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“True. Climb on.” Clawripper says, lowering his wing.

Aldrich clambers onto Clawripper ready to depart for the Inn.

Clawripper lept into the sky, headed for the inn, but not before doing a few aerial acrobatics for fun.

He landed outside the inn, lowering his wing for Aldrich ti get off.

Aldrich sprung off the Dragon and held the door to the Inn open “After you” he insists, his usual demeanour restored.

Clawripper chuckled. “You expect me to try fit my head in there? Plus, I’ll prevent other patrons from getting in. I’ll stick to the window.”

Fair enough” he replies, he walks into the Inn and opens the largest window in the room for Clawripper.

Clawripper stuck his head in, thanking Aldrich, and waited for the meeting.

Aldrich peaks his head out of the Tavern door and calls out to Ernesto “Ernesto! Meetings starting!

“Is it in there?”

I believe so yes” replies Aldrich.

Candall and Marybird also come to the meeting.

“I don’t think I’ll fit in there.”

“Then stick yer head through a window!” Candall says. He comes up to a window and opens it up for Ernesto.

Ernesto grumbled slightly but obliged.

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Envarus joins the meeting. Failure from both this day and the day before weighing heavily on his mind.

Siansa places a finger on his nose, “That I am and I think that if you haven’t made your decision that you should make clear at this point.”

Will looked her into the eyes, as he softly grips her finger and moves it off to the side, holding it as well as her hand.

“I’ve made mine.” He said genuinely. “But have you made yours?” He asked.

Though Will probably won’t get a direct answer. Amelia watched as our heroes gathered into the inn, just like she has told them to do so.

She takes one last sip of her drink before standing up and looked at our Heroes. “Yesterday we suffered a loss…” She begins as she walks around, looking at them. “Yesterday Bloodfang showed us how imbalanced we are as a team, he handed our butts to ourselves.” She let that sink in for a moment.

“We should consider ourselves to be lucky to have survived. If it wasn’t for the hard work, each one of you put, to name a few, Will and Siansa. We would have not been here today…” She said looking at them then right back at the others. “I’ve realized that we barely know each other as people, we’ve recruited you but we wanted more than just skilled individuals, we are looking for a team, a team that can work together and fight the dangerous battles no one can!” She rose her tone.

“It doesn’t matter if it was an unfair fight, it doesn’t matter if Bloodfang is one of if not the most powerful person in the entire World.” She declares. “When we fight a battle, we do it together, and when we lose, we do it together too.” She said. “We all have made mistakes and now we are out our lowest, but that doesn’t mean we lost. No…” She shakes her head.

“We are far from being done. Because I don’t know about you, but it’s payback time baby. I want to kick Bloodfang’s @ss and show him that we are not some people you can walk easily on.” She said. “Because if you sting a bee back, it will sting you back as well. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from, what you have done, what matters now is when you step through that door…” She pointed at the inn’s door. “You are a Sapphire Owl…” Her hand drops back to her hip.

“I failed you as a leader because I didn’t use you as one, but no longer!” She yells. “Today, we forget about yesterday and concentrate on a better tomorrow! We will stand strong! We will fight together! And whatever is the outcome be it winning or losing, we will do that together! But, I am not so keen on loosing, and neither you are. If we get knocked down, you get back up! If you get killed…well, don’t die.” She said, now waiting to see if it touched anyone of our heroes if she was truly worthy of being their leader…

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“You’re a good person Amelia. You’ve got spunk and drive. I’m sure the others will be proud to follow you and call you their leader.” Clawripper said, with a note of melancholy in his voice.

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“To Tir na Nog!” Candall cries out.

“Yes, a good speech,” Marybird answers. “Could have used a touch of dramatic music.”


“Sapphire Owls? Is that what we’re called?”