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She couldn’t. He was a good distance away. She might be able to see Aldrich though.

“That’s good that she’s stable, but what do you need me for?” he called back.

Will glances at her, slightly smirking as he crossed his arms, His back leaned against the chair.

“Y’know, I wouldn’t have thrown the ring away. If you would have told me what it is, what it represents and what kind of meaning it holds to you.” He said to her, with a calm tone.


For starters I’m certainly not walking back on my own! Secondly you told us that you wouldn’t going to let any little defeat slow you down!” he looked at Clawripper thoughtfully for a moment, ruminating on the words he said before leaving “I know what it’s like to feel powerless when those around you need help… Running away is not the solution! Stand and face it like the Warrior you are!

She sighed. “Well, hope he’s got it then.” She mutters, going down to finally get some food.

Siansa looks at him and smiles. “It’s a ring of my Starwalker clan. I only have two of them, I thought you would like one. It was one of my mother’s.”

She points at the third ring, it is obviously not a clan ring, “Hey at least it’s not the engagement ring I have on my finger.”

“What do you need me for at a strategy meeting? I’m just the muscle, what can I contribute?”

His face dropped when she mentioned that the ring was of her Starwalker Clan, he felt like an idiot for giving it back like that. He faceplams. “Oh…I’m such an idiot.” He muttered to himself.

His head snapped back when she mentioned something about an engagement ring. “What do you mean engagement right?!” He asked, confused. “You said you were single…how are you engaged?” He rose an eyebrow, well now he wasn’t so different from Amelia after all, though he wasn’t jealous, only confused.


I’m pretty sure we’re setting off afterwards…

"How dare you! You are not just the muscle You are a Dragon. Powerful and magnificent, you inspire fear in your enemies and hope in your allies… You are the banner underneath we rally. In Dragopia you were percieved as a toll and nothing more… Prove to them that you were woefully underestimated and make them pay for it! "

Siansa places her finger on her lip, as if she was going to say ‘shh’. She smiles and instead replies, “Well wouldn’t you like to know.”

She is obviously teasing him with that ring, whatever it did mean.

“More like strike fear in my allies.” Clawripper grumbled.

Will glanced at her. “Don’t be like that.” He said, shaking his head. “And for your information. I would like to know yes.” He nods.

That happens to everyone from time to time… Candall used to give me regular sideways glances… he still does but I think its respect and not unease, I’m fairly sure it is. Now enough arguing, let’s head back and cool our heads. And hear whatever Amelia has to say… apparently its important

Siansa looks at Amelia and says, “Should I tell him?”

She winks trying to convey that she was teasing the poor lad.

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“At least they don’t die!” Clawripper yelled up at him. “You don’t understand, no one ever has! Not even sure why i joined this mission. I’ll just endanger more people!”

Will rose an eyebrow when Siansa asked Amelia of all people. “Huh…?” He made a confused expression, he thought they were on bad terms with each other, for obvious reasons.

Amelia glanced at Siansa. “Hmm…” She hummed, placing her finger on her lips, thinking really hard about it, of course, she was faking it. “No.” She said flatly.

“Amelia…” Will said with a dead tone.

“Yes, that is my name.” Amelia said ironically. “But, of course, it is up to you, sis.” She winked back at Siansa.

Will’s form dropped as he looked straight forward down. “Women…” He shakes his head.

“I feel ya…” Leandro said.

The mission is already dangerous… Regardless of you! We’re attempting to depose probably the most powerful person in the world! When I lay shattered and charred you helped me, when Fran was in trouble you opened the Window and enabled Reyna and the others to heal her. Stop downplaying you’re contributions… Are you with me!?

“Trust me, if I go with you, you all will die. And before you quote the whole, ‘we all die someday’ cliche, I mean it. You all will die, and it’ll probably be my fault!”

There are worse things than death! And I would happily give my life alongside friends, whilst overthrowing a tyrant!

“It won’t be in battle, it’ll probably be something stupid! Like tripping over my tail, and craking your head, or me reading a map wrong and sending the lot of you to my deaths! Like my men!” Clawripper quickly shut his mouth, like he said something he wasn’t supposed to. He curled up, and laid back down on his ledge, a trail of smoke rising from his nostrils.

Siansa smiles, “I guess I shouldn’t torture him too long.”

She glances back at Will, “You sure like to overthink things. If this ring was about my engagement it probably would have been on my left hand, not my right. It’s my mother’s you dork.”

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