The Loop: Reawakening discussion and ooc ((signups closed))

The current date is February 16th, and it has remained the 16th of February for three weeks. You’re not entirely sure when you started noticing, but every day, no matter where you are, at exactly 10:36 pm, you suddenly find yourself back in bed at 9:12 am.

The worst part is that no one around you seems to know what is happening, and as suddenly as you awake, your memories of what happened to you start to fade away until they are barely distinguishable from those of a dream.

You stumble to your feet, your body aches, and complains as you make your way towards your door. Before you go to open it, a letter slips through your mail flap. Hoping in vain that it may contain an answer to what these strange, vivid dreams you’ve been experiencing are, you should take a gander at its contents.

With no other opportunities presenting themselves to you, a decision has been made. You shall meet with this mysterious writer and hear them out; perhaps they really do have the answers they claim to have; perhaps it is some form of trickery; whatever the reason, you cannot ignore the alluring call of an answer.

A mystery is brewing in Sikkerhed. Will you join the quest to discover the truth, or will you cower and crumble before the weight of the challenge before you?


Well, well, well. Welcome to The Loop 2: The Loopalicious Loopening Lagoon.

Okay, so for all you people who didn’t read the original version of this RP or weren’t around for it

You are trapped in a time loop, and you must use your skills to find out a way to break free of it and die a lot in the process.

So just like in the first version of this RP, I’m limiting the number of players to 10, once those slots are filled, we will get the rp up and rolling.

Here’s what you need to know about Sikkerhed.

And here’s what y’all need for your character:



The lucanites are a religious group in sikkerhed that was founded 54 years prior to 2167 NA. The group is known to be extremely close knit and anyone outside of the church knows next to nothing about how it works other than many will exit the sanctuary’s dome on Thursdays and attend mass among the sky which they consider to be their deity. Many people assume that any lucanites they encounter have simply just lost it due to the mania many of them enter when questioned about their religion.

The watchmakers
The watchmakers are an organization formed purely of volunteers making up a kind of community police force for the civilian district. As you can imagine the military is not particularly a fan of this, mainly because of this vigilante justice they participate in

This rp is broken in chapters once we complete a chapter signups will open back up

Prologue: Skirmish

Chapter I: 9:32 a.m.

Chapter II: 10:35 p.m.

Chapter III: Stopwatch

Chapter IV: Square One

Chapter V: ■■■■ PM


Epilogue: the choice

Welcome back to the loop


Name: Ottar Mordred
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Equipment/Tools/Weapons: Ottar carries a seemingly inexhaustible supply of Nick-O tobacco, caring very little for the flavor and quality and very much for the significant amounts of added nicotine as an incredibly unhealthy coping mechanism. He has a monkey wrench large enough to serve as a small club, a lighter for lighting his cigarettes, paper scraps to roll them, and a screwdriver with which to… unscrew things and definitely nothing else. And of course, a pocketwatch, with the picture of a woman carved in ivory on the inside… With the face chipped off. Ottar has no idea who she is; he stole it. Wound every night with a bobby pin.
Personality: Ottar’s kind, smiling face is a blatant and unrelenting facade. Underneath his childlike demeanor is the harrowing guilt of being indirectly responsible for an accident over three years ago which caused the deaths of more than a dozen workmen, and while he was never caught he lives in terror of all those around him. Constantly trapped between his youthful eagerness and pushing everyone away, he will swing back and forth between the two, although the latter is a truer state, as anyone suggesting even the remotest physical contact or emotional outreach is met with as efficient a rebuke or repulsion as he can deliver. Occasionally overwhelmed by his guilt into a completely useless state, he does whatever is necessary to avoid even the slightest thing which could remind him of what he’s done.
Appearance: Rather short for his age, Ottar has a ruddy face and small mouth with blonde, scruffy hair, seemingly always unkempt, and occasionally stuffed under a newsboy cap. Baggy pants with suspenders, a white shirt with grease stains, and a oversized stiff jacket. The size of the jacket sleeves and body aids very well in concealing things, which he does whenever he can.
Occupation/Job: Formerly a steam scuffer, one of a large collective of orphans offered very low income jobs as runners in the large industrial district, climbing up and down the complicated machinery and scaffolding while ferrying tools and resources back and forth. Now officially unemployed, although frequently does odd jobs about the city to get by.
Trivia: Ottar was initially repulsed by the tobacco specifically designed to be incredibly addictive, although he now embraces it wholeheartedly to keep his mind off himself. This has lead to coughing fits when he is smoking, as his body is still way too young to be even half capable of tolerating it.
His experience as a steam scuffer has made him very adept at climbing around, and he is not afraid to do whatever is necessary to defend himself.
He absolutely cannot stand being hugged, as that completely defies his self-destructive outlook and will do whatever he can to get out of a hug.


2 loop 2 lagoon

its granny time :goo:




Name: Silas Quincy Pressor
Age: 59
Gender: Male
Equipment: An ivory cane, golden pocket watch, and a Darringer
Personality: Silas Q. Pressor is know to posses a “healthy” ego, which, if rumors are to be believed, has gotten him into a duel or two. He is viewed among his peers as a man who will use the ends to justify the means, and some of the elite in the Government District suspect he possesses connections to the mafia in the Industrial District to further said “ends” (though, this has yet to be confirmed). Unlike his fellow elites, he secretly sympathizes with those beneath his class, though any of his subtle attempts to improve the condition of living have failed to gain the needed traction to reach the president’s desk.
Appearance: Silas stands around 6 feet tall with a healthy-looking build, thanks to the higher standard of living the Government District supplies. He has somewhat pale skin, gray-green eyes, long but neatly-kept gray hair with a not-yet gray goatee. He is frequently seen wearing a sharp black suit, a black woolen overcoat, and leather boots and gloves.
Occupation/Job: Silas Pressor currently serves within the Sikkerhed government, though many of the elite are counting the days until he’s finally ousted for alleged connections to the Industrial District mafia.
Trivia: Silas Pressor has a wife and three children, along with a grandchild on the way. While he sympathizes with those outside the Government District, he dares not take any drastic action on these feelings to avoid jeopardizing the prosperous life his family enjoys.
He seems to have a nervous habit of fidgeting with his pocket watch.
Did I mention the mafia connections? Uh… yeah, they’re still unconfirmed…

And since I stink at drawing, he’s a minifigure version of my character:



oh heck Im totally joining in on this, Ill get a character put together tomorrow when Ive got four hours to kill


Name: Jacques Lefarge

Age: 37

Gender: Male

Due to his job as a machinist, Jacques carries a small toolkit at all times, containing an adjustable wrench, oil, and other tools for repairing clockwork and mechanics. He also has a somewhat large pocketknife, a somewhat stained handkerchief, a watch with a luminous face, and a piece of an ancient blueprint for a machine– though what that machine does, no one knows, as the rest of the design has never surfaced. He found the scrap of paper while repairing an airship’s engine during his apprenticeship, but no one knew how it had gotten behind a tangle of pipes and gears. He has kept it for over 15 years, hoping to one day find what the machine was that is pictured on it.


Jacques Lefarge is a man who some regard as merely a cog, the guy who is needed only to fix the inevitable problems that occur in a society whose technology is based on mechanical devices and raw power made by steam. While in his official capacity he isn’t one to express strong opinions on politics or morality, he strongly dislikes the disappearance of machinists and engineers who would build technology for the public, rather than for those who can pay a high price. He has a fondness for good food, though, and regularly dines at a local restaurant where they serve an excellent 3-course dinner. It is the greatest luxury he allows himself, as his budget cannot afford more than one such meal a week. Jacques also collects books, though the ones he prefers, great classics of old, are hard to find for a cheap price. His home has a few bookshelves filled with old books, though the shelves are mostly empty.


Jacques usually wears a grey jacket and khaki trousers, though sometimes he exchanges the jacket for a knitted sweater colored a muted red. He is of middling height, frequently has small stains of oil on his clothes, and wears a watch of steel and brass on his left wrist. While working, he has a leather tool belt that he can carry his tools in, but he rarely wears it when not working.


Jacques is a machinist, tasked with repairing the equipment for various municipal utilities. Specializing in the mechanical parts rather than the structures, he is skilled at building and repairing the complex machinery inside clocks, steam engines, and other large, complex machines. In his spare time, he has experimented with building launcher (not guns, for legal reasons) that use alternatives to gunpowder.

Currently, he only has made an airgun and weapon that uses a spring mechanism to fire darts. The latter is more reliable, though both are good prototypes, but his attempts to sell the designs to the government didn’t go over well. His ideas were rejected, and he was fined a small sum for using money from his salary to build “useless tools”. After that, he spent time designing a more accurate time-keeping device than the mechanical clocks common in Sikkerhed, though he has yet to refine his designs enough to build them.


The weapons designed by Jacques are quite capable of causing serious injuries, but due to their not using gunpowder, they weren’t considered as firearms for the purposes of laws.

Jacques lives in the better part of the civilian district, though his work takes him all over town. As such, he has an excellent knowledge of the places “behind the scenes” of Sikkerhed, such as the vast boiler rooms under the train stations around the city, and the pumps that provide clean water to most areas. However, he is not often called to do jobs in the Government District, as they have other machinists specifically for that area.

He has had run-ins with The Watchmakers before, though he and they mostly ignore each other. He doesn’t care for their violent actions, and they consider him to conscientious to ignore his work to interfere with their activities.


Gonna say that’s….



Oh ho ho I’m gonna have fun with this



Oh, I added a minor thing to his trivia:

This totatally won’t be leading up to a running gag every time he dies in the RP…



Cobalt when he bases his entire character off of irl Ghid

Man invented Watch 2 and can’t find the time to build it



I’m definitely down to tango. Quick question though. Would I be allowed to use my previous character, or do I have to make a new one. even if it is allowed I’m probably going to make a new character, but I haven’t decided yet and would like to know.


Name: Tod “Rot” Anrufe
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Equipment: Rot wields a single-shot rifle , sometimes prone to being affixed with a bayonet. He wears makeshift armor made out of plates and sheets of metal, all bent around a frame and harness. It only covers a few parts of his torso, most of it only protecting the shoulders, chest, and mid regions. He wears a gas mask and is fitted with various optical lenses for magnifying, only two of which actually work. The aforementioned bayonet also works as a knife. He has a backpack full of ammunition, a few tins of corned beef, a lighter, and a single cigarette.
Personality: Tod is a person who is never to be completely not regarded as a liability. His job was once to make sure he kept in line, stayed silent, and obeyed.
But no one person enjoys being pushed around like a part of a puzzle. And soon, it led to his eventual emergence to who he now is. He believes to never back down, never stop, and continue, an almost ruthless quality to him. However, this was a double edged sword. He has a firey hot temper, and is quick to jump to seemingly out of nowhere conclusions. He can be impatient when it comes to tolerating others, and just down right rude. However, he has shown to have an almost empathetic side to him, specifically to the urchins and orphans of the city, seeing them as kindred. He’s worked through many hazardous jobs, nasty and cruel, and has lost many on the way. However, in the end, he hopes he is doing the right thing.
Appearance: Tod’s appearance is quite strange compared to the day-to-day standard of living, wearing a red cloak that had been mottled by the smoke and filth, yet still keeping a tiny sliver of the bright red. He wears a dark long sleeve ■■■■■ under it and his armor. His face is quite simple, aside from one long scar on his forehead from cutting it on an old nail.
He is lanky, and is quite tall. However, he is almost always slightly hunched, almost never truly displaying his full height.
Occupation/Job: Part of The Watchmakers, Tod is a sniper/enforcer who sees to many of the poor, often providing support and help.
Trivia: Tod often never smokes, but being a soldier has its quirks, and eventually, he even needs to smoke at least once a day. He enjoys corned beef, and often throws it into a stew along with other canned ingredients.
He loathes caffeine, however, but adores sugar.

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You’re free to adapt jade if you want to, but a new character would be preferable, especially since I’ve added a lot more world building that you may want to take advantage of.


Cool. However the question is now moot, because I’ve got a spicy character brewing in the back of my mind and it’s gonna be interesting to see how they interact with our current members. Gimme like two-three hours and I’ll have it ready. Brb


Curses, foiled again. I thought not making him bald would’ve been enough to throw you off the trail…


Ooo, just thought of something very relevant that I need to ask. Is there a dedicated police force, or is that the duty of the military?


All covered by the military, closest thing to a dedicated police force would be the watchmakers


Hmmm, that does complicate things a little. Well, maybe. Actually, I think should still be able to work. Regardless, thank you for the clarification.

Speaking of the watchmakers, aren’t they an independent militia? Or are they affiliated with a government body? I understood it as the former, but maybe I didn’t read it correctly. Just want to make sure I know the world and my options as best as I can


It’s the former. Mainly just of volunteers stepping up to enact vigilante justice

I’m gonna say approved, but just know I expect you to stay around the group and help out. And also departing from the group for extended periods of time will most definitely end up in you missing a lot

Ofc this also goes as a little warning thingy for everyone as well. Most of the plot will be revolving around you as a group.


So wait, did he stop working for The Watchmakers or no?
And if so, is there a second amendment in Sikkerhead, or has Tod just never been arrested?