The Collapse of an Empire | RP Topic

Marvellous, I believe we’re having a meeting soon in the Tavern and I’d love it if you were there for it… I believe we’ll set of afterwards!” Aldrich proceeded to run in the direction of Ernesto’s claw.

“Right and… do you not think it might have something to do with the fact you were trying to heal me with a demon? Either way it doesn’t matter. I need to eat something.”

When Alina walked down her friends waited for her. “What happened?” Amelia asked.

“Well…where do I start…” She said as she walked towards them. She sat down on her chair.

“We did hear some commotion but nothing too loud,” Amelia said, looking at her.

“It was Fran.” She declared.

“Good god…” Amelia covered her mouth. “Is she alright?” She asked.

“I suppose, I can’t really express her situation to be alright,” Alina said.

“Explain it already,” Will said, impatiently and straight to the point.

Alina sighed. “Well, she is in a state of living and dying. To put it short the thing that keeps her alive is also killing her. And the sight wasn’t so pleasing but…” Alina then went on with explaining the situation from what she has learned, Amelia, listening closely.

Clawripper! are you out there!?” Aldrich yells

“Heya” Fran casually says as she descends the staircase. “Is there any food left? I’m famished.”

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Amelia sat up and ran towards her, hugging her tight. “Oh my god…I’m so sorry that happened to you.” She said before pulling away as she looked at her. “Are you okay? Do you need anything to make you feel better?”

She looked her squarely in the eyes.
“Yes, food. I haven’t eaten since yesterday.”

He would get no response, but, if he was aware, he might see a flare of flame coming from a nearby ridge.

Aldrich spies the flare and sprints towards it yelling Clawrippers name.

“You doofus, you should eat!” She flicked her nose before taking her by the hand and sat her down on a table. “I’ll get you something.” She said.

When she came back she had a plate full of exotic meals for breakfast with expensive delicacies and sorts of stuff, it was heavy on the nutritions to keep you energized.

Fran helps herself to a bowl of stew.
“Actually I was planning on telling a little story once Aldrich and Clawripper come back. There’s some stuff I’ve been meaning to get off my chest.”

“Sure, I’ve been meaning to say something as well.” Amelia said. “To all of you.” She mentions.

The wind prevents Clawirpper from hearing him, not to mention the distance to the bottom of the cliff face.

Drawing his Estoc, the symbols on his face glow fiercely like embers. Suddenly his sword erupts in a cloud of flame, he holds the sword behind himself; using the light from the ignition to cast a massive silhouette of himself over the face of the cliff. He alters his position until his silhouette is on Clawripper’s ridge, hoping the sudden change in lighting will provoke him into turning around.

Clawripper jumped up, growling, looking around preparing for an attack by some massive opponent.


Aldrich signalled Clawripper, twirling his flaming sword “Over here!” he cries.

“What’s the problem!?” He calls up

Reyna looks out to see if she could see Clawripper from the broken window.

Siansa sits down at a table. She sighs leaning back on her chair, thinking about the recent events.

Fran’s stable, also I can walk now. We’re having a meeting too I’d like you to come with us!