The Collapse of an Empire | RP Topic

“I mean…” She looked at her. “I don’t mind you having long hair. I quite like long hair, hence why I have long hair myself.” She said. “But if you think Will would like it, go for it.” She shrugged.

“He does have a thing for beautiful hair on women.” She said, giggling a bit. “Though don’t cut it too short, not too short but not too long either, the perfect size, know what I mean?” She asked.

Norag laughed with the Dragon. “Don’t break your bones then.”

“Yeah, I don’t feel like you were here to betray us.” Norag said.

“Isn’t the point of a spy that no one suspects that they’re a spy?”

“Never be so certain of things like that kid. That’ll get you killed. And considering how much I questioned you cause earlier, i’m simultaneously touched and concerned you trust so easily.”

“Well if you are a spy…” He said. “I’ll make sure I’ll kill you with my ax, eh?” He laughed, patting his shoulder.

“If I don’t burn ya to crisp first, eh?” He counters, a playful grin on his face.

Siansa looks at Amelia, giving her a face. “Amelia… I want to know what you think, not what Will would think… So you like long hair? I could grow out my hair some more, yeah… I’ll keep it this way…”

She wanders inside the store grabbing some shirts and blouses. After looking at them intently for a good amount of time, she turns to Amelia and asks, “Do you like this white blouse, or this blue one?”

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“I may be small, but not that small.” He counters. “So careful.” He grins.

“Alright, alright.” She rose her hands up. “My opinion, you should let your hair grow, you are young so it looks good on you.” She said.

Amelia walked inside the store with her, looking around before Siansa came with shirts and blouses, asking her questions. “I think…blue one suits you because of your natural white hair.” She said.

Ernesto just huffed in defeat, frustrated that he wasn’t being taken seriously, “Watch yourself,” Ernesto continued, “I’ll be ready if you try anything.”

“I’ll try and remeber that, assuming I don’t accidentally step on tou.”

“You do that, heaven forbid someone maintain a modicum of caution in this overly-trusting group.”

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Oire patiently waited for the rest to come out of the inn.

“So something blue, in case this blouse doesn’t work, got it.”

Siansa walks through the shop grabbing a few more blue articles of clothing, and stops getting a green tunic and brown skirt, as well as a flower pattern dress. She partly stops and grabs a pair of light blueish grey trousers.

“Hmm, what else do you think looks good?” Siansa asks looking at the clothes she got before grabbing a jeweled belt and a blue belt to attach her sword to. She grabs a few pairs of socks and some calf high boots. She also grabs an article of clothing similar to corset.

“Well that green tunic and brown skirt with the flower pattern dress, looked good.” She said. “The blueish-grey trousers were decent as well.” She nods. “You do have some taste, Siansa I’ll give you that.”

“The jeweled belt and blue ones are nice, so you can mix and match your clothes.” She said. “So pretty much what you’ve picked looks good, I honestly don’t know why you brought me here.” She shrugged.

“Honestly… I kinda brought you because I didn’t know where anything was and well… Will is kinda afraid that I’ll up and leave… for good reason. We got into a fight and made up, but I… I feel like that fight left its scars. I wanted to leave to protect my only living family and Will was against that…for reasons.”

“I know that I do like him…but… I don’t think I really want to make a commitment… at least not yet. At least not until this war is over.”

She pays for the clothing and heads into the changing room, getting dressed into the blue blouse, the brown leather corset, the blue belt with her sword hanging from it. The Jeweled belt hung above it and she wore the blueish grey trousers with the shin-high boots.

“Guess we should head back?”

“May the gods have mercy on your soul dearest friend.”

Amelia looked at her. “Wait, you guys had a fight?” She asked, surprised to hear that. “Well, at least you made up.” She nods. “And about you leaving to protect your family…well, if Will was against it, then he had a pretty good reason.” She said.

“Will of all people would understand anyone the best, you see, I know him for years.” She giggled softly. “He may be how he is, tough, cold. collective, but deep down…” She nods." He has a golden little heart, and it can break just as easily as everyone else’s."

Amelia felt like sharing this with her since she pretty much confirmed that she in fact did like Will. “I suppose, I can say a secret too but I think you already know. I did like Will too but I don’t know.” She shrugged.

“I feel like I need to concentrate more on other things, though I thank him from showing me, that sometimes you need to relax and not get so worked up.” She said, sighing softly. “I slept an entire day because of him.” She giggled again.

Once Siansa paid, Amelia gave her a nod. She walked out of the clothing shop and made her way through the street path. “But hey, if you like Will.” She looked at her." And you feel like you do connect, don’t squander the opportunity. He can take care of himself, and most likely will do the same with you." She smiled.


Farewell Friend… till we meet again” said Aldrich, as he went to retrieve the rest of his things.

“Heaven knows I’ll need it. I’ll miss you Fran.”

“Best of luck, friend.” Reyna tells him. “I hope we meet again before the end.”

“So do I. As I said, if you ever need me, don’t be afraid to write.”

“Like I did say before, not sure if I want to make a commitment yet. He’s certainly pushing for that, but until this war is over… I don’t know. I worry plenty for my father and for my people. It hurts to see them hurt. Being with Will and seeing him in battle… I worry for him already and if I become committed to the relationship, then I will worry more…”

She sighs walking back, “To be honest half the reason I started flirting with him… was to see if he would make a good leader in the future…but I wonder what my people would think of a leader who is not like them? Would they feel betrayed? Would it be a way to unite us? I don’t know, I feel like it would be both… And I’m scared to know.”

She looks at Amelia, “I’ve already dedicated my life to creating a haven, a home, for my people… so I’ve already let go of my desires. If my desires get in the way of the future and happiness of my people… then it will be void to me.”

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