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It does seem to be fracturing a bit. With the core Saphirre Owls and Siansa in one group, Reyla and Fran and in another, and Ernesto and the Carndall’s in the third.


Not sure I agree with splitting the party. I just want more independence from NPCs. That’s all.

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I feel the same. In my case though, it’s probably my own fault. I haven’t been nearly as active as anyone else.

That sums up the Bloodfang battle for me. And the other boss. Really, the only foes Envarus has been any help with were the shades.

EDIT: Minor language warning. Nothing super bad, but enough to be worth the mention.


I feel like I should be saying something… but honestly I don’t know…

obviously Siansa has some reasons for not really hanging out with too many of the group

People you got it all das wrong. Versing the isotixian king destroyed the Starwalker tribe not bloodfang. It

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Oh, he’s still alive? That makes things interesting.

He must be working for bloodfang then! It’s the only logical conclusion!

Bloodfang is kinds his enemy tho…

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Bloodfang’s everyone’s enemy

well so far 2 out of 3 known Starwalker is against him… so I won’t say everyone

Foolish fool! Morality is binary: Good or Bad

my point doesn’t exactly disagree with that tho

I’m going to school right now. It’s 6 am I’ll be back around 4 pm. I have a few things to say regarding this as a whole.

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I loathe to say this but I’m going to need to take a break from all this

So I leave off to bed only to come to this? Okay people, what I see here is a big overreaction.

Now, I am deliberty taking my time to write this even though I had a very exhausting day in school and certainly you don’t make it easy for me. So let’s start with @Chronicler, never apologize for something you didn’t do wrong. I actually agree with Marybird’s mentality, that words can have even more greater impact than swords. There is this saying, I don’t know if it’s right, “Sticks and Stones can break my Bones but Words can break my Soul.”

This is in character and I understand your frustration, I have been there myself and I get it. Which is why I told @Traykar and pretty much anyone who is on a quest of vengeance or whatever. This is very well as much of a battle with the physical as well with the spiritual, it is a battle of wits, intelligence, ideology and what is simply, morally right.

Killing someone out of vengeance it is not justice. Marybird makes her point very clear and she is right, this is what I love about drama because now Reyna is against it because she knows this and that. That’s the beauty of it, both parties bring strong points on the table, and you carefully have to think about what you are doing, is this right? is this questionable? and so on and so forth.

And once again, you are not a side character, I can’t speak for you but I can speak through my perspective that you are a important piece to this puzzle. You do need the Owls, because they are the only ones who can guide you throughout the story to find these said artifacts. But if I did treat your characters as side ones, I am terribly sorry but that is why you have a voice, to speak out. I did say from the very beginning, and i do encourage for everyone to read the first post of this Signup. I am a beginner when it comes to being a GM, if I do mistake please point them out to me in a polite way, this is clearer than a white crystal people. I feel like I have to repeat myself, over and over again.

@TBT_Emerald About you, I do admit because in the beginning everything was so hectic and I may have unfortunately neglected your character. But I will make it up to you, your character is a Starwalker, we are in the Starwalker Tribe, you and @Flux’s characters are the only ones who can find this Thunderstorm bow, no one else can.

You are the spotlight now, if you think that now I am treating you like a side character, then you are wrong. I have plans people, once we get to the Tempus City, everyone will get a moment to shine.

And you @Runa you can’t blame me for your lack of activity in saying that your character doesn’t get a moment to shine. And I don’t judge you, you have your own life but I never intended on making Reyna a side character, she was quite useful in the beginning and then with the Dwarfs parts, until you went offline, I couldn’t do much and I can’t wait for someone who is inactive. It affects the RP as a whole.

Now about the group, I made this clear, and I will not repeat myself again, you guys have to work together as one to stop these Antagonists, there is no Aldrich, Fran whatever group, there is the Sapphire Owl group, Amelia made that clear in her speech.

Once again, I do apologize if your characters have been treated like side characters, well some of you, but once again, you can come to me and let me know and I will do my best to correct it.

I get it is in character, but please do not make it frustrating for the others, I do not want to hear the following words of “It is frustrating to be in your Game because this or that. I don’t want to RP because this guy makes it so frustrating for me.” I understand Reyna is like that, but if she is stubborn at least some words from Marybird should affect her, give her something to think about, this is my solution for this predicament.

Also another important thing, I never thought this had to be said but I suppose it isn’t common knowledge. When you guys joined the RP, you did read the entire lore yes? Because if you did, then you would know that Versing was the one responsible of the extinction of the Starwalker Tribe, everyone knows this in the RP, because it was a world event that took everyone by shock. It’s like how everyone knows that there was world war 2 and that there was Hitler, this was an example, no history or political stuff.

If you didn’t or forgot then I suggest you read the lore again. I want to make this RP the best one I could make. I want to be the best I can be, I want to make this a story so that everyone enjoys, so please, work with me.

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I don’t mean to blame you. I was just saying that soon, Reyna was going to need a little bit of time for personal development, and I didn’t want to derail everybody else for it, so she’ll go her separate way for a bit to do that.

How were we supposed to know that? It was meta knowledge as far as I knew

Can that happen when we go to Tempus City? Then I can help you out with whatever you need.

Like I said in the paragraph. Everyone in the RP World knows that the Starwalker Tribe was attacked and raided by the Isotixians, it is common knowledge in the RP. So your character would know that. I compare this to WW2 and Adolf Hitler, everyone knows about it in our World, get what I mean?

How was I supposed to know that was common knowledge?