The Last Resistance (Space)

When the Xir’algath had invaded the Multiverse, they plundered countless worlds across time and space. Many beings attempted to flee from their planets, searching elsewhere in the cosmos to hide from and defend against the threat. Most were unsuccessful, and were either found and killed by the Xir’algath anyways, or died by the hands of space itself.
However, some souls had fate on their side, as they were rescued by a space station that seemingly appeared out of nowhere: The U.S.S. Warhammer. They traveled throughout the shattered Multiverse, rescuing stranded beings along the way. They eventually grew into a large group of hundreds of beings, forming into a large community of individuals who wanted to fight back and take back their homes!
We join the space station’s passengers as it travels through space…

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Aris sat and looked around at the creatures surrounding him. Could be worse. He thinks to himself.

Glub glub looks at Aris
“what are you a vampire?” he says chomping on a cigar

Aris glances at him. “What is it to you?” He asks.

Ghartix gets up from his seat and begins to walk away. I’d prefer to be anywhere else right now. He thinks.

In the corner, a plague doctor was hunched over, quietly rambling to himself. “I told them the end times were coming… they should have listened to me.

Ghartix glances at them, a bit confused. He continues walking.

“nothin’ jus’ curious”

@Mctoran"Hey doc! You okay?"

The plague doctor jolted up, surprised by Glub Glub’s sudden statement toward him. “…I don’t really know. Who are you, anyways?” he asked. His voice sounded artificial, deep, as if he were speaking through a device.

Ghartix continues to walk away.

Suddenly, a neon blue figure zoomed by Ghartix, nearly crashing into him. “yo, Radical setup!” Skader remarked as he examined the space station. He then turned to Ghartix. “Who are you, mysterious dude?” he asked Ghartix.

“Just a spacer tryin ta make idle chit-chat”

“Out of curiosity, How did you get to this place?” The plague doctor asked Glub.

Ghartix ignores them and continues walking.

“Dunno last thing I remember was drinkin with my friends then here…”

“Well, wherever we are, i’m pretty sure we’re still screwed.” The plague doctor looked out the window of the space station. “I never thought the universe could be so vast, much less that there are actually multiple universes. It’s as if we’re here by fate…” he began contemplating.

“heh yer pretty pessimistic”

The plague doctor scowled underneath his mask and returned to silence.

Seeing that he couldn’t get a reply from Ghartix, Skader moved on to Glub Glub. “Wassup, dude? Do you have any idea what’s going on?” he asked him.

“can’t say I have who are ya partner?”

“I’m Skader, the most Xtreme dude in the universe, even the multiverse! I’ve…” Skader quickly glanced at a cue card he made for the speech that he presented to everyone who met him. “-I’ve juggled chainsaws, rode sharks through lava, and drank coke after eating mentos and pop rocks!”