The Legend of the Cult- WITH PICTURES. [Worldbuilding] [Art]

As the final blow was struck the mighty form of the makuta was dying. Life fading from its mighty form...

But all that is familiar with Evil, no evil is so easily banished. its roots deep already in this world.

A single matoran, caught too close to the battle. Makutas dark gaze captured a moment.

A moment too much.

Legends has forgotten his name.

Older than the stone, colder than the ice of the frozen wastes, Ever more consuming than the fires of the great volcano. Deeper than the oceans. ever more wast than the sky and heavens, ever more rich in mystery than the earth... and darker than the edge of the void, only those that knows the way of the shadow whisper it in fear.


Some say he was cursed. other gossips about the works of other planes but the truth is just as twisted as the legned itself.

Truth or not. The result was a cult of Darkness to the honour the great makuta.

No one knows anything about them. The power of makuta lures a great many from the light.

Many perish... but sometimes they reapper as something else.

End of script.

Feed back?


REALLY good! :grin:


I quite like this. The contrast of the red and black against the white creates a wonderfully sinister atmosphere.


i am considering to do the same when I cover the Toa. giving them each their elemental colour.

Now I want to do something for G3, but it seems that everyone has beaten me to the cool stuff :cry:

This is great though. Good work buddy.

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I know the feeling... I felt the same way.

Make something and post it.

I should do a vertion of Makutas form.

interesting read. i like it.

the images also gives it that cool old tale feel too.


Huh... The art is excellent, and the story is intriguing as well.

What if Teridax was the chronicler for the first Toa; he followed them around and recorded their battles and such. But, during the final fight against Makuta, Teridax witnessed both the toa being vanquished but also the defeat of Makuta; when he got closer to look at Makuta, he was possessed/taken over/corrupted/etc. by Makuta. Then he would probably go into hiding or something and legends would just assume that he had died in the battle.

Someone should go more in-depth with this.


I'm getting some serious FMAB Pride vibes from this and I love it.


Zoink. Taking that idea.

but we are gonna wait with explaining all this... at least until year 6 where we go CRAZY


Very, very nice. The red works brilliantly as a contrast.

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I like the fact that you made Teridax the leader of the brotherhood. It keeps Makuta as this singular evil entity while still incorporating the name and position of Teridax.


You had me curious, but now i'm interested.

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Love the artstyle

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All of the yes to this.

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ooo ominous

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Guess it is time to go home and sketch Makutas 3 stage forms...

Short legs
Normal mini fig
I had hoped my Teridax idea was good enough.


What if Makuta forced his thoughts into Teridax’s mind, not taking full control or turning him evil, but showing him all of Makuta’s memories in an instant. Driven with madness and fear, Teridax would seclude himself from the other inhabitants until he is forgotten entirely. While he recovers and regains his sanity, he could start to rationalize Makuta’s personality and motivations, gradually beginning to sympathize with the being until he is convinced Makuta’s way is the correct way.

Pretty sure TTV Made this not an option with the current lore.