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“If you really worry about him in battle, then why don’t you just talk with him?” She asked her. “I mean, the best way to be sure is to talk with him but if there is any consolation, I know for a fact that he can take care of himself.” She said, looking at her.

“The Black Raven is a title, anyone of us would be able to get.” She mentions. “When he was young and still training, when the Dragon attacked Ippotismos, he defeated it. How he did it, he never told me. But he said and I quote. 'I never want to go back, go back to the Black Raven '.” She ends the quote.

“It sounds pretty edgy and dark even if you think about it.” She said, giggling softly. “But from what he has told me, the title itself is a Legend for the Ippotismos and almost everyone knows it. Heck, even Bloodfang knew about it.” She shrugged. “So if it comes down if he can take care of himself, it shouldn’t be a question, to think he can’t, is to disrespect him and all of his training.”

She sighed. “And about your people. I think sometimes, we all have to rise above ourselves and do something for the greater good. Perhaps, he is not a Starwalker, perhaps this new Starwalker Tribe won’t be what it once was, but you know what. I think that’s good.” She said. “Everything happens for a reason, and if Destiny wills it so, he will be the leader you want him to be, for your people. And I think, if I was a Starwalker, I would feel darn lucky to be back home again, no matter if my King, is the same race as me or not because he gave us a home.”

Through their talk, they would eventually find their way back to the inn.

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Siansa listens and comments at the end, “If my happiness and the happiness of my people are the same, then I wholeheartedly agree with you… however they have been tormented and driven nearly to extinction… I doubt as many of them would be so trusting of a king not like them. There would be some that sees it as a trap and it’s likely that would cause my people to split into two factions, and tensions between them would rise. It really wouldn’t be a great unity. That’s why I’m putting my people’s happiness before I cherish my own.”

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“Well, you are missing the factor that you are a Starwalker.” She points out. “A union between a Human and a Starwalker, it is more than enough to show them, it’s not a trap.” She said. “And they wouldn’t think one of their own would set a trap.”

“You see, you think this professionally and the well being of your people should be your priority.” She said. “But if I learned anything from Cloudia, and we are talking about someone who has experience, it is hard for a King with a good heart to be a Great King.” She glances at her.

“Mistakes will happen, but it matters how you deal with them. Don’t dodge them, own them, make your worst mistake, your greatest success.” She said. “Plus, it was the Isotixians who slaughtered the Starwalkers, not the Ippotismos, big difference there.” She sighed, shaking her head.

“Y’know, for someone that tells Will he overthinks things too much, you are hardly the one to talk:” She rose a sassy eyebrow at her. “You yourself are doing that right now.” She said. “So relax, also…” She places a hand on her shoulder.

“You won’t be a Great Queen with this mentality, yes people come first, but you need to be happy with your decisions. You have to want this and you have to make a line in the sand where you say ‘I want to be a Queen, but I won’t let my occupation affect my personal life.’ That’s also one thing Cloudia taught me.”


“So, where are you all headed next? So I know where to write to.” Clawripper asked.

The remnants of the Starwalker Tribe I believe, though afterwards we should head to Tempus City, I’d write to there addressed to us of course” replies Aldrich

“I’ll remember. Thank you. Well, now that I’ve said my goodbyes, I’d better leave you all to it. I won’t be leaving for a day or two yet, if you need me Aldrich knows where to find me.” He leaves a stack of coins on the counter, payment for the windiw repairs, before pulling his head out of the window, and returning to his cliff ledge.

“I know this… But if I seek to be a queen, then I must make sure those who are my people, my subjects… I must make sure that they are safe, that they are fed, that they have water, that they have peace, that they have the chance to live out their lives in peace and prosperity. As a queen, I need to put my people before myself. I need to be a selfless servant. If there’s anything that might get in the way of this… then know that I shall not follow that path. There’s a cost to a crown and it’s a cost that I am willing to pay…”

Siansa grabs Amelia’s hand, that’s on her shoulder, “I know who wronged my people… I know that such a union could help unify my people… but every night I fear for them… Are they well? Is their children being raised healthy and full of spirit? Do they still watch the stars… in hope for a land of safety… for a ruler to give them a home…”

“Sometimes I wonder that by reserving room for my people in my heart… means I cannot reserve room for a person that I love… I do not know… and it is impossible to know… at least it currently is… There are signs of a leader, but I won’t know until this war is over… until this battle is won… until my people have a home, I will not know.”


Amelia nods, smiling slightly. She said what there had to be said. “I understand.” She said. “I suppose, this journey will hold the answers of your questions, hopefully.” She chuckled. “Let’s get inside now and prepare our stuff before heading of to the Starwalker Tribe.”

When Amelia walked inside she saw Will with his arms crossed, leaning against the wall as he glanced at them. “Well you took your sweet time.” He remarks, smirking slightly. “I suppose, Siansa was right not to come.”


Siansa lets go of Amelia’s hand, when she walks inside. She looks at Will before dryly stating that she’s going to grab her things. With an armful of clothing already on her, she heads into her room and packs her things.

Ernesto waited outside, repeatedly muttering, “Sapphire Owls,” over and over again, as though the phrase was mildly unpalatable.

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“It is time,” Will said, walking out of the inn with Amelia, who was being followed shortly after by Alina and Leandro, while Norag was making sure that our Heroes would get the message. “The Sapphire Owls, are heading towards the Starwalker Tribe.”

Will hopped on his black steed as he glanced into the distance. “Well, this is certainly unexpected.” He said.

“Hmm, what?” She asked, looking at him, as she was working on her steed with the straps.

“Queen, at six o’clock.” He nods with his head towards Queen Cloudia’s direction and Amelia noticed that.

“Well, I guess it is time to say your goodbyes and best wishes, in case, we don’t make it,” Will said.

“Oh hush.” Amelia smiled.

She walked towards her Queen, who was with her Royal Guard, she was getting off of her horse, wearing some armor plating on her but nothing too serious, she wasn’t in combat, yet.

“I’m glad I was able to catch you.” She said before the two women hugged each other tight and let go after.

“I’m sorry we couldn’t stay longer, but the situation is not favorable for us,” Amelia said.

Cloudia nods. “I know, I know.” She said. “Which is why I want you to have this.” She took her hand. Amelia could feel that there was something in her palm when she took a look at it, she saw a lion medallion necklace.

“What is this?” She asked.

“Something I want you to hold onto,” Cloudia said. “And to use when you need me when you need the Kingdom on your side.”

“Thank you…” She said before putting it on. “How do I look?” She asked, giggling.

“You look like a beautiful, strong lady.” She compliments, before hugging again.

As they break their hug they look into each other’s eyes. “Bring them back home safe, promise me that, okay?” Cloudia asked.

“I will.” She looked Cloudia deep into her eyes, with a confident look.

Amelia lets go of Cloudia and walks back towards her steed and hops on it, she gives our Heroes a significant amount of time for them to get their rides before she took her rapier up, pointing at the sun above them.

“The Thunderstorm Bow and the Remnants of the Starwalker Tribe, await us.” She said. “Let us not make them wait too long for us.” She declares as she takes the lead, Will, Norag, Alina and Leandro following her shortly after.


Having collected his things, Aldrich finds a horse and proceeds to load them into its Saddlebags; with Clawripper’s scale he nestles it deep within his bandages and attaches more to reinforce it. With that he mounts up and rides toward the rest of the Owls.

Fran mounts up and tries to catch up with the group

Reyna rides asking with the group, keeping an eye out around them for any potential danger.

Ashkey mounts the small black horse and follows the group, lagging behind, while Oire shifts his bag and chooses a mule. He spurred it and galloped towards the front of the group.

Candall waits for Ernesto to hitch a ride.

“Riding a dragon?” Valerie asks in excitement. “Now that’s not something you do everyday!”

Siansa rides her brown steed, keeping up with the group. She grabs her own pair of sunglasses and places them on her head, looking to the stars as they made their way.

“Hey Reyna, can I ask a big favour of you?”

“What’s up?” She asks Fran, falling back to ride beside her.

“I am more than happy to accommodate,” Ernesto answered.