (thanks to @E44 with helping out here) (please tell me if you want to use one of these if they regard a specific backstory):

  • a Makuta who was Destral’s Communications officer

You can find a timeline about Brotherhood stuff in post 1275 - it might give you an idea for how Makuta died and what happened when.

Death sources:

  • the Makuta evolved into gaseous Antidermis about 30,000 years after Teridax’s takeover, so up to that point they could die by simply stabbing them with a pointy stick in the right place. After the evolution it wasn’t so easy anymore

There might be things added/removed here from time to time.


I think Teridax used a pool of Antidermis to make Kraata when he took control of the universe.
Edit: guess he did keep a few alive, never mind.


Ooh, a community project, seems fun.
Good thing my Makuta MOCs are my most complicated, and kinda titan sized.

But, anyway I think this could be kinda cool, if getting the community motivated to join in.

This is perfect


Oh! Can I please do this one! Cause he is like total creative freedom!

I’ll have to do this…

…After I finish my WIP…

…And my entry to the build eachother’s mocs game.

Yeah, I’m totally getting leftovers. :sweat_smile:

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Can I do Krika? 'K, thanks.

I will probably do 1/71 male makuta.

I am in, I will do one of those female Makuta, and I shall dub her…Makuta Rerekei.

Although I must personally disagree with the “no gold” rule, seeing as gold is more associated with moral light than it is elemental light, and originally, the Makuta were made to be good, heck, even in a certain alternate universe, Teridax was white and gold, not because his element was no longer shadow, he still wore the Kraahkan, but because he had embraced his moral light.


Hey would this work as a revamped Antroz


I got a Makuta. I call dibs on the one killed by Zaria.
Don’t have it with me so… after fall break maybe

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Dibs on teridax,
seeing how I’m lazy and I’ve already mocced him.
And I guess I’ll make a female makuta as well.

I don’t think there should be a scale rule, people build in different scales, I for one build larger than sets, some people build small, why limit that and alienate possible mocists?
The makuta can be the same size in-universe without being the same scale.


@PakariNation99 I agree, though I think for this project we should just include MOCs uploaded here.

@RedHuna101 Sure! (But give him a real name, too)

@TFM101A Sure!

@LurkingEhlek Ok.

@Cyclopian Makuta Rerekei, ok.
Yes, the Makuta in that alternate universe (if you refer to the alternate Light Teridax Mazeka met) did embrace their light, but they did control it instead of shadow, too. This particular form of Teridax wore the Kraahkan as some kind of reminder or test, I think.
As to the golden parts … I think Makuta should’nt use them so much, but as long as the colour scheme is not white/gold or mainly gold, it’s not really that big of a “problem”.

Torso, upper arms and head are sufficient, weapons too. The legs could perhaps use a bit more elaboration (especially the feet). Otherwise … yes it would work, though perhaps you should take a better picture of him in a better pose and with him looking into the camera or some such, too.

@Whovian41110 Ok.

@Skeletor Ok. Both noted.
About that scale rule … you’re right, of course, especially about that same size in-universe, but - ok, that’s my very, very personal opinion - I feel like small MOCs usally have not enough details and really large ones too much.
I think “G1 Titan sized” is a pretty wide field to operate in and so … I think we should stick to it at least for now.

Have a look at the list above for changes!


I’m confused by the “No longer Makuta” part of this, could you elaborate, what do you mean by “No longer Makuta”? Are they something other than Makuta? Are they like Velika? I may just be confused over something simple, but elaboration would be appreciated.

I find that more agreeable.


  1. Just elaborated it a few seconds ago in the first post :wink: (Though I think there should’nt be too much of those)

  2. Then let’s make the “no gold” the “official” version (so that we don’t get too many golden ones) and the “no white/gold or mainly gold” the “inofficial” one.

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I’ll do Kojol

I might do one at the later but…

I’ll do a Male Makuta (two if I have time, but just put me down for one).

I’m fine with doing Chirox

I’d like to do this, but could you not assign me one with too much blue or white please?

If you want, I can try my hand at a humanoid Miserix (I’ve always wanted to make a MOC of him)…