The First Resistance (RP topic)

Atomba crouched and hissed angrily. He looked around, grabbing his dart gun and aiming at Jonathan. “Sssstand down, or the boy diesssss!” He hissed.

The angels looked around nervously, unsure of what to do.

Suddenly, an axe blade was held to Atomba’s throat.
“How about this: you stand down, or you die!” Styrke grunted from behind.

“I can pull the trigger before you even draw blood…” Atomba laughed.

“And why do you desire this human?” An angel guard asked.

“I don’t have one in my collection.” Atomba replied.
“He would be a good slave…”

“Do you not understand that greater things are at stake?!”

“The Xir’algath will not harm me…” Atomba hissed.
“I do not care what they do to the rest of the universe.”

"What good would a slave do if there was no other life left in the multiverse?’

“The Xir’algath will leave me alone, and my business.”

Surius changes his own right arm into a sword-like appendage, and the blade starts to flow with a green energy, with which he slashes at the Xir’algath.

Ciestaal was silent, and even the orb around him went fully still.

A thin line of red aura energy came out from under his cloak, almost too small to be seen, and started to snake its way to behind Atomba.

The Xir’algath met Surius’ blades with a clash, sending sparks flying everywhere.

As a Xir’algath attempted to slash at Ayet, Auriel summoned Al’maiesh, and whipped the heart in half before it had the chance to strike him.
“Your welcome.” Auri grunted to Ayet as she flew to fend off another Xir’algath.

Surius made another slash as well, and his other arm started to ■■■■■ into a cannon.

The Xir’algath shoved his fists into the ground, channeling tentacles belowground and springing up at Surius in an attempt to surprise him.

Surius is knocked away by the tentacles, scraping his armor, as he then fired at the Xir’algath.

The Xir’algath was struck by the blasts, collapsing to the ground.
But he was not yet dead, as the Xir’algath ejected Bonespikes at Surius.

Atomba turned around, sensing the heat. He scowled at Ciestaal.
“Sssstop that… or he diessss…”

Two or three hit Surius, yet he digs them out soon after such happens, using his abilities of transmutation to fix the holes they left.

“I haven’t a clue what you speak of.” Ciestaal says, the aura’s supposed ‘heat’ dissipating to nothing.

A Xir’algath leaped in front of Surius, both hands formed into spines clubs. As he was about to swing, his head suddenly exploded.

A robot stood behind the fallen corpse of the Xir’algath. “Are you okay” the android asked Surius as he held a smoking laser gun.

Surius nods. “That I am.” He scans the surrounding area to look for more Xir’algath, and to examine this strange newcomer.

“State your name, model and designation.” The android said robotically, not yet lowering his gun.