Brotherhood of Makuta: Chirox

Not my best photography, but I wanted to get him up for @Gilahu, who has been waiting far too long for me to post him.

Overall I feel that my skills have improved a bit since I built him (which was like 5 months ago), so I probably would build him different if I tried again, but for the most part I like him.

EDIT: oh yeah, I guess I’ll throw this in too

Name: Chirox
Assigned region: Visorak/Keetongu’s Island
Kanohi: Shelek, Mask of Silence
Status: Dead


Now this is an improvement


I like it, it looks really good!I
The limbs are kinda thin and spindly, which adds to the look. Good job!


I said it before, and I’ll say it again - I like this MOC. A lot.

Personally probably wouldn’t have used brown for the weapon handles and wouldn’t have made teh arms this long (as well as used less) tires, but that upper torso using the foot piece is really nice. Also thsoe legs look really good.

It’s actually the island of Visorak. He was (re-)assigned to Keetongu’s homeland, too, but for project purposes it’s just Visorak.

Oh, and thanks for participating, MOC accepted!

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AAAAH THIS IS SO COOL!!! I love the wings, torso and everything, except that brown at the handles.

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Everyone else hates it, but I’m digging the brown handles. They make the weapons stand out and look like they were something he made, versus a part of his arm.


Hey, I like them too!


I like giving characters brown weapons, so I’m biased.


Ohh, this is amazing. I love the small body and overly exaggerated limbs being all thin and gangly.

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I can imagine him sleeping in a coffin and commanding bats. Excellent work.


The weapons look great

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Got to admit, I’m digging how you managed to make him look lanky without it look super odd.

Though that midsection on the sides of the torso… something just looks off on it.

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