The "Look What I Just Got!" Topic

I got a variety of green and blue parts, including the rare 1x1 tile with top clip in green from the old creator dragon pod.


Got a couple of models and some new seekers.


Must collect more minifigs for DnD


Hello all! And welcome to

Interesting things I found in the parking lot outside of where I work

Here we have a broken up old disk. Its contents lost to the world.

This absolutely gigantic pinecone.

And a rock perfectly shaped like a small Twinkie.

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Quarantine is getting to you isn’t it?


i once found a pinecone the size of a large basketball

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Nah. I just love picking up interesting oddities I find outside.

Holy crap that is impressive.

Now that makes me think. What is the largest pinecone in the world? Hm…

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I found it at my school. It was light, so I attempted to kidnap it, before I realised that it wouldn’t fit in my bag.

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I got the Funny Octopus Ride yesterday for the parts that might greatly help me at Bio-Cup.

BTW almost half its original price


I was able to get the MG turn X for under 100$. God this thing is hard to get for a decent price.


Ohh… Nemesis…

Yeah, LBX won’t replace gunpla fr me but I’m slowly getting more into it. They’re good models.

The games are pretty good too. It’s a shame only the 3ds one made it to the US.

That’s Japan for you. They’ve barely released a quarter if the tales of games and then there’d the other various tech and games that rarely get out of the country. Japan has some of the coolest stuff but it rarely gets released elsewhere.

I got various nexo knights parts, the sand green safe doors from harry potter, the sand green inverted wedge from the midgard serpent, and petrov trunkov’s windscreen.


Got myself more box figures

So far I’d say my favorites are getter 1 and ice Qube. Hopefully they make getter 2 and 3 as well.


Does the spider one actually have string, or is that just the set-up?

It’s built in the orange canister on the actual figure.


Finally got my BL order today! One of my biggest orders yet.

Scala, Belville, 4Juniors figs, lots of exo-force arms,
Carapar armor, Dinosaurs head, Adric helmet and axe, two Whenua Hordika heads, multiple Sand Purple parts, old fire pieces, and many others.

I’m really excited to use them, I already have ideas!

Side note: I am amazed by the level of pose-ability of these Scala and Belville figs:


Pure beauty