The First Resistance (RP topic)

“Surius Sarcalla, Sentience Emulating Robotic Automaton.” Surius responds.

The android, after scanning Surius’ body, said “Identity Confirmed.”
He then introduced himself.
“I am X267WX200, but I can casually be called ‘Hydron’.” He said to Surius.

Surius turns to see if any other Xir’algath were still around.

A Xir’algath lept at Surius, roaring. “Surius, behind you.” Hydron warned.

Ayet might see some Xir’algath gather around a strange machine.

Ayet released a storm of crossbow bolts towards the general direction

The Xir’algath dove out of the way, while some were stupid enough to linger and were shot.
Now, the machine was mostly cleared of Xir’algath.

“You should Listen to us.” Styrke growled still holding the axe blade to Atomba’s neck.

“Lisssten to me.” Atomba replied. “Try anything, and I put a dart through hissss neck.”

As he said these words, a dart was shot into Atomba’s own neck by an angel guard. He would almost instantly be knocked out.

Atomba hissed weakly, then collapsed.

Jonathan wiped his forehead. “Thank God that’s over!” He sighed.
“We must take him to the dungeon.” An angel guard said as they carried Atomba’s unconscious body away.

Surius whipped around and fired a laser blast right at its head.

“Good work.” Hydron replied, as he approached the strange machine. “What could this be for?” He asked out loud l.

“What could what be for.” Surius asks.

Hydron scanned the machine. “It’s function seems unclear, but it is most likely a weapon.” He observed.

Surius nods.

“Now the question is, what does it d-” Hydron was suddenly whacked out of the way by a Xir’algath warrior, who then began stomping toward the robot’s fallen body.

Surius came in with a stab from his bladed hand right at the Xir’algath’s head.

The Xir’algath wriggled itself free from the blade, and reformed his body as he whipped at Surius with a long, sharp tentacle.

Surius blocked with his blade and fired a line down the Xir’algath’s body with his laser.

The Xir’algath was impacted by the laser, and then suddenly exploded itself into a swarm of multiple black serpentine creatures. The snakes began crawling towards Surius from all directions.