The Guardian in the Sky - Lewa G3 Artwork

An illustration I made to pass the time, based off the recently unveiled Lewa Brickonicle design we've made for our G3 project.

Figured I'd share it, enjoy n such.


Fantastic work!
Also, definitely getting a Supergirl vibe from that.
My only comment would be that the mouth part looks too much like a huge toothless smile.


This looks really nice.

Also, I see Onua down there :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I didn't know Lewa wasn't actually there, I thought G3 Lewa was a pixie flying around G1 Lewa. Great work, regardless!

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So how many times will this Lewa get mind controlled?


It's wonderful to see your interpretation of the character in more detail and without it being constrained to minifigure printing and proportions. I'm still not quite sold on the... happier Miru, I guess, and something looks slightly off about the pose; who or what is she waving at? That aside, though, the coloring, lighting, and shading are all exquisite and I love the leaves and the blurring effect on them. In particular, the shading makes it very clear not only which areas of the figure are lit and which aren't, but also differentiates the materials from which the different parts of the body are constructed; I can tell the difference between the shiny metal armor and the cloth parts around the waist and that cape. There's an awful lot in these techniques that I really hope to someday be able to replicate with my own art. I must keep practicing...


I do agree it looks better without being just a minifigure. And if you need you keep practicing, Scorpion, I really need to work on my art.


Well, I wanted to draw something like this but Var did it better so I guess there's no point, lol.

Anyways, this is pretty grand. Per usual, Var, your artwork allows a nice, in-depth feel into how these characters would look and act. The mask is superb, the armoring is great, and the level of detail going into this painting is great.

You've convinced me a female Lewa can work with this image alone.


I stick to the belief that there's always improvement possible, regardless of where one is at, and I find seeing improvement in my own work to be among the most gratifying experiences in life. Therefore, I've always watched and admired the work of others and tried to learn from it whatever I could, looked for new things to try. Var's one of those artists who I pick up ideas from with every work he puts out, even if I can't approach the quality of what he puts out. But he gives me something to shoot for all the same :grin:


I love her.

tho, as I said in the Toa design topic, I think a goofier/more jovial expression would fit better

I'd totally be down for seeing any other Toa artwork you have.


The white with the green is really starting to grow on me.
(Like a fungus)

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This is amazing the leaves really make me happy

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I'm still not sold on genderswapping an existing character instead of making someone new.

But I ain't stupid enough to say you don't have skill.


The armoring on the torso and shoulders is great, I wasn't big on the white and green but I am now. The Miru in the background is a nice touch.

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I really like this. It's well drawn and since it's not being restricted to a minifig the new design has grown on me although the mouth piece of the new mask kind of bugs me in this drawing of it.

Something about the torso feels a little static. That said the armorment, detailing and coloration are all superb. The added depth of the shading provides some nice insight as to how these characters are designed anatomy; where the armor on their body is most prevalent.

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Hey what's that at the top right corner?

Lewa's original mask?



Oh no, I think I see G2 Lewa in the lower left corner as well.

What could it mean?!!!


So, is Lewa a girl now? I don't watch the podcasts.

She is in G3.