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I have told you multiple times and it says in the Starwalker Tribe Post I have made with the other following Countries. If it is in Lore, then it is common knowledge, just how Bloodfang killed his mentor to become the next ruler, your Ernesto, would know that.

What does it matter?

Umm… I didn’t think you were treating him as a side character. I felt that my own sporadic activity was relegating him to that. (Since I seem to be offline during most of the character interactions.)

Sorry if it seemed like I was irritated with you. I was mostly making fun of myself for that.

Edit: also, I’m pretty sure I have been saying it was Versing, or at least the king of Isotix, the entire time.

Ernesto is allowed to be wrong and draw the wrong conclusions from things.

It does matter because your character would have known about it. Perhaps not know who did it, but knew that the Isotixians were a part of it.

Alright. I’m just saying.

Well, I felt like I was doing that because I didn’t give you the needed attention.

It is okay, you did not irritate me.

Well yeah, I didn’t say anything with that towards you. So you are fine.

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OK Captain America. :stuck_out_tongue:

I understand. Just some advice for your next game: give the players puzzles or hints to find their way through a game, or give temporary NPCs. Players like to be the main heroes themselves and figure things out on their own. They can feel pretty unimportant if an NPC is guiding them through everything.

This was a problem for my first D&D Campaign I started. It’s very tempting to make “DMPCs” to lead a party and have your own roleplay input in a story with the heroes. I had my players led by a pirate captain named Dana, but eventually my players felt I was keeping them on rails by her leading them around everywhere. Eventually, I gave them free reign and it became better. In the future, I recommend the same.

You’ve been excelling in playing the villains and NPCs. A DM should focus on that; helpful NPCs and villains with plenty of personality. Interesting character ideas I keep to stuff like shopkeepers, miners, workers, etc. and suddenly the world feels more fleshed out.

Just my advice though. I look forward to this Isotix chapter.


It ain’t that much of a Captain America thing to say lol :joy:

That’s a piece of sound advice, I’ll experiment with that once we go to the Tempus City and yeah that would probably be the time where your characters shine the most because it is their homeland.


I’m going to bed people, have a nice one.

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I mean… I guess?

I have the perfect setup here for her to find something, go help the group find the thing, and then set off to follow the trail.
But, if we need, I guess I can hold of for a bit.

just commenting that it’s not something that recently happened.

based on this it happened a long time ago, not to mention Starwalkers already have extended lifespans, so I would not be that surprised if the raids were over 30-50 years ago, although that’s my take on it from what I read, it could be much longer in the past.

Oh. Guess I misread that. Whoops.

I’m a little confused what is happening with the tribe then. The wording made it sound recent.

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Basically the Isotixians led under King Versing used to do a lot more raiding, the Starwalkers were an unfortunate group of people that were basically slaughtered during those raids.

However, the current Isotix Empire has calmed significantly due to the rise of the Dragopia Empire.

That’s the TL;DR version essentially.

Oh I know that. For some reason I was under the impression we met a tribe of living Starwalkers who got hurt from a raid.

I’m going off of this and that Michael confirmed it was King Versing who led these raids.

Yeah, Candall is aware of the old raids. It’s just that the wording made it sound like we met a very recent attack. Just my mistake, that is all. I’ve edited my post.

I’m just citing my sources, but yeah the damages would have been done during the old raids.

Alright, I don’t think my post needs to be necessarily edited but Siansa is heading where the stars are aligned, and did previously say that they might need to go in that direction.

When both Marybird and Candall would have been children, I’m guessing? Versing must be very old then.

Yeah and will the possibility that there’s magic that slows down the aging process, based on what Will said earlier in the RP, he could be decently formidable.

Honestly, not too sure when the Old Raids exactly happened, but I’d give from 30-50 years in the past, to a century or two at most. Within that ballpark if I’m reading the information correctly.

Actually Dragopia rose to power 20 years ago, so I’m leaning towards the 30-50 ballpark

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I only have one thing to say so far.

I think Ernesto’s a nut. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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King Versing raided The Starwalker Tribe before Bloodfang showed up 20.years ago. Versing is still alive, so you will have to either kill him or convince him or otherwise.

Anyway back to school now. I’ll be around 2 pm at home back.

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