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I’m gonna go take a shower, brb.

Well, I suppose it is time for our heroes to make their way to the Starwalker Tribe.

@Bramsley Um…Will was a bit faster than you and he did that…so.

Whoops my bad

Though, you could edit your post and reply to what Amelia told Aldrich about the Thunderstorm Bow, if he has anything to say to that.

He doesn’t, he’s relatively short and to the point when it comes to his interactions with the Core Owls. He doesn’t fully trust them, so he prefers a minimal exchange of information.

But trusts the others? Hmm, a bit of hypocrisy I sense. In my view they didn’t do anything suspicious but hey, it doesn’t matter, if he is like that then he is like that.

He’s closer to the others, simple as that.

He’s had trust building interactions with the others. Not so much with the Core Owls.

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I’m going to be blunt, that’s how I see it. That’s how interpret it. There is no need to tell me what I already do know, and what already Bramsley told me.

Perhaps it was a bad idea creating a character who prefers negotiating and using her words in this RP. If we’re all just gonna use brunt force and fight that is fine, but I kinda wanted to get creative with Marybird and solve problems with negotiation.

But if nobody wants that, I suppose that’s fine…


Well, I guess with Clawripper gone, you guys do need a voice of reason to keep this group of overly-idealistic and slightly suicidal individuals straight. If nothing else you can keep the lot of them from killing themselves.

If it makes you feel better Micheal has been insisting that Ernesto’s desire for justice/revenge and desire to kill bloodfang isn’t the best or moral solution. I assume he has plans in place for folks who want to problem solve.


I find it to be a good idea, and a nice voice of reason for the group.

It’s just that Reyna is sure it won’t work.

Though she might not know it, she’s faced monsters who she tried finding a peaceful solution with, and it didn’t work. Though she doesn’t have the memory, she subconsciously remembers that lesson.

That’s sort of my problem. I made Candall a warrior, but he’s not suicidal. He just knows he’ll go to Tir Na Nog for bravery. Not to rip on anyone’s RP but it feels frankly unrealistic and uncreative to just say “no we just gotta keep fighting!” It also feels like the solution is just getting shut down out of stubbornness. Which frustrates me as a player and the character of Marybird.

Right, but she’s just getting aggressive toward the character of Marybird because of it, without really giving a good reason why negotiation won’t work. Which, again, is super frustrating toward her when she knows the party has already faced Lord Bloodfang and lost big-time.

Which I’m happy about. My problem is that perhaps this won’t be cohesive with the party. And my issue is, I don’t want my PCs being shut down for suggesting strategy but then the other PCs following these Sapphire Owl guys and thinking “oh man their plans are so great!”

Perhaps I just have expectations from other RPs. But so far, I definitely don’t feel like my characters have done anything significant to the plot, besides helping other PCs. It feels more like the Sapphire Owls have been doing things. I intentionally make balanced characters but they just don’t match against these monsters.

I just feel left behind. A lot. Like a supporting character to the DM’s tale. Frankly, I wouldn’t mind if the PCs continued on their own. It would feel deeper to the story, because I just feel so on-rails right now.

I don’t mean to complain. Apologies if this upsets anyone.


To be honest, I’m pretty sure Ernesto has no idea who the main party is

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Reyna mainly saw her as just being sort of naive, and not listening to what she said, so she was getting a little frustrated.
But when she really snapped was this comment:

After Reyna said that she herself didn’t have many people to live for, because it just seemed like Marybird being hypocritical to her, assuming things about situations she couldn’t know when she was getting frustrated at Reyna for what seemed to Marybird like assumptions.

Reyna’s barely had interaction with the Owls, and has only listened to their plans like, once, when it was literally “Shoot that guy in the ankle” which she would’ve done anyways.

Oh my goodness I know just how much that sucks. Every frikin game, I can’t keep up with the powercreep because I give my characters hard limits. I feel your pain.

I understand that, and actually agree with you a decent bit here.

Which may be part of why, after this next artifact, Reyna might be going on a little self-discovery sidequest and catch up with the group later.

You shouldn’t need to apologize for voicing your concerns, especially valid ones like this. It’s things like this that lead to peaceful resolutions instead of bitter confrontation.


It could end up like the fellowship of the ring where the party goes their separate ways to achieve different goals. We don’t have to stay with the group if you don’t want to.


That’s something I never thought about. It could be a neat way to bring CR back in over my breaks. By meeting up with some of the smaller groups and helping out if he can.S

I was just waiting to see how cohesive the party would be in the long run