The First Resistance (RP Sign ups)

Once, The Xir’algath had invaded the Multiverse, bringing merciless destruction upon the various universes and their inhabitants. However, in the end, their plans had been thwarted, and they had been defeated by an alliance of the Multiverse’s greatest warriors: The last Resistance. However, what you may not know is that this isn’t the first time that the Xir’algath attempted to invade the Multiverse. Nor was it the first time that a Resistance united against them…

Our tale begins long ago, on the planet of Lamurix, a planet residing at the center of our universe. It is the “New York” of planets, a free world where beings from many different planets and cultures come to live in peace, under the supervision and leadership of The Council of Life. It is a sanctuary.
However, this peace may not last forever, as strange, Dark beings known as The Xir’algath begin appearing, attacking the planet and ravaging countless cities. Soon, inhabitants of Lamurix begin to band together to form a resistance against the Xir’algath, and in a strange twist of fate, it all falls on one unlikely man to lead them: A young lad named Jonathan Servastus.

Will Jonathan be able to keep his team together and push back the Xir’algath’s forces, or will he fall prey to the corruption he is trying to defeat?

This is a prequel RP, and it takes place 50 years before the events of “Arena Battle!”, my first RP. Meaning, it is the very first RP in my universe’s timeline. So keep that in mind when signing up your characters.


1.) No OP or ridiculously powerful characters.

2.) No Autohitting, Autododging, Godmodding or Metagaming.

3.) Please be respectful and civil with all other players OOC.

4.) There is no limit to the amount of characters you can have, as long as they are well-written and they all can have a meaningful/impactful presence in the RP.

5.) No villain characters for this RP. The Xir’algath are supposed to be the only enemies in this story.

6.) Even after the RP has started, the sign ups will remain open. New players/characters will always be welcome.

Character Sheet:







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You know what, might as well be the first one to post a character here.

Name: Inlenor of the Remnant

Gender: Female

Species: Exiebiscian, she is part of the Exiebicuus species

[ol]Enhanced Vision; as an Exiebiscian, she can see a bigger range of light, such as infrared, x-rays, and even ultraviolet rays.
Flight; as the Exiebiscian species has wings they can fly in places with an atmosphere.
Primordial Cybernetics; these cybernetics enhance the normal processing power of the Exiebiscian brain and increases other physical qualities such as agility and strength.[/ol]

[ol]Primordial Blaster; a gun that shoots energy blasts of purified primordial energy, and such the effects of the primordial energy are strengthened immensely. Though it is not at its purest form.
Primordial Shield; creates a shield of primordial energy suspended in a quasi-plasma state. Can defend against physical weapons.[/ol]

about 5’6" in height. (167.64cm)

by: Sophie Martin Carmody
(edited to have a horn)

[ol]Inlenor is part of the Remnant, which is what remains of the Exiebicuus species.She joined the resistance out of a deep hatred for the Xir’algath for killing many of her kind. She lost her only family to them, her brother. Her parents were killed sometime while she was young, only her brother remembered what had happened and now he’s dead.[/ol]

Name: Kremit
Gender: Male
Species: Whoosian (not mine it was created by Mark Ball)
Powers/abilities: has a nasty venom, not very strong but very rich
Tools/Weapons: his lucky buck, a pistol, green plasma bombs, chainsaw sword, he also keeps some Whoosianspawn as he plans for then to grow up like him or better
Height: 2/3ft tall

Art by Troy Galluzzi
Personality/Bio: Kremit is a rich Whoosian, he’s pretty intent on making money and he believes the Xir’agrath can’t pay him much, although he’s more into making money, he does use celestial ways of trading if he really wants something
Voice: he sounds cockney


Name: Ayet or “that which glares from the sun”

Gender: Ayet is beyond gender

Species: Angel

Truesight (Ayet can see through invisibility or lies)
Skywalking (Ayet cannot fly however they can step on the sky)
Divine body (Ayet is not a being of our universe therefore they have no need to breathe, eat, drink, sleep or anything of that nature)
Heavenly voice (It matters not whom Ayet speaks with they understand his words)
Light of the sun (Ayet is an angel of the stars and is therefore illuminated not enough to hurt but enough to glow like fire)

Tools: Ayet carries a crossbow woven from faith like his own body it’s strings are braided sunlight it features a golden disc that rotates as bolts are loaded, said bolts rip through targets by converting the sins of the accused into heavenly flames


Bio/personality: Ayet is an angel warrior that appears when they feel that they must however they lack any semblance of humanity or character due to them being pure, while a demon is the personification of sins or flaws of humanity an angel is beyond humanity which is also the reason for their nightmare inducing appearance


Nasty looking isn’t it?


Name: Surius Sarcalla (pronounced soo-RYE-us sar-CALL-ah)

Gender: Technically none, but male in appearance and voice synthesizer.

Species: Sentience-Having/Emulating Robotic-Automaton, usually shortened to S.H.E.R.A, or, for convenience, Shera

Alignment: Lawful Neutral.

Powers/abilities: Flight, using a series of boosters in his feet and two sets that can flip out of his back. A self-healing body, up to a certain extent, though this isn’t infinite. Very slight abilities of transmutation, though only for small amounts of stuff at a time, and only to and from nonliving stuff. Highly modular build, so pieces can be put on, taken off, and shifted around the body in almost infinite ways. Has a plasma/energy creation and control ability, which would entail electromagnetic abilities as well, but he can only create small amounts at a time.

Tools/Weapons: His hands can ■■■■■ into many different types of bladed weapons or ranged cannons.

Appearance: I’ll draw something up eventually, but for now, just think a very smooth, bright-silver(almost just a shiny white) humanoid, with many tiny lines going along his body, most too small to be seen without intense scrutiny, though there are a few bigger ones, glowing a light colored, but dull green. His face is almost without feature, except two eyes, slightly bigger than would be on a human, that glow a bright green.

Personality/Bio: He’s fairly blunt, and highly intelligent, made to follow a certain set of rules, and to an extent, enforce them. The Xir’algath, however, break these rules, and are causing chaos. As such, they are to be dealt with.
Despite his emotionless appearance, he does, in fact, feel, but he, along with the rest of his species, are just programmed to be able to hide their emotions well, as showing them openly can be seen as detrimental in society, as they have witnessed. He came to this planet after hearing of the invasion, and, in his ambition, he wanted to stop it before it reaches his home and his people.

Name: Ciestaal Suul (see-es-TALL SOOL)

Gender: Male

Species: Cryriis (cree-ris)

Alignment: Civil Good

Powers/abilities: Can manipulate his aura into many shapes and weapons, including laser-like projectiles and even solid weapons. On top of this, he can manipulate it into bending light around him, rendering him and/or others invisible, or can manipulate it to “align his energy with that of other objects,” allowing him to walk on walls and ceilings, and even float down slower than gravity should really allow, and even seemingly adjust his weight at will. However, he only has a limited amount of this “soul energy” to draw from, so he can’t just create infinite things. Can sense other people’s auras, but cannot control them.

Tools/Weapons: All he has physically seems to be a red crystal ball that floats around him in seemingly random patterns, but never straying far from him, and it seems to be near indestructible, but he has no control over what direction it goes, really.

Appearance: He wears a red mask over his face, with a dark red, long sleeved robe going down to his ankles. Under that is a dark grey chestplate, with shoulder armoring peeking out through holes in the shoulders of the robe, along with other armor underneath the robe, but not visible, except for his armored hands. He also wears a black scarf, very baggy near his neck, with two long tails, with shaggy, dark grey hair covering the rest of his head that the mask doesn’t.

Personality/Bio: He’s a very spiritual person, speaking of the need for people to be “in tune with their aura” and many other such things. He usually tries to preach peace, but knows that, unfortunately, there is sometimes need for force. And this is one of those times. Even in battle, he keeps a calm, tranquil demeanor about him, rarely ever showing fear.



I’m going to add a character:

Name: Jonathan Servastus

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Powers/Abilities: None. But although he may just be a normal human, that doesn’t mean he should be discounted. Jonathan possesses a wealth of intellect and talents, some taught to him by his mentor. He may not know much fighting skills, but he will most likely learn them soon…

Tools/Weapons: None…yet.

Appearance: He wears a very expensive, flamboyant suit (And sometimes a tophat), even to the most casual of occasions. It apparently is part of his culture and upbringing.

Personality/Bio: Jonathan Servastus is a young Lad with an affinity for “Games”. He enjoys creating games and then having people play them for him. His demeanor can be a bit shy at first, but he eventually shows his more charismatic side once he warms up to people that he meets. When he isn’t creating or playing Games, Jonathan also is gifted in various fields in science, taught to him by his friend and mentor, who is a scientist. These skills range from designing and creating technology, gadgets and “traps”. He also has some knowledge in Biology, genetic engineering and Teleportation science. Although he may not officially be a scientist himself, Jonathan still is very gifted in these practices, which may prove useful later…

Name: Henry Buck
Alias: Mr Buck (that’s what you all have to call him)
Gender: Male
Species: Human (possibly)
Powers/abilities: he is rich and famous
Tools/Weapons: he has a cane that can summon his bird (a loyal pigeon he met during the war) it has a rare gem hidden inside, it can create lasers, his shotgun, he always wears a bulletproof vest
Appearance: A monocle, his huge white moustache, always wears a black suit and top hat
Personality/Bio: Henry is a rich and famous banker in London, he’s getting on a little now but he still has his old spitfire and his old 1947 Rover Ten, he joined the resistance out of it improving his public image

Name: John Botsleg
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Powers/abilities: He is a skilled driver
Tools/Weapons: he carries a pistol, machete and baton
Appearance: he wears dungarees, always smokes a pipe and wears a sailors uniform underneath
Personality/Bio: John is always there to help Henry, as his loyal butler he’d do almost anything for him, he has kept many of Henry’s raunchy and greedy secrets, he works as his chauffeur in his car but he is marvellous at making tea, his teas are so wonderful that they are seen as delicacies by humans and aliens alike


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Name: Verum Vitae

Alias: Truth, Truth of Life

Gender: none

Species: id

Powers/Abilities and Tools/Weapons:

Vision of Truth

Truth can see through any lie by reading his target’s mind.

Sword of Truth

whoever is cut by the Sword of Truth’s blade is compelled to tell the truth, fighting against saying the truth causes much pain, but will never kill.

Spear of Truth

This weapon allows Truth to telepathically speak to the target, whoever is hit by the spear receives a tattoo that looks like a scale, the tattoo disappears once the spear is returned to Truth. The spear disappears into the tattoo , when the tattoo appears and can be removed by ordering the spear to remove itself.

Power of Truth

The Power of Truth, creates a small pocket dimension, where what is true is decided by its creator. The affects that occur inside this pocket dimension only last in this pocket dimension. For example in the pocket dimension a city is destroyed

Gift of Truth

A gift that Truth can give, it can enchant an item to have a power relating to its user and a truth.

Portal of Truth

a mirror that will show the worst possible outcome of the future and nothing else.

Foresight of Truth

Allows Truth to see and show a possibility of the Future that might be likely to happen, he can only do this once, with a target. For example he can only see Tom Hiddleston’s most likely future once and cannot target him again with this power.

Gateway of Truth

All ids have a form of this basic power, which allows them to visit other dimensions/universes. Truth’s gateway is a stone door, that appears out of nowhere and can take him to another dimension.


credit to Cloud Quinot

underneath hood:

Truth is an id, a mysterious interdimensional being that seems to have originated from no home dimension, as an id, he is unlike the other ids, yet similar at the same time. He wanders the multiverse as he pleases, visiting a dimension at a time and interacting with many strangers. His current purpose is to see what the others have learned in the long years since he had last visited, two million years ago.


Name: Kryan Keleran
Gender: Male
Species: Maiar
Powers/abilities: Able to perform powerful feats of magic, and has regeneration to a limited degree. Kyran specializes in light and storm magic. Kyran also has generations of knowledge and wisdom.
Tools/weapons: Magic Staff:
Appearance: Tall and thin, with a short, light brown beard and short hair. He often wears a cadet blue cloak with a large hood, often hiding his facial features. He has striking orange eyes and has numerous small marks on his face.
Bio: A wizard of great potential, Kyran strives to protect the universe from threats. He travels often and has many friends and allies. He is kind and generous, but to outsiders he can seem reserved and gruff. He sometimes seems to have an arrogant air about him, as he quite literally knows more than most living things.

Accepted. Join anytime.

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Can a human scientist be a user of Xalnergy in this RP?

it’s currently 1986 and not on earth

Well, they could, but it would be highly experimental, as even i the present day Xalnergy hasn’t been perfectly harnessed. But hypothetically, it’s possible. If you plan on making a Xalnergy user, that’s fine. Just make sure they aren’t too OP.

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Is it possible to make an Angel Character?