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It's alright to eat things on moderation. What he's doing is moderation, trust me. In fact, one time I had this virus that was eating up some of the tissue in my intestine, and it hurt like crazy. My doctor told me to eat fast food in order to make myself feel better, as un-processed foods made me feel bad. Turns out, she was right. I felt better when I digested!

It's not wrong to eat fast food. It can help you feel better, like what happened with me. Just don't eat it daily.


What do you guys think of Subway?


They're great!

Last time I went there, I think it was the most I've ever used the word uh, or um, in under 20 minutes! smile


Subway's alright. Better than other fast food for the sake of variety. (Plus it's nice having one on campus stuck_out_tongue )


Yesh. Not saying "uh" or "um" at Subway orders is nigh impossibru.

My high school is right next to a plaza that has a Subway. So I occasionally walk there to buy lunch. Never get tired of it.

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I think it taste great, sadly I cannot often afford it.

The first time I went there I was like 13 and I asked for an Italian sub that was on the picture, apparently they assume you know the system, and they asked me what I wanted on it.... I had no clue what I was doing, I just wanted what was in the picture :P. it was awkward.

There are actually 3 subways within 5 minutes of my house now. It's kind of weird.


i think leo's actually being irrational

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Irrational! I'm never irrational! Why do people attack me!? frowning stuck_out_tongue

Indeed, I have a sandwhich I order whenever I go like once a year...

Care to elaborate?

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I have a sandwich I order. it is always the same one. a chicken sandwich with ranch, organo, salt, lettuce, and cheese....tis good.. and I do not eat at Subway often.

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I usually eat at KFC, Penn Station, Arby's, White Castle, or Fazoli's.

My friend told me that he went to In-N-Out and he said that the fries tasted like rock. I never eaten there though

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That sounds...better then Mcdonalds.......maybe....

my dad is not all that fond of Arby's 'normal' fries..he says they spin them in toilet water...I do not understand...I mean like WHO GOES TO ARBY'S AND DOES'INT GET CURLY FRIES!!!!


Well... I barely eat fast food at all

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Nor do I..

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Meh, there has been countless amount of subways in my area that have failed their health inspection. I usually only get their pizzas. If I really want a sub, I'll order from Jimmy Johns!
Everything they make taste nice and fresh, and they don't lie about their freaky fast delivery :wink: I'll typically get their Turkey Tom, with mustard, mayo, large drink, and their BBQ chips. Don't have to leave my house, food comes in less than 15 minutes, and I don't pay any more than $10 including tip.


mouth waters


No mention of Five Guys (Burgers and Fries) in this topic?
Nor any mentions of Checkers or Pepe's? Well Pepe's isn't fast food but still SHAME ON YOU ALL

... what're you on about? I've never heard of them