The Brotherhood of Makuta - Miserix

He is here at last! The only surviving Makuta, and the TRUE leader of the Brotherhood (his words, not mine)–Miserix!

Name: Miserix
Assigned Region: Destral (before deposition), None
Kanohi: Mautru*, the Great Mask of Mutation
Status: Alive, Evacuated onto Spherus Magna

*Credit for this name goes to BZPower’s Tolkien, whose excellent rendition of the Matoran language deserves widespread recognition.


Miserix once said that, “Swords so easily drawn beg to be used…and are rarely so easy to put away again.” Though he spoke of the Barraki when he said this, he had little idea that it would soon come to fruition in the form of his lieutenant, Teridax. As the appointed leader of the Brotherhood, Miserix was tasked with overseeing the Makuta by Mata Nui himself, and while he was never noble in personality, he ruled effectively enough for 20,000 years, until Teridax rose up against him, calling a Convocation on Destral and usurping his power. Miserix was supposed to be killed by Krika and Spiriah, but the latter backed out of the job at the last second, and the former—possessed by an inclination that will forever be unknown—decided to simply imprison Miserix on the volcanic island of Artidax, albeit guarded by many dangerous Rahi. The Brotherhood’s public explanation for Miserix’s disappearance was that he had died during the creation of a particularly violent Rahi.

Cunning but cautious, Miserix is a brilliant tactician, though his concern for delicacy in political matters made him appear weak to some. Nonetheless, he is a skilled warrior whose skills are augmented all the more by his obsession with revenge. He has a penchant for shapeshifting into savage, reptilian Rahi. Miserix was last seen in the Mad Great Being’s Fortress, unaware that the disguised Great Being named Velika was about to destroy the building. It is unknown what his current plans are, now that Teridax—the object of his hatred—is dead.


Miserix wields a Flaming Shadow Spear (my own name for the weapon), which he continued to use in his dragon form, in an enlarged configuration. He wears the Kanohi Mautru, the Mask of Mutation, which can mutate any living being to suit his needs, but cannot alter his own appearance.



Side (both are the same)

Leg Detail

With Spear

He has the POWAHHH!

“I want YOU…to join the Brotherhood!”


Boy, this was a fun MOC, but it took a while to get it looking just right. I designed an initial torso, which you can find in the project’s main topic, but after looking at it, I changed it heavily, making it more complex and befittingly bulky. There’s obvious Skull Grinder inspiration in the shoulders, and I used Grievous’s feet because they worked with the leg design I eventually settled on. The pistons attaching his hips to his sides add stability, and look pretty cool, and I incorporated tubes to signify his eventual evolution into Antidermis.

I wanted to mimic the canon dragon form in some way, aside from the weapon, which I rebuilt as well as I could from the image on BS01. So, I decided to make his hands out of Bohrok legs, like the dragon form. They’re a little large, but I think they flow well enough. I decided to keep the Mata/Metru Red and Silver color scheme, with a dabbling of black, like the dragon, though I reversed the colors sop that Metru Red was the primary, simply because I felt the primary color should be the color of the mask.

On the Kanohi itself, I know that the one I chose is “technically” a Jutlin, but IMO, it has enough visual difference to count it as a separate mask, and there are very few unique red masks that look sufficiently “Makuta” in my collection.

And now, I shall let you guys take it away with discussion, but not before we let Miserix say goodbye. Say goodbye to the fans, Miserix!

Constructive criticism is appreciated.


Those rocky nipples kinda stick out. I’d say try to find something more flat.
Some would complain about mixing reds but I find no problems with it at all.
The blade is cool; definitely references the mutated Miserix.


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Even as a humanoid you still hit the nail on the head with making Miserix look dragon-like with the spiked feet, reptilian looking (at least, I think it does) mask, and the clobbering hands. Love his weapon too BTW.


Yes! Miserix is here!

The only part I don’t like is the hands, they just seem to big. But otherwise, I love it!

Wait, do I see blue pins… @Eljay will not be pleased

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@SwagMeister Yeah, they do stick out somewhat. I considered using the “fur” pieces from Worriz instead, but they seemed to flow better vertically. I see the rocks as a kind of “breastplate” that sticks out. Thanks for your input!

@Stoax Well, I can’t take credit for the weapon. That goes to the person who built the dragon model…I just attempted to reproduce it! Thanks for your comment!

@Nogus101 Shhh…Eljay’s not here, so we’ll have to keep this on the down-low! :stuck_out_tongue: Glad you like the MOC!

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So here he is. Once leader of the most powerful organisation in the Matoran Universe and now sole survivor of his race.

First off, I really, really, really appreciate, that you gave him a story, even though he is canon. And it’s a good summarization as well.

And lots of pics, too, very good! (Although the red background and his red armor …)

Ok, the MOC:

  • as I said before, that mask suits him very well
  • very good leg and torso build
  • good replica of the spear (although you used a new style connector piece under the blade on top instead of an old one ;))
  • I’m not sure about those tubes and pistons, but they’re not really bad
  • I too feel, that the hands are a little big (but I think the hands are also too big on his canon dragon form, so …)
  • the only thing I really don’t like about him is the shoulder - torso - connection. It’s very skinny and you can see how the arms pull the shoulders down. But then I myself always have problems getting arms on a torso that doesn’t use Inika build and probably did worse in the past.
  • colour scheme wise I think he could do with a little bit of black on the front of his upper torso and arms, but that’s no big thing

Good job and thanks for participating in the Brotherhood Project! Perhaps you want to do another Makuta? Anyways, I’ll link this topic on the list.

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I’d be happy to! I noticed Icarax doesn’t have a taker yet, so I can do him if you want (seems I have a liking for red-black Makuta).

Glad you like Miserix!

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Oh boy.

First off, why the need to credit someone for the name? Miserix is his canon name.

Second, this MOC is very cluttered. The chest especially.


He was referring to the name of the mask, not Miserix’s name.

This moc is pretty cool, not going to lie. I like him but he does have some minor issues. I think the color scheme works very well, very well indeed. The arms look a little awkward and the hands even more so. His torso looks great, the wires are a little weird but otherwise it’s great. The legs are simply amazing, however there seems to be a lot of black down there which does upset the color scheme. The head seems a bit small compared to the rest of the body but unless you’re some master plasticsmith or something you can’t do anything about that so I’d say it’s fine.

Overall, I love this moc, he has some flaws but still he is very unqiue and quite amazing. 8.7/10

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The pics make all of the silver look gold, which I think is great.

@SammySpartan Yes, as @pizzacheetah said, it’s referring to the mask name. And yeah, he is a little cluttered, but that’s kinda unavoidable with me, as titans have always been my weakest area in MOC-making (part of the reason I joined this project was to get a little better at it). But yeah, clutter is the result of my trying to make things look beefy…doesn’t always work.

@MetaPower Thanks for your review! I see what you mean about the black on the legs. Might try fixing that sometime.

@Rac Wow, you’re right! That’s probably due to the lighting in my room.


This is great! It has a great overall look though clustered but I would expect hat! People forget how the dragon form looked and I think this lives up to the likeness! I have to say it was worth waiting for!

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Alright, time for my review.

The color scheme is great, though admittedly not focused, splotches of color everywhere without a clear purpose. That sounds worse than it is though, trust me. The hands are kinda… unwieldy. I get that it’s a throwback to the original Miserix design, but I’m sure something could be done to help them. The legs are very reptilian, which I like, and the mask you chose is surprisingly fitting, though if you really wanted, a custom head could help really drive this MOC home, that’s just how I’d do it though.

Overall, a good MOC, especially as a V1. If you choose to update it, then I look forward to it!

@RedHuna101 Thanks! I’m glad you think he lives up to his reputation!

@pizzacheetah The worst part about his hands are his thumbs–they tend to flop around a bit, and I definitely think I’ll go back to them at some point. I was also thinking of adding horns to the back of his head, like the dragon form has, as that would beef up his head and give him a more regal look. Thanks for your review!

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It’s kind of hard to see all the details with the red backdrop, but nice!

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Hm, I dob’t know what it is, but this MOC doesn’t look all too apealing to me. It’s also not what I’d expect Miserix looking like. :confused:

Admittedly, I think some of that may stem from the lighting and background. You’d be surprised how much of a difference it makes.

@Caboose That’s OK…I understand that not everyone envisions certain characters in certain ways, and I agree with @pizzacheetah that the background doesn’t really do much to help the MOC (I was going to move my desk to a different colored section of wall, but it’s pretty heavy, so I hedged my bets). Of course, given that the Makuta can take many forms, it’s perfectly all right for you to favor a different appearance.

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He should join a baseball team as a catcher. Great job, but something doesn’t sit well with me on the body shape.