The Mobile Site

A place to discuss anything and everything about the version of the Boards we all use on our ever-growing amount of phones/tablets. Personally, I find it extremely frustrating, even on my 7-inch Dell tablet.


I use it all the time

It’s the only way I can access this place


my family uses my computer a lot so I need to use my ipad

also I can post anywhere like on vacation at the airport



Well, in my experience, on a phone the site somethings just don’t work, but with an iPad a lot of the issues are resolved…

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It crashes my kindle everytime.

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I don’t have problems :smiley:


I used to only get on this site on my dad’s cell phone.

Now I can use a computer, though.

I like it, and it works surprisingly well on my phone. :stuck_out_tongue:

It crashes a lot. :persevere:

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I have no trouble at all on my tablet or my phone.


You sir…deserve a trophy.

For me, I sometimes use an ipad, which is okay, but it buffers a lot longer and more frequently than on the computer. Also, uploading images, creating links, and quoting is quite a hassle.

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I agree.

Though I generally find phones difficult to navigate.

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It crashes a bunch… and it used to suck badly. Fortunately the suckiness was fixed when they updated the site just a little while ago.

I don’t use the mobile version, as it is too small, and everything is smooshed to fit the format.

I have seen screen shots of the mobile version. They lied. Maybe it’s my old ipod, but the mobile version is laggy, crops off the right side of the screen, won’t let me log in, and crashes safari a lot.


the only problem i have this site is that it is to laggy on tablets/phones other then that its alright

on an ipad its not very glitchy

it would be good if we’d have a TTV app


It’d also be a huge investment for @IllustriousVar and @Kahi that they currently aren’t up to making.