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I admit the last few days have been slow. Felt we were spending far too long on the evening after Cloudia’s attack.


That was probably because I was in school and it kind of exhausted me to the point where I didn’t feel like writing. And so I’ve waited for the weekend. Plus it was my birthday and when I was drunk…I couldn’t even shoot straight in Destiny 2 let alone write something lol.

But thanks for the feedback, anything else?

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more pizza pie please


Valerie plays Spider-Man 2 pizza theme.

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Is the legal drinking age lower in Germany than the US?

It’s 16 if I remember correctly, but yes it is much lower than the US legal drinking age

Hey, I can do what I want in my house. And yeah, and since I am 17 I was allowed to drink. Loved seeing my magazine wasted on walls and only the remaining bullets did some damage in the end lol.

As the effects slowly wore off.

To be honest, the hangover is enough to deter me from drinking. That, and I have an addictive personality, always have, so it’s probably for the best. But, hey, if you can take it, have fun.

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I loved Hangover from 1 to 3 lol. They are some funny movies. And yeah I had fun, that matters.

Um… I didn’t know there were movies… i was referring to the sickness the next morning after drunkenness.

There are three of them and yeah next day I had to go to school…I felt like somebody punched me with a iron bar lol.

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Yeah, the threat of that effect is enough to deter me.

That kinda headache? No thank you.

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It was probably because I had to wake up at 6 am to go to school and the alcohol didn’t wear off so yeah. I was messed up.

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So what’d I miss (other than Clawrippers frankly tragic departure.)

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Nothing much, just our character are preparing to leave, setting course for the Starwalker Tribe, or what was left of it.

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I think about having Ulfrsen bump into the Sapphire Owls on our way to the Starwalker tribes. Since he travels a lot, it would make sense that they meet him, while he’s on his way to Cloudia, following rumors of a large battle.

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Yeah that could work.

Would it make sense if Deluge was travelling with him? As both are mercenaries

I don’t see why not

Just wanted to grab your permission beforehand.

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