The Collapse of an Empire | RP Topic

“Excellent!” Candall says. “I hope ya don’t mind my woife tagging along.”

Candall mounts onto Ernesto, and Marybird joins him.

Not at all!" Replied Ernesto as he began to flap his wings into the air. The large Dragon continued to soar into the air, and he stopped to ponder the events that had taken place. It was at that moment that Ernesto came to an epiphany. As he climbed higher and higher into the sky it was as though his thoughts became as clear as the world around him. And so he stopped to reflect back upon these ideas, impressed by the stroke of genius. Something so mind bogglingly simple yet so elusive that Ernesto was embarrassed to have not thought of it before! “I know how Bloodfang can be defeated!” Ernesto shouted to his two riders, as he quickly began to lose altitude.

“Pray tell?” Marybird asked.

“I need to be cursed!” He continued excitedly, blissfully unaware of the rapidly approaching ground.

“PULL UP!” Candall cries. “PULL UP PULL UP!”

Fran passed her sheathed Estoc to Reyna.
“Hold on to this for me, lest I…lose control of myself again. If it’s not too much trouble.”

Drackh got ready for the journey
" If anyone needs some transportation, my back is free." He offered

Reyna hesitates, then takes it. “Okay.” She said. “I won’t lose it. Promise.”

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“Oh right, the ground,” Ernesto replied, regaining lost height with a few flaps of his wings.

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Aldrich rides next to Amelia “So… Any idea in particular where the Bow will be located?

Amelia glanced at her side, looking at Aldrich, she shrugged. “No, not particularly.” She said. “Because if it was so easy to find, someone would have gotten it already.” She mentions. “From what I know so far, only a Starwalker can find the path to the Thunderstorm Bow, luckily we have two on our side.”

“Thank you, I’ll make sure to pay you back for this.”

As the group rode along, Ashkey continued to fall further back. Her eyes slowly closed, not being able to stay open from an utter lack of energy.
As she fell asleep on top of her horse, her body relaxed and she tilted to the side, falling off her mount and laying on the ground, somehow still asleep.

Oire rode on his mule quietly, observing the group.
“They seem like good people. Be’er than m ‘friends’ at 'ome.” He thought to himself. “But let’s not be ‘asty in judgin’ them yet.”

Siansa sees Ashkey fall of her horse, as well as hearing the thud. She turns her steed around and stops by Ashkey.

Her plan is to place Ashkey on her horse, Ashkey will stay with them and not be left behind.

She calls out to the group, "Does anyone want to help get sleeping beauty on to my horse?

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Will hears Siansa’s call and turns around with his steed. “Sleeping beauty?” He arched an eyebrow, confused and questioned before his eyes catch onto Ashkey who fell off of her horse.

“I wouldn’t exactly call her that.” He teasingly said as he hopped of his horse and walked towards Ashkey. He grabbed her in a gentle hold, placing her on top of Siansa’s horse (@meepinater)

“There, now let’s move on.” He patted the horse before going back on his black steed and proceeded with riding it, ever so closely being in Siansa’s presence. (@Flux)

“You don’t need to pay me back for anything.” Reyna tells her. “Helping make sure you stay alive is payment enough for me.”

“That was thrilling!” Marybird exclaims, holding on tightly to her hat.

Siansa follows the rest, keeping Ashkey’s horse near her brown steed.

“What was I talking about? Right. Right! The curse! A curse! Probably.”

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“What curse ya on about, lad?” Candall asks.