The "Look What I Just Got!" Topic

Agreed. I have Backstop (I think that’s his name. The autobot rhino) and I absolutely love him.

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Yep. I own cybertron prime (cybertron and seige) and he might be my favorite prime form. I miss the simple, solid toys of those lines.


I have a version of the cybertron optimus prime with a much darker color scheme, the blue usually on cybertron prime is black on this release, and the red is also more subdued, do you know which release this was? He also had the symbols of all the planets on his shoulders.

That was the galaxy force prime I believe.

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Why does bandai refuse to give us any FC non domon kashu models? At least make build versions of the molds if not the original; the series had such interesting designs that could make really good bases (cobra into some amphibious manta ray suit maybe? Possibly complete the shuffle alliance?)


He kinda looks like robo-Serpentor.

It basically is. It’s why I like FC / g gundam; such interesting and original designs. Where else are you going to see a prayer bell or windmill gundam?

Wait, prayerbell? I gotta see that.

Also, have you ever seen some of the LBX line of figures? Those designs are cool. (As is the 3ds game and show. Best 15$ I ever spent on a game)

I haven’t looked too much into them but after all this us over I kinda want to pick up one or two at my local model store. I did start watching the anime and I admit a few have caught my eye.

That’s… certainly an interesting design.

Also, which ones were you looking at picking up?

Like I said I haven’t looked into the models too hard but there are several cool designs

Ohhh. Yeah, Pandora is a good one, though my favorite is General.

Mostly because the character that uses him is one of my favorites in the show and games. That, and this little bugger is a powerhouse. He’s actually dangerous enough to threaten a human.

I just got Takanuva 08 today! And with it I have all released iterations of Takanuva. I was gonna have a pic of it but uploading feature wouldn’t cooperate.
Also got torch/fire throwbot/slizer with extra disks, cannister and some bionicle tcg cards.


Nice, which TCG? There were a couple.

Just random bulk mask, toa and kanohi cards but there were the rare cards 138-160 in there.

Oh, so the original game not the later one.

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Yeah, from the base set.

So now I have cards 1-160 of base set except 86 because of the 177 misprint. Also have some of the foil masks too


I wasn’t really talking about sets, I meant there was a second game after the original.

bandai will never make a tequila gundam kit and that pains me greatly