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Ah yes, The Negotiator


Making her a offer she can’t refuse.

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That’s Janus’ job but he sucks so bad at it, Xaio is better off to do it

Guys, wait for @Chronicler to post that his characters are on their way as well.

Well, at least he’s not an arrogant fool. A good negotiator can empathize with his client.

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That’s a matter of perspective. I don’t know what he proposes can be counted as good negotiation. Depending on the situation, I don’t know if it will happen. And I don’t wanna spoil it.

well speak of the Devil…right when Flux is off

Apologies, I still am Pacific Standard Time after all. Had to get ready for school.

What time is it for you?

True, but regardless of whether his deal is fair or not, he’s able empathize with his client, and know how to play upon her emotions, intentionally or not. Janus hasn’t shown that capacity. Xaio is the better manipulator.

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10:06 AM. Woke up at 8, made and ate breakfast, and commuted to school. Got on not so long ago.

He is the better manipulator he says…

Even though I made him be a pillar of emotional stability and righteousness…

oh okay.

So? Being righteous and being good at manipulation are not mutually exclusive. It simply requires to being able to read people well.

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The proposition was a dual but looks like Flux is going to school, so I suppose I’ll start the battle. Sadly, you won’t get to see Xaio flex that much…or…?

hideous porcelain laughter


Don’t laugh right now, you still need to get that Bow.

I might be able to make a post or two but that’s in the air

Well, I need to know if you can right now or later. Because then I’ll post the post where the Heroes get to the lake and face off. And when Super Dad meets said Lover…

Well I crunched a post out, although I’m leaving in just a minute