The Final Hunt - Bionicle 2016 Painting

As the Toa gather to finally confront their nemesis, they soon learn they are no match for the mighty Umarak. Underestimating his power, the Toa fail to stay united and one by one fall at his hands. Relishing in his victory, Umarak leaves the pitiful island of Okoto defenseless, traversing back from whence he came and bringing with him trophies of his most successful hunt: six golden masks of power.

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Painted entirely in Photoshop with a couple days worth of work. When I first heard of Umarak I instantly thought of Kraven the Hunter. This piece was inspired by one of my favorite Spider-Man comics “Kraven’s Last Hunt” where the story takes an interesting turn for Spidey.

The thought of our heroes not only losing a fight, but dying as a result of their defeat is a very compelling idea with a lot of emotional weight behind it, so I wanted to give a shot at displaying that. Tahu and Gali are my favorite Toa, so all the more reason to make them the ones that die given the idea behind this theme : p


Well, that took a dark turn


This is grim.

and I LOVE IT.


This is pretty amazing Var. I love the expression on Tahu and just how evil and menacing Umarak looks. The colors and shading are also gorgeous and the little background details are pretty swell. This scene is kinda ironic because Umarak is killing the Toa while beams of bright light go through the lush jungle, showing a contrast of the darkness and evil of Umarak while the jungle remains pure and innocent until the blood of the Toa is shed on it.

EDIT: I didn’t even notice the drool coming out of Umarak’s mouth until now. There is just so much going on in the image. I gotta look for more small details.


Umm yeah, that took a dark turn.
Wouldn’t be interesting if Lego killed the to a this year and next year we’ll get knew toa.
Great piece of dark art IllustriousVar

i could not help but notice that Umarak is droling.


Lower debt I guess…

Yeah he be psychotic.

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good thing then that its not something more gory on his mouth, like say blood, cause then it would just make Umarak a bit more scary duo to what it hints at.

though it would probably be a bit more messed up if Umarak was wearing Gali’s brutaly torn off mask while he was threatning Tahu.

Its @IllustriousVar drawing, as linked in the source link. Yes, I am shocked as well.

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“Toa, you have travelled so far to save this place you don’t even know about. It’s adorable. Sadly, like your brethren and dear sister, I am about to send you back.”


What if Var is personifying himself as Umarak in that artwork.


It was too lodged into her skull by the arrow, so he decided to leave it for later. :wink:


I am indeed a murderous psychopath.


so that is what happened to Kini, Invi, on air, and biocraft!


there’s no purple 0/10 /s

but yeah

…n stuff

i tried drawing a reaction but i couldnt get it to look right :U

it’s rlly good tho like the background is really nice a detailed and adds to the mysterious/eerie mood…n stuff


Your drawing really made Umarak all the more menacing. I like it!

It should have been Lewa with his Golden mask in that art instead of Tahu…you know who we are talking about butchering.


I would say “edgy,” but this is too good for internet shenanigans.

actually no scratch that Umarak is drooling, edgy




My god this is gorgeous

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I just love the texturing on things like the armor and masks. Tahu’s especially, because it certainly looks like the golden mask (and him) has taken quite a beating. I can only imagine that even if he knew he was going down, he wasn’t going down without a fight. On the other hand, the drool is utterly terrifying and disgusting.

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