The New Hawkhood Dilemma: Conflicts of Good and Evil(RP Topic)

Pulse presses himself against the outer wall, just to the right of the door. He had come to check out what was making all this noise… this wasn’t quite what he had expected. “He”? They could be referring to anyone, really. Still, he couldn’t help but hope. The hero stays silent, listening to hear more of the conversation.

One of the five men closer to the gaurd, and another man did the same towards the second one.
“One million dollars would do it.” Robert requested politely.
“Normally, I wouldn’t need so much, but business has been crazy these past few weeks. You know how it is.”

The man returns to what he was doing.

Mirror sighs. “No answer, huh Shade? Wow, you’re even more antisocial than I thought.”

The guards looked at them suspsiciously, and readied to fire if need be.

The woman nodded. “A-alright.” She said, getting the money ready to give to them.

The salesman grins and the urge subsides, “so, now you understand?”

He nods. “Y-yes.”


Kaleo continued his mental marathon as he neared his college. He was a little early today. It beats being late any day. Kaleo focused his mind on the lecture he was going to have about computer sciences. He was mentally preparing himself, thinking about the previous lecture and what notes he took during it. He had an audio recording of the lecture and written notes saved on the cloud, so he could pull them up and pretty much any device. After his class on computer sciences he had calculus, which at this point in the year was something he dreaded, though he dreaded paying the rent along much more than a bit of calculus.

Daven walks into the park. The first thing he does is look around to see if he can find something to grab his attention.

Other than the large statue in the middle, depicting a man on a horse with a bird on his arm, he wouldn’t see much structure wise.

Robert motioned to the men, who grouped together and walked out of the bank quietly and calmly.

Daven sighs and walks away hoping to find something better than some old statue.

The salesman vanished

Vance was pacing around his house. ‘How am I supposed to compete with all these guys…’ he thought. ‘Don’t think I’m on that robot dudes good side…’

Mirror suddenly perked up. She heard something. “Seems we aren’t alone here.” She says aloud, loud enough for Pulse to hear.looking for whatever it was.

Shade stops and looks up and around, looking for whatever it was.

Project: Runa burst out of the sewer as the water rushes by right where he just was, him now in view of the park.

Daven might also see a podium and a stage set up in the park, appearing to be related to the election for the new mayor of New Hawkhood City.

As soon as the men left the bank, the teller picked up the phone and started dialing the police.

Silver Tongue readied himself for the debate that was about to go on in the park center, prepared for whatever his opponent might say.

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CB decides to watch the debate from the shadows, having a feeling about the elections.

Such events were a sort of power vacuum and and major villain worth their salt would be foolish to pass up such an opportunity.

The black van sped out of the parking lot and quickly drove towards the Society of British Gentlemen.

Pulse reaches back with his telekinesis, tugging slightly on the wall. Should he deem it to be sturdy, he starts ascending, using his power to slide up the wall.

A lone figure crouches on a rooftop with line of sight to the park, hood over their head and rope coiled around their feet. They watch quietly, patiently, waiting to see if any villains would show themselves at the public event.

He would see a cloaked figure in the shadows, relaxed and watching with visible curiosity even though his face was hidden in the dark shadows of his hood.

He didn’t seem to be any threat aside from his unusual attire; just watching from a distance.

The wall would be sturdy, and as he ascended, Mirror looked in his direction. “Hello? Not even a response, random stalker?” She asks, slightly irritated.

The two candidates would walk onto stage, readying to speak.

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Slowly the men from different parts of the sewer started to regroup by their boss. He was busy magnetizing a suitcase as the last water to rise to the level of the hole had spilled over.

“This place smells worse than it ever has.” One of the men, a lucky recruit who had avoided getting completely drenched, sniffed the air in disgust. “Well, now we’re found out. What do we do?”

Switchblade didn’t bother looking up. “From what I can tell we have two dead men. Something is stalking the other side of the sewers at a precise hour every evening. Get those men back here and take as many suitcases as you can grab around the coast and to the second headquarters. And bring me those men; that power ranger will come back here eventually and I’m going to leave him a treat.”

“Sir, you- you said it twice.”

Switchblade looked ferocious. “That is because it is of the utmost importance. Ten minutes till dawn shines too bright to go undetected, now Move!!”

Daven decided to watch what happened to see what was going on.