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That’s enough, thank you. Don’t want to keep you from school, college is important.

Alright boys, GET 'EM!!!

And he fell right into my trap

You just wanted to us the word Bifurcate


I highly doubt she has that much of reaction time and was able to bring her sword to her stomach when he was literally aiming for her gut. But it is what it is.

And I doubt that human skin regardless of how much soul juice is flowing through it can withstand a razor sharp blade designed to part flesh, but it is what it is

Yeah, no Ruh. Xaio is much stronger than Fran will ever be. I don’t think you get what Chi does to people.

Michael, the earth is more of a spray than a solid object. I’m afraid, Xaio cannot dodge it from this distance, although, he could shield his face with his hands.

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You should have justified what it was. Because of that he dodged it. Because as earth, I understand literally dirt, like solid object.

loose earth dissipates like that normally, I’m sorry I specified it earlier as mound. Which is effectively a small pile of dust.

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Well, next time you know to specify things more in a detailed way so that I the GM, don’t get confused or interpret the wrong thing.

Michael, Aldrich spoke after his attack, I literally structured it this way so it was as obvious as possible. I truly don’t mean to cause trouble but this seems as if you are just auto-dodging which is something you have stated is against the rules of the RP.


So… who has the bow right now?

No one, but Siansa is making a mad dash for it, her plan is to to get it to Reyna, who Siansa believes will make great use of the weapon.


No one, it is trapped in ice because of Geal.


Yes much better, although you might want to change groin to groan… groin has a very different meaning.


My bad, it is edit.


A reminder out there that the Warhammer is still in our possession

Yeah I am aware. I just prefer the sword.

A reminder for everyone?

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