The Brotherhood of Makuta - Ornek, Fist of Destral

Name: Ornek
Assigned region: None
Kanohi: Lerwan, Great Mask of Tactics
Status: Dead


Created by Mata Nui from a pool of Antidermis somewhere on the Souther Islands, Ornek formed the Brotherhood of Makuta along with his fellow Makuta. He started with creating Rahi, but didn‘t find this task quite to his liking. Instead he practiced his combat abilities and studied tactics later on.

His first real campaign was the one against the Barraki, led by Teridax. Teridax knew of Ornek's abilities and entrusted him with caring about all the small details.
During the final battle Ornek commanded 1000 Toa and led them to a crushing victory against Kalmah's forces.
In the aftermath of the battle, when the Barraki had been taken away by Botar and Teridax angrily left for Destral, Ornek was tasked with reorganizing the troops and "cleaning up".
This he did so well, that Miserix elevated him to third in command of the Brotherhood's forces (after himself and Teridax) and supreme commander of the forces in the northern Matoran Universe after Teridax ended the civil war in Metru Nui and other Makuta were assigned to regions.
Ornek‘s task was to deploy forces where needed and to take care, that the army was ready at every moment to defend the rule of the Great Spirit. He was so good at military things, that the other Makuta usually didn't bother to ask for troops, but just bade him come to take care of whatever needed attention, though.
After Gorast had conquered the Visorak, the spiders were organized into a horde and integrated into the Brotherhood‘s army by Ornek.

Over the years the "Fist of Destral", as Ornek got called eventually, wanted greater conquests. When Teridax declared his Plan at the convocation, Ornek thus joined him without much thought. Later he employed a Toa Hagah team to aid im in his battles.

He lent some Visorak to Spiriah, who wanted them to watch the Skakdi and later
to Kojol, so he could sack Artakha and steal the mask of Light.
However, in both cases nearly all the troops were killed or destroyed, which didn't sit well with Ornek.

Still trying to replace the lost troops, Ornek had to rely on Dark Hunter mercenaries to fill the gaps temporarily. When he was assigned to deal with some pirates on the west coast of the Northern Continent, though, the pirates managed to hinder the Dark Hunter's boats to join him, which resulted in heavy losses on his side as well as the death of Weye, the leader of his Toa Hagah team.

Shortly after Teridax's Toa Hagah had stolen the Avohkii, Ornek got a message from Destral which told him to kill his. Ornek was thinking of the best way to do this, when Toa Callik joined him and told the Makuta that he had killed all the others because they had planned to revolt (though actually they had killed themselves to buy Callik trust). Ornek had his orders, though, and despite all killed Callik after a short fight. Then he began preparations for attacking Zakaz, since the Brotherhood still saw great potential as soldiers in the Skakdi, but the island also was of tactical worth.

But without Toa Hagah to protect his back and strongly reduced resources in Rahkshi and Exo-Toa, not to mention the ferocity of the Skakdi, Ornek felt the tides of battle not in his favour, for once. When his frontline was practically overrun by the enemie's Tahtorak cavalry, Ornek went to interfere, while one of his lieutenants - Sidorak, assigned to Ornek just before the campaign - already took care of the withdrawal of the Visorak - which earned him quite some loyalty from the spider Rahi, since they were nearly the only part of the army that left Zakaz alive.
Ornek, still in the midst of battle, managed to kill a few Tahtorak and their riders, but in the end he was trampeled by one of the giant beasts and some Skakdi rammed a Devastator into his armor, pulling the trigger.


Ornek wore a Protosteel armor like every Makuta. His Kanohi Lerwan, mask of Tactics allowed him to see everything in sight from above, too, enabling him to immediately react on enemy troop movement and minimizing the threat of traps.
In battle, he usually carried a massive sword that needed to be swung with two hands. Aside from that it was Protosteel and pretty sharp, it didn't have any special properties, though. He also was seen to use a shorter sword and a shield.


In addition to the 42 Kraata powers, Ornek could create Kraata and absorb other beings into his substance. He was far stronger than any Toa and skilled in the use of various weapons. He could think fast and clearly in battle and was considered one of the best generals of his time, although he had a tendency to think that every issue could be solved through violence.

So, well, I've written so much already ... is anyone even going to read this?
Anyways, here is Makuta Ornek, a MOC that I'm personally very happy with - tell me if you think I'm wrong, but I feel from the look he fits into G1 perfectly - nah, ok, minus the Knight's Kingdom armor perhaps. The lower legs and the front of the torso are my favorites here. Also his Zweihänder looks quite good in my opinion - the midsection might be just a little too thin and too long, but honestly, I wasn't able to do much there, even though I tried. It's not too bad, I think - after all it's supposed to be a "Bionicle" weapon and no historically correct one :wink: Although I tried.

Huge sword, yes? On the left is Weye and on the right Callik - both entered into that G1 Toa community project thing, meaning they have topics of their own.

Oh, and hey, this is Makuta number 5 from me for the Brotherhood project! 5 from 100, that is. There are still spaces open - perhaps YOU want to join?

All my Makuta MOCs (left to right): Kindrix, Jarnat, Anjan, Mutran, Ornek. All have topics of their own. (I think I should redo Anjan next ...)


You say that as if it isn't true.

Great MoC overall. My only complaint is the gap in the upper arms.


Cool moc, i love the sword.

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With gap in the upper arms you probably mean the one over the ellbow joint? The problem there is, that I can't put something inside it or else the elbow articulation suffers badly.

Awesome sword. I really like this one.

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That head design is wonderful, good job, it looks awesome!!!

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Most impressive, indeed.

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Well done! I love the look of the torso, and the body is filled in nicely. I also like how you built the sword to have two handles, due to its size. Ornek looks very intimidating wielding it! The mask is also great! The only thing I would improve is the shield--it seems too small to be very effective, given his size. If you have the Toa Ignika set, I'd recommend using some of the panels from his glider to make a bigger shield.

Nice work! Be on the lookout for my contribution to the Book of the Brotherhood--I'll be sending a message back to you soon!

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Congratulations! You've succeeded where Sidorak failed.



It's probably a good thing that you can't see the inside of the torso :wink:

The shield was just something I gave him out of fun. But now that you say it, perhaps I could try and do make a proper shield for him. Although I'm no fan of taking parts from sets, so Toa Ignika's glider is probably going to survive it. At least until I get the impression that I can't do anything without these parts ...


I actually had my doubts that Ornek's head looks a little too much like Sidorak's - especially given the backstory ... (Sidorak being Ornek's successor)

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This looks awesome, I really like the design of the head and torso!

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The MOC is really solid, the colours are distributed nicely and I love the head design, but the pakari's on the knees look odd and the gaps in the biceps take away from the overall look of the MOC.

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His hips are really skinny, and from the back his torso just looks like a triangle.

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Very nice design overall, especially with the head and sword. I feel though that with how bulky he is, the single ball joint attachments at his waist look way too skinny and looks odd at certain angles.

Again, I'm impressed. Keep it up!

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I like this guy a lot. He's just so big and imposing. Keep it up!

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This is impresive, I love the use of those pieces to give the sword a sharper look to it

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that head design is awesome !! great job :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah, well, I wanted something "smooth" on the upper legs to go with the Knights Kingdom armor on the lower legs. Pakari were the best thing I had.


Well, to me personally Bionicle MOCs don't need to have "normal" proportions everywhere or need to be without gaps. Besides, what you see of Ornek is pretty much a robot thing - because Makuta just need a hull for their Antidermis.

But besides that I had to make do with what parts I had at hand :wink:

Really gives off a 2001 vibe, with the mask armor and the almost Exo-Toa head. Amazing.

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