The First, Part 2 - Herlyx Art Contest Submission - Malum

Hello, I want to show you my drawing of Herlyx. Her mask depicts waves. I also tried to take elements from the Gali mask


I like the lighting on this one.

I like the decision to have her mask contain wave-like elements and themes from the Kaukau. As the first Toa of Water (and with Gali likely being the second), that style makes sense. One could even draw connections to the Element Lord of Water. I also like the way her build and her skirt come together to almost portray a “stocky” frame, even though all it takes is one glance at her arms to be reminded that she really is frail.

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Thanks for your appreciation, I enjoyed reading this.

One of my favorite entries by far. It really captures that alien look, high is very fitting since helryx is very ancient and her armour is supposed to be strange. the colors look fantastic as well. Also is this hand drawn or is it digital. I can’t really tell.


thank you very much for your rating

Good for you for doing a hand-drawn entry! To me, it fits the Bionicle style better, not to disparage any of the digital entries.

Very reminiscent of the Karzahni illustration. Very nice lighting job too!