The "Look What I Just Got!" Topic

Got these guys for under 20 becuase the thanos had a damaged box

Also got marsfour with weapon pack and alto flight unit.


@Mr.Monopoly @ProfSrlojohn
Seems like I got 'em. All of them. I scrapped the other order because Big Chill was bought, so this was my only option. And well, I’m gonna say it. They’re great

All with instructions except for Jetray. All are complete, but SwampFire who is missing a few spikes. But, hey, Chromastone has them all MAGENTA



Ben 10 is easily one of the most underrated LEGO themes.

are you sure?

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Yeah, pretty sure.

ok man

have you heard of galidor


He mentioned that it is one of the most underrated ones. not the most.

I wasn’t asking you

Yes, I love both Galidor and Ben 10.

do you want to build galidor with me some time

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Sure, I would love to!

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Picked up a few things over the last few months. Most of the purchases are from February.

The thing on the left is a limited edition of an album that I really like, featuring a lyrics booklet with some cool illustrations that I haven’t been able to find online. I’d scan it if I had another copy; it’s printed on glossy paper and taking pictures would do a disservice to the artworks.


Interesting collection of Manga there. Ever read “My Love Story!” by any chance?

Three new friends have arrived!


I have not. It didn’t seem like something I would enjoy. I forgot to add Girls’ Last Tour in there; finished that series last December.

Eh, to each their own. I just saw the “Bloom into you” there, and thought it might be similar. I dunno. It’s hard to find people who have read it. (Or at least will admit it.)

I remember it being fairly well received; I just generally get bored with romance series.

All will submit to the power of Doctor Doom!


Back in 2012, I bought Spitta instead of one of the NRG Ninja. After 7 1/2 years, that mistake has finally been corrected.