The Collapse of an Empire | RP Topic

“I think that was always the name for you lot.”

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Amelia nods, smiling even. “Thank you.” She said. “I’m just doing my best to lift your spirits.”

“To Odin and his son Thor!!” Norag cries out. “We shall bathe in the blood of our enemies!”

Amelia giggled. “I appreciate it, but some things require a little bit of old school.” She said.

“Yup, hate or love it, we are sticking with it,” Leandro said.

Leandro chuckles. “It is a good name.” He nods.

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Siansa raises her hand and slams it down on the table, “To the people of the Starwalker Clans, to my ancestor’s clan!”

She seems a bit preoccupied in the moment that she doesn’t answer Will’s question.

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“What does that even mean?” Ernesto pondered.

Oire raised his fist.
“'ear, 'ear!” he cheered.
He stood up and walked out the door, ready to move.

Ashkey stood up, swaying slightly. She, too, exited the inn, although far less ready to leave than Oire was.

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“And the rest you will probably need it soon” he replied cryptically.


“It’s a little bit hard to explain,” Leandro said. “You’ll learn what it means eventually, through time.”

Will stood up as well, though he wasn’t much of a war crying guy, he pumped his fist and did a Raven signature gesture which was bending your elbow slightly under 90 degrees and spreading it outwards with his fist slightly tilted up.

Amelia saw that, and she knew what it meant. If someone received that from a Raven, they were treated with the utmost respect, as that person is one of value, integrity, and honor.

“I suppose, it is time to go,” Will told Siansa as he gets his coat on.

The two would see outside the inn that a few steeds were ready for our heroes to travel.

“Yeah…” Amelia nods, though wondering what he was meaning by that since it was a bit cryptic. “Anyway, I suppose it is time to get ready.”

“Before we dismiss though, I have an announcement. I’m leaving the Sapphire Owls.”

“Actually, I’ll be in town for a bit. I need to get some new clothes, since my old ones got a bit burnt. I don’t really want to wear burnt rags to my motherland.” She comments as she heads upstairs, going to her room and grabbing a small bag of coins, “I’ll be right back, so I shouldn’t be too long.”

“I can come with you if you want,” Will said to her. “I don’t mind.” He shrugged. “Plus, having a swordsman of my caliber, is quite useful.” He smirks.

“Wait…WHAT???” Her feminine voice echoed throughout and out of the Inn. She blinked, being beyond shocked with what Clawripper said.

Siansa shakes her head, “I don’t want to bother you… and honestly… when it comes to fashion, I rather have a gal friend with me.”

She looks at Amelia, “Want to come with?”

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“The reason is complicated, if you want Aldricg can explain it to you later, but know this. I’m leaving for your protection. I don’t particularly want to go, but I must. I’ll try and keep mail contact, as well as drop by if I can. If you ever need my assistance, I’ll come flying.”


“I…I…” She blinked a few times. “Alright then…” She said, looking at him. “If that is your choice, I can’t force you to do something you don’t want to. Like you have been told earlier, if you want to leave, then alright.” She nods.

“But, I will miss you, trying to take care of the injured ones.” She said. “I’ll definitely keep in touch and ask of assistance if need be.”

“Well, I suppose…you are right.” He said. “Just do make sure to come back. I’ll be waiting, plus…” He leaned in and whispered into her ear. “I need that answer.”

Amelia looks back at Siansa. “Who me…?” She pointed at herself. “I mean sure…if you want.” She said. “Though don’t take too long.”

“Heh. That was partially me trying to delay this as long as possible. I do like you lot, and I feel you’ve been good for me. I’ll miss you all.”

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Siansa looks at Will for a moment before answering Amelia’s question. She faces Amelia and smiles, “Yes you! I need some fashion advice, girl! I want to actually look decent when I go to my mother’s land and not be dressed in these burnt bloodstained rags.”

“Hmm…” She hummed. “Well, I am the only person here who knows this place best…” She said. “Alright, I know a place.” He takes her by the hand and walks. “We’ll be back.” She tells Will and the others.

She eventually lets go of Siansa’s hand. “Just follow me.” She said, as she leads her to a clothing shop, thankfully it was still intact from the attack.

“May Odin watch over thee,” Norag said. “I’ll miss you as well, sad to see you go but well it is what it is.” He nods. “Just don’t do anything stupid, will ya?”

Clawripper laughed, lightening the mood a bit. It’s hard not to smile when a creature like a dragon laughs deeply. “I oughtta be telling you that!”

Ernesto narrowed his eyes," Wait, how do we know that he’s not going back to Micheal to rat us out?"

Siansa follows Amelia to the clothing shop, peering through the windows at all the dresses, shirts, and other articles of clothing in awe.

She looks at Amelia, “Hmm… do you think I should cut my hair? I’ve been having it long recently, but I’ve been thinking it might do my some good to cut it.”

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“Fair point, but considering the fact he publicly banished me, i think your safe. If nothing else, Aldrich has ways of keeping eyes on me, but that’s his secret to divulge, not mine.”