The Court of Lord Brakkon

Hello all.

The noble Ruru is my favorite Kanohi. so I went and built a MOC for each and every one. I’ll start by showing off the entire line up. as I slowly take pictures and edit them, I’ll post them here. Don’t expect close ups all at once.

Brakkon himself is one of my older MOCs at this point, but his chair is recent. Here is a shot of Brakkon himself:
Lord Brakken (1)

And here is Tallon, the Fire Seer.
Tallon, the Fire Seer

Let me know what you think!



these are really cool!

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Tallon actually looks really cool!

really nice
I like the consistent style you have for both of them, great job.
Also the idea of all of them having the same mask is neat.

Some closer looks at a few of the other builds would be neat, but what I can tell they all look pretty nice! I like the idea of a court of people who all have the same face, and Tallon’s legs look real nice.

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Thanks everyone! I do plan on taking more close ups of others.

Tallon is definitely one of my favorites, glad you like him.



Here’s a couple more:

Narco one of the older ones of this group. His appearance is obviously based on Optimus Prime. Reason for that is… a long and convoluted in joke my brother and I have involving a Bionicle Youtuber, red Rurus, and a trucking company.

The newest build of the bunch. Not much to say, other than it was a bit challenging to have a build that was mainly purple and old grey. the bits of yellow weren’t intended from the start, but that yellow blade was sitting on the building table as I constructed this guy, and it just worked. Added a few more yellow parts to blend it in better. Overall, a nice colour combo, I feel.



ooh cool. Narco looks pretty good, and the purple and gray guy’s color scheme is a quite interesting one I haven’t seen before especially with the addition of yellow.

very cool concept the make a moc for each variant of the ruru

Here’s another one. This one was a pain to photograph.



He looks nice but either his torso is too thick or his limbs are too thin.

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i could’ve gone my whole day without seeing that and have been perfectly fine
the use of Metru shoulders for…that is…creative…i guess?

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Yeah, I was definitely experimenting with that one. Wanted to use gold and medium blue as a Psionic-type. I think it turned out ok. Maybe because it looks better in person.

Here’s another one:

Pokoroko, The Stone Seer

Old brown is difficult to work with, as there is so few parts available in it. I had a few old school toa bodies leftover from an old MOC, so I tried to incorporate a few. I think it gives him a good, rocky feel to him, if some weird proportions. But weird proportions have never stopped me before!



I’m really liking all of these, particularly Tallon and Pokoroko. The blending of pieces as old as Mata hands and as new as the bicep guards is awesome on the latter. Great colors on Cengorta, too, though the proportions are admittedly a little funny. Is it meant to be male or female?

I used them like that once. Honestly I think it looks pretty good.

Ooh I quite like that one. The mata brown use is pretty good, and the tan just makes it better.

Thanks! It is meant to be a female. On the pictures on Flickr, I have been writing a little snippet for each character. I guess I should maybe write them here, too.


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Ah, didn’t realize there were snippets. That’s neat, I’ve read a few now. Regarding Cengorta–(1) I like the semi-vambraces and (2) I think you’ve done a pretty job with the sort of haltered breastplate look. Makes more sense given the knowledge she’s female. Also, if I could get Metru shoulders at that angle, I’d be a genius. =P Would it be too much trouble to ask after the internal torso builds of some of these MOCs?

It was actually really easy getting the metru shoulders at that angle. Here is a picture:

And blow ups of a couple of others


Plus here’s a shot of another one:
Dekkan sat up top a mountain, staring down at the village of De-Matoran. Pretending to be a Toa of Sonics was easy. Stay far away and pretend every sound hurts. Every now and then fight off some Tahi (Which was often sent by Calvert, or D.C. for that very purpose.)

Yup, Life was easy.

Only a short snippet, I wasn’t feeling too inspired at the moment.


ooh that last one looks pretty good, I like the mechanical vibe it has.
The name sounds a little familiar though…